With as many as two billion users worldwide, it’s to be expected that WhatsApp ranks not only among the most popular social media platforms worldwide, but also the most popular messaging apps.

The app’s massive reach makes it an extremely attractive and valuable platform for businesses to market on. However, WhatsApp’s popularity differs from country to country, and how much effort you should dedicate to selling and marketing on the platform will depend on your target market

Here’s a breakdown of WhatsApp users by country.

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WhatsApp users by country: breakdown

According to a recent analysis of WhatsApp users by country, India is home to the biggest number of WhatsApp users. There are as many as 535.76 million people there actively using the messaging app, and the high number of WhatsApp users in India comes despite the ban of millions of accounts over the past few months.

As the world’s second most populous country, WhatsApp’s popularity in India shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, the number of WhatsApp users in India is more than the combined total of the next six countries on the list. Experts attribute its high usage there to the app’s ability to allow users to communicate with friends and family at no cost. This has proven to be particularly attractive in countries where consumers cannot afford to buy iPhones to use iMessage and/or send SMS messages at a cost. Incidentally, WhatsApp web, a service that allows users to send and receive WhatsApp messages on their computers, ranks among the most visited websites in India and is also one of the top Google searches there.

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After India, Brazil is WhatsApp’s second-biggest market, with 139.34 million users. In other words, the number of WhatsApp users in India is nearly four times that of Brazil. These are also the only two nations on this list breaking down WhatsApp users by country that have more than 100 million WhatsApp users.

The United States and Indonesia follow, with 91.31 million and 86.87 million users, respectively. Here are numbers five to 10 on the list studying WhatsApp users by country:

  1. Mexico: 69.69 million
  2. Russia: 66.74 million
  3. Pakistan: 52.32 million
  4. Germany: 51.94 million
  5. Philippines: 51.17 million
  6. Nigeria: 50.96 million

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