One of the most effective ways to acquire and retain a customer is through the creation of a powerful brand strategy. When done well, it tells the unique story of a brand and communicates its values, which helps consumers better relate to it.

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The latest ranking of the most popular brands in the world shows that tech and ecommerce companies are extremely well-liked by global consumers. The ranking calculates a brand’s popularity by tracking its public perception, customer satisfaction, likelihood of being recommended by buyers, and if it’s a good representation of value and quality.

Currently topping the list is tech and electronics company Samsung, which also makes the South Korean brand the highest-ranked, non-US company on the list of the 10 most popular brands in the world in 2022. It topples leading search engine giant Google, which follows in second place. This is the first time that Google has not led the charts in at least five years. 

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The third most popular brand globally is the top video-sharing platform YouTube, which, incidentally, is owned by Google. Netflix, the US-based subscription streaming service is the fourth most popular brand in the world, falling one position from its 2021 ranking.

Rounding out the top five is Shopee, Singapore’s top online shopping platform, which rose one spot from 2021’s list. This is also a reflection of the ecommerce boom seen across the world in the past two years, which drove the global ecommerce growth rate to 9.7 percent in 2022. 

Popular messaging app WhatsApp follows in sixth place. Interestingly, its parent company and the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook, which ranked seventh in 2020’s rankings, does not feature at all on this list. 

Japanese car maker Toyota is seventh on this list of the most popular brands in the world, just ahead of the oral hygiene brand, Colgate. Two German brands, vehicle maker Mercedes-Benz and supermarket chain Lidl, round out the top 10. 

Of these 10 most well-liked brands, half are based in the US, with the remaining headquartered in Asia and Europe. Tech and ecommerce companies also dominate the list, with six out of 10 falling in either of these two categories.

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