From food and groceries to videos and audiobooks, the number of subscription services available to consumers today is on the rise. In fact, a recent report shows that the subscription economy has grown by nearly six times over the past decade or so. 

So just what are people signing up for?

According to the latest statistics on the most popular subscription services in the United States, Amazon Prime currently tops the list. More than half of consumers there pay for it. This is a paid membership with Amazon (the biggest ecommerce company globally) that offers benefits like free shipping, one-day delivery, access to an entire library of videos and ebooks, and more. 

The second- and third-biggest subscription businesses are Chewy and Walmart+, with market shares of 7% and 4%, respectively. Chewy is a Florida-based online retailer of pet products, including food, toys, and treats. Walmart+ is a product of the Walmart chain of hypermarkets, and offers a subscription service similar to that of Amazon Prime. In fact, it’s often referred to as the US hypermarket’s version of Amazon Prime.

These are followed by the Dollar Shave Club, with a market share of 3%. Its subscription service covers bathroom essentials, with its grooming products like razors and cartridges as its most popular items. 

After these four biggest subscription businesses are Instacart Express, Shipt, and HelloFresh. All of them have market shares of 2% each. Instacart Express and Shipt are subscriptions for grocery delivery services, while HelloFresh offers meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients.

Wrapping up the list of the top subscription businesses are Grove Collaborative, Barkbox, and Thrive Market. Each of these three companies holds a market share of 1%.

Grove Collaborative is a San Francisco–headquartered company focusing on eco-friendly home products, including cleaning essentials, personal care items, and baby and pet products. Barkbox is a monthly subscription service for dog products like toys and treats, and Thrive Market is an online retailer that offers natural and organic food and home goods. 

A deeper look at the 10 most popular subscription services shows that most of them are for groceries. As a matter of fact, Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart rank among the top online grocery stores. Household essentials and pet products are also popular items consumers subscribe to on a regular basis. 

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