Listed among global consumers’ favorite social media platforms, Twitter (now known as X) is undoubtedly one channel businesses should be marketing on. The latest Twitter statistics also show that there are over 350 million monthly active users, making the micro-blogging site a great platform for brands to increase their reach. 

But how much effort you should dedicate to Twitter will depend on your target market and, more importantly, consumers’ Twitter usage by country.

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Number of Twitter users by country

According to a recent survey studying the number of Twitter users by country, the United States is home to the most users, with at least 108.6 million there. Incidentally, Twitter is also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the US

This is followed by Japan, with 74.1 million Twitter users. Together, there are over 180 million people in the US and Japan using Twitter on a regular basis.

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Third on the list ranking the number of Twitter users by country is India, where there are 30.3 million Twitter users. Despite being third on the list, the number of Twitter users in India is relatively low, considering its population of 1.4 billion. The data on Twitter usage by country shows that Twitter’s reach in India is pretty insignificant. Its potential advertising reach is just 1% of the total population. In comparison, Twitter’s reach in the US is 19.1%—around one out of every five people. In Japan, it’s a whopping 42%—nearly half of the population.

This is followed by Indonesia, with 27.1 million, and the United Kingdom rounds out the top five, with 24.3 million Twitter users. 

Here are countries with the sixth- to 10th-largest number of Twitter users:

  1. Brazil: 24.2 million
  2. Turkey: 22.8 million
  3. Mexico: 19.6 million
  4. Saudi Arabia: 17.9 million
  5. Thailand: 16.2 million

Twitter user demographics 2023: by region

Given the vast population of Twitter users in the US, it should come as no surprise that North America is the region with the biggest number of Twitter users. There are 71.7 million Twitter users there. 

East Asia and Southeast Asia follow, with 69.5 million and 40.7 million Twitter users, respectively. In total, there are over 181.9 million Twitter users in these three regions alone.

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