Not only is Reddit one of the most popular social media networks in the United States, it’s also among the country’s top websites in terms of monthly traffic. Recent data also shows that users spend 24.1 minutes on the site every day.

But what is Reddit used for? Here’s a breakdown of the top Reddit uses.

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What is Reddit used for: Table

Uses of Reddit

Percentage of users who list it as a reason they use Reddit

1. Look for funny or entertaining content


2. Keep up to date with news and current events


3. Follow or research brands and products


4. Post or share photos or videos


5. Message friends and family


What is Reddit mostly used for: the top reason

According to the latest data on Reddit uses, looking for amusing or entertaining content is the top reason people are on the platform. Close to one-third (32.7%) of Reddit users (also known as Redditors) say it’s why they use Reddit, which is known for its forum-like format and user-curated content. With an estimated 2.3 billion monthly active users in 2024, this means that more than half a million people visit Reddit at least once a month for entertainment.

The second most popular reason people use Reddit is to stay updated with news and the latest events—30.8% of Redditors list it as a reason they use the social network. This should come as no surprise, considering there are more than 100,000 active communities on the site catering to interests and news of all topics and genres.

Following or researching brands and products also ranks among the top Reddit users, with 28.5% of its users saying it’s why they frequent the platform. If this is driving you to launch a Reddit marketing strategy, know that recent Reddit statistics show that weekdays and Mondays are the best time to post on the site. You should also consider keeping your post titles to between 20 and 80 words, as these have more potential to perform better.

The fourth most popular reason people use Reddit is to post or share media like photos and videos. In fact, its users watch as many as 1.4 billion native videos on the platform every single month. Messaging friends and family rounds out the list of the top five Reddit users. Just 7.4% of Redditors use it to stay in touch with loved ones. This is a significantly lower proportion when compared to other social networks like Facebook or Instagram—72.6% of Facebook users and 59.3% of Instagrammers use these platforms to message friends and family.

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