The increasing number of Instagram users year after year is proof that the video- and photo-sharing platform has much to offer consumers. After all, it is no coincidence that it also ranks among the most popular social media platforms and is listed as a favorite social media platform by many users worldwide. 

Whether you’re engaging the services of Instagram influencers or running ads on the platform, there are many ways to do Instagram marketing. Getting it right, however, requires knowing the answer to the question: What do people do on Instagram exactly?

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What do people use Instagram for: top activities

So, what do people use Instagram for? 

According to recent research, the top activity on Instagram is posting photos and/or videos, done by 70.1% of Instagram users. In other words, more than two out of every three active users of Instagram use the platform to share photos and videos with their followers. Incidentally, this is also one of the top reasons people use Facebook, one of Instagram’s main rivals and another Meta-owned entity. 

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This is followed by looking for entertaining content, the second-most popular activity on Instagram, carried out by 62.9% of Instagram users. With this in mind, publishing funny and amusing content on your brand’s page can be an effective way to capture your target audience’s attention and draw them in.

The third-most popular activity on Instagram is brand and product research. 62.2% of Instagram users say they use it to follow brands so they can research and learn more about their products. This is one important statistic for businesses to take note of, as it shows Instagram’s potential to grow its brand reach and awareness.

Keeping in touch with friends and family and staying up to date with current events are also some of the main reasons people use Instagram. Just over half of all Instagram users say they are on the platform to catch up with their loved ones and news. 

While knowing the answer to the question “What do people do on Instagram?” can help to fine-tune your strategy on the platform, it also helps to know other key Instagram statistics and facts, such as the best time to post and the most popular hashtags to use to get more engagement.

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