Chart showing the top places consumers plan to shop for the holidays

Where Do Consumers Plan to Shop for the Holidays?

A recent survey on consumers’ year-end holiday shopping plans shows that the majority of shoppers intend to complete at least a part of their shopping online. Having said that, physical stores remain an extremely popular holiday destination for many consumers. But just what kinds of brick-and-mortar stores are holiday shoppers going to for their purchases? In other words, ecommerce stores aside, where do consumers plan to shop for the holidays?

Where do consumers plan to shop for the holidays in 2023: top three

According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, 58% of consumers plan to shop for the holiday season online, making it their top holiday shopping destination in 2023. 

This is followed by department stores, which just under half (49%) plan to visit for their holiday purchases. It’s worth mentioning that Costco is currently the top department store in the United States, with a popularity rating of 68%. Other stores like Target, Walmart, and T.J. Maxx are also on the list. Discount stores rank third on the list, with 48% of holiday shoppers intending to carry out their purchases there. 

Where do consumers plan to shop for the holidays in 2023: seventh to 10th

Where else do consumers plan to shop for the holidays? Forty-four percent intend to purchase holiday gifts from grocery stores. Clothing stores are also among consumers’ top holiday shopping destinations, with around one-third of them planning to purchase items there. 

Approximately one-quarter (24%) of consumers intend to purchase holiday items from small businesses. Electronics and craft or fabric stores follow, with 20% and 16%, respectively. Outlet stores and thrift stores round out the top 10 holiday shopping destinations among US consumers, with around 14% each. 

Where do consumers plan to shop for the holidays: 2023 vs. 2022

Comparing this year’s survey results with last year’s, we see that there have been increases in the percentage of people planning to shop for the holidays across five shopping destinations: online, department stores, clothing stores, outlet stores, and thrift stores. The increase is the most significant in outlet stores—11% planned to shop there in 2022, versus 14% in 2023, marking a rise of three percentage points.

A lower percentage of people plan to shop in grocery stores and craft or fabric stores in 2023 compared to 2022. These two types of stores experienced a one percentage point fall from 2022’s numbers. 

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