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Sell Kitchen Equipment Online Using These Hot Tips

Video transcript: Hungry for some great job shipping ideas? I hope so. In today’s show, we have some irresistible product recommendations and marketing tips for how to sell kitchen equipment online. Hi world. How’s it going? It’s Mark from Oberlo. This is show and sell. We are cooking up a […]

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Video transcript: Hungry for some great job shipping ideas? I hope so. In today’s show, we have some irresistible product recommendations and marketing tips for how to sell kitchen equipment online.

Hi world. How’s it going? It’s Mark from Oberlo. This is show and sell. We are cooking up a storm on today’s episode, with three great product recommendations for the kitchen. Kitchenware belongs to the Home and Garden niche. This is without a doubt one of the most popular niches in dropshipping. And the kitchen, dining and bar niche is the second most popular one within the home and garden category. So if you want to sell kitchen equipment online, there’s money to be made.

top 5 niches showing pet products as number one in home and garden

You may ask yourself what does this mean? Kitchen products like the ones we’re talking about today are steady sellers rather than trendy items. And there are two reasons for this: Products for the kitchen are a combination of fun and practical. Products that are fun entice impulse buyers, and products that are practical, generate consistent sales over a long period of time. Put fun and practical together, and you have a great dropshipping products, like this first item:

Mason Jars with Straws

sell kitchen equipment like mason jars with lids

They feature eye catching imagery such as these colourful pineapples, and playful or positive messaging on the glass, like “be a pineapple and enjoy today.” You don’t see these products all the time, which is what makes them novel to customers. And the practical part, while their design isn’t revolutionary, notice the convenience of the screw down lid and the durable straw, and the handle on the jar. It limits the risk of spilling a beverage at home, and it makes it easier than ever to carry a drink with you outside at a picnic or at a party. This is genuinely practical, pure and simple.

When it comes time to sell kitchen equipment online, it’s up to you whether you focus on the fun, the practical or both. We’re going to show an example of how to market these kinds of products later on. But before we do, let’s get to the next items on our list of great kitchenware products.

Silicone Non-Stick Pancake Mold and Silicone Non-Stick Spatula

These items replace the conventional ones which are made of metal and wood, and there were a few reasons for that. Silicone products like these are heat resistant, they won’t melt in hot pans like plastic ones do. You can also use them to stir and mix food while you’re cooking, as they won’t hurt your stainless steel non-stick pots. Silicone is also flexible, this means you can get every last drop of mixture out of the bowl when you’re baking a cake with a spatula like this one. If there was a huge jar of Nutella on this table, I know what I would be doing with this spatula right now. Finally, silicone products are much cleaner than wooden ones, as they are not welcome surfaces for mold and bacteria.

That was a lot of selling points right there, wasn’t it? Make these points clearly and concisely in your online store and your advertising and your kitchen where will sell like hotcakes.

An overhead photo of a spatula in a pot filled with dough


Now, hands up if you’ve heard of this: The spiralizer. It has a few other names online too, no matter what it’s called, it does some pretty far up stuff in the kitchen. Do you remember what we said about fun and practical? This is a fantastic example of those two features in action – a perfect combination if you want to sell kitchen equipment.

We’ve seen online stores run some awesome ads for this kind of product. And here’s one example: Zoodles, zucchini strips which resemble noodles is one recipe you can make with the spiralizer. Rather than marketing the product itself, why not market the benefit, which is in this case, the healthy and novel snack called Zoodles. Here’s a slogan we made earlier. “Zoodles, fun to eat, fun to make, fun to say. Get your spiralizer today.”

All right, that’s enough messing around. Let’s take a look at a simple way of marketing all of these products. I spoke about the straw jars earlier, using GIFs is one of the best ways to market kitchen based products. It displays the benefits and convenience of the product in just a few seconds. Here we see the jar disassembled, in all its parts. Now, as it by magic the jar is full then we simply assemble it in two steps to show the viewer how simple it is to use. Finally, we sprinkle some fun on top with a playful end scene. Here I am clinking glass jars with our cameraman, Danny. Say hi to the Oberlo community, Danny.

And now here it is in normal speed. This example might look tricky, but it’s actually very easy to make – you can even do it with your smartphone. You do not need to overthink your videos or GIFs, just let the product do the talking. You can also make a GIF using this spatula as it clears out a huge bowl of pancake batter, or a GIF of that pancake batter instantly turned into pancakes inside the silicone mold, just get creative. Once you have some content like this, use it everywhere. Place it on your online stores landing page. Use it for your Facebook ad campaigns. Share it on social media.

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Sell Kitchen Equipment Online: Using Influencers

We cannot talk about marketing food and drink products without mentioning Instagram. Foodie influencers on Instagram attract millions of viewers with their amazing content everyday, and you can work with influencers to get your kitchen product in front of those viewers. We think these Instagram posts would be perfect ads for our glass jars with their images and slogans.

five kitchen utensils hanging from hooks

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Here’s a great example of a post where the screwed up mason jar would fit. This influencer is creating a cocktail. Why not have transportable cup for the cocktail? Here’s another good example. Here’s an influencer, who might be happy to promote the pancake mold, as it fits with the other posts on their feed. And how about this Instagram video? Our silicone spatula is much better than the silver spoon seen here. That’s because it’s flexible, and therefore ideal for getting every last drop of mango ice cream out of that bowl. This spatula’s unique benefit is easy to communicate in a post like this. Just get in touch with the influencer and ask if she’d like a free spatula, and a delicious looking mango ice cream only makes the product more mouth watering for potential customers.

If you’re wondering how to approach influencers, let me tell you. One of our pro merchants wrote a blog post about a successful Shopify store he created. In that post, he explains how to approach influencers and how to find the best ones for your product and business. Just click the link in the description below to see how he did it.

Sell Kitchen Equipment With Hashtags

You can also join in the conversation that influencers are having about these kinds of products. The following hashtags are great for getting your kitchen products seen on Instagram in the context of these conversations:

  • Vegetarian food
  • Vegan food
  • Spiralizer
  • Zoodles
  • Gluten free food
  • Food porn
  • Jar with straw
  • Mason jar
  • Non-stick cookware
  • Silicone spatula
  • Pancake porn
  • Pancake mold

Kitchenware is a great dropshipping niche, and we hope you enjoyed this taste of just a few products for the kitchen that you can sell in your online store.

Have you had success with trying to sell kitchen equipment online? Would you add any of these products to your store? Did I pronounce GIF correctly? Let me know in the comments below. I will get back to you. Thank you for watching, until next time. Learn often, market better and sell more.

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