Chart showing: Best online grocery stores in the US: by share of website traffic

Best Online Grocery Stores in the US

The coronavirus pandemic has massively reshaped consumer behavior. Not only have consumers started spending more time on social media, but they are also doing more online shopping. Grocery shopping is no exception to this.

In 2024, the online grocery market in the United States is projected to generate $219.9 billion in sales, marking an 18.5% increase from the previous year. By 2027, this figure is anticipated to be $341.5 billion.

So where do consumers consider to be the best places to order groceries online in the US?

Best online grocery stores in the US: by share of website traffic

Online grocery store

Share of website traffic






1. 7.82%

Recent analysis shows that as of December 2023, the list of the best online grocery stores in the US, ranked by their shares of website traffic from desktops, was topped by Kroger. The grocery store received 7.82% of all online traffic from desktop devices. Incidentally, it is also among the country's largest retailers in terms of sales. 

Known for its vast selection and competitive pricing, Kroger offers a seamless online shopping experience that includes everything from fresh produce to pantry staples. 

2. 7.25% follows closely behind with 7.25%. Unlike traditional grocery stores, Instacart’s platform allows customers to shop from multiple local stores via a single website. In fact, feedback from shoppers indicates that they particularly enjoy Instacart’s larger selection of products.

This unique model also offers the convenience of same-day delivery and real-time updates on product availability, which are features that are particularly attractive to shoppers who value speed and variety.

3. 3.31%

Third on the list ranking the best online grocery stores by traffic share is, capturing 3.31% of the market share. 

The Florida-headquartered supermarket chain is favored for its focus on quality and customer service. Online shoppers at Publix enjoy access to a wide range of premium and organic products, along with user-friendly services like curbside pickup and scheduled deliveries.

4. 3.2%

After, accounts for 3.2% of website visits to online grocery stores. Safeway stands out with its robust delivery system and frequent deals. Its website is designed for easy navigation, and the store offers a commitment to freshness and quality, especially in its bakery and deli departments.

5. 2.47%

Rounding out the five places to order groceries online in the US is, which holds 2.47% of the traffic. HEB is particularly popular among consumers because of its tailored shopping experience, featuring a localized approach that resonates well with Texan locals, where it’s based. The website offers specialty goods reflective of local tastes and preferences, alongside regular staples.

Best online grocery stores in the US: by sales


Online grocery store

Total online grocery sales (2023)


$49.32 billion


$36.41 billion

The Kroger Co.

$14.75 billion


$7.54 billion

Albertsons Companies

$5.62 billion

1. Walmart: $49.32 billion

Another way to determine the best online grocery stores is to look at the total sales generated. According to a separate ranking sorting these stores by total sales generated in 2023, Walmart tops the list. In 2023, the company generated nearly $50 billion in online grocery sales.

Its success can be attributed to its expansive product range, competitive pricing, and extensive geographical reach.

2. Amazon: $36.41 billion

Amazon secured the second position with $36.41 billion in sales, combining the offerings of Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market. 

The ecommerce giant’s strength lies in its advanced logistics network and innovation in shopping technology, which provides a seamless and efficient shopping experience for users.

3. The Kroger Co.: $14.75 billion

The Kroger Co. followed with sales amounting to $14.75 billion. Kroger is renowned for its customer-centric approach, offering quality products and personalized shopping experiences, which include custom recommendations and substantial rewards programs. 

4. Target: $7.54 billion

Target ranks third on the list comparing the best online grocery stores in terms of total sales. Known for its clean, organized online interface and a wide array of exclusive brands, it generated $7.54 billion in 2023. 

5. Albertsons Companies: $5.62 billion

Albertsons Companies rounds out the five best places to order groceries online in the US, with sales of $5.62 billion. Albertsons attracts customers through its commitment to quality and local produce, along with a focus on customer service, including features like frequent promotions and loyalty benefits that enhance the shopping experience.

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