Every business needs something to sell. That’s why choosing a product is such an important and tricky process. 

After all, your products are the foundation of your business. If they’re not up to scratch, how can you expect to achieve your goals? 

Choosing a product is especially important for dropshippers, as they’re not managing their inventory themselves – their suppliers are instead. 

So finding reliable suppliers who have high-quality product images and provide express shipping for their products is the dream situation. 

That’s why Select can be so powerful if you’re looking for a product to sell. 

With Select you’ll find a handpicked selection of some of the top products for dropshipping. We’ve personally checked the quality of the products, and we’ve ensure that the product images and videos are of the highest quality. 

Want to see a sample of the top products that you’ll find on Select? We’ve put together a list of products that you can start selling today with express shipping and high-quality product images. 

Let’s dive in.

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Jet Washer Wand

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Kicking off our list of best-selling products that you can find on Select we’ve got the jet washer wand.

This handy product is a lightweight pressure washer that features a handheld nozzle with an attachment to connect your hose pipe.

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Once you’re connected, turn on the water and you’re good to start jet washing.

The key to success with these products is marketing them to an audience of shoppers who can take immediate advantage of them – and that’s people in warmer climates, especially those who are in summer at the moment.

If we check the Google Trends data for ‘Jet Washer’, you’ll notice that this point is backed up as people in the USA search for these products in their summer time (April – August).

On the flip side, markets in the southern hemisphere, like Australia, search for this product a lot more around October – January (their summer time). In fact, they’re just about to take off.

Keep this in mind if you decide to sell these products yourself.

Another interesting thing about these products is that there’s quite a large portion of people on the internet who want to watch content about jet washers. If you haven’t seen it before, trust us… it’s so satisfying.

You could reach out to some of the people running these channels and ask them if they’d be interested in receiving one of your products for free, in exchange for a shoutout in their next post, or even a review.

It’s a win-win situation for you and the content creator, and it’ll hopefully go a long way in driving to your latest videos.

Kitchen Utensils Set

Click on the image to start selling.

Next up on our list we’ve got something that everybody could use – a premium kitchen utensils set.

This stunning set of products is made from natural, eco-friendly teak wood. This means shoppers can feel good twice after purchasing these products – once for picking up some nifty utensils, and again for picking products that are better for the environment. 

They’re better for your pans too. As they’re made from wood, not plastic, they’ll be much less likely to scratch any non-stick pans you’ve got at home. 

Think these products will fit in your store? If so, remember to use all of these points in your own marketing. 

And, of course, you’ll want to target these products to people who are interested in cooking. 

That means that people probably already have these products at home, so you don’t need to convince them why they need a set of kitchen utensils. They already know that. 

You need to focus on convincing them why these products are so much better than the ones they already have. That’s how you’ll really find success with these products.

Beard Growth Kit

Click on the image to start selling.

This is a perfect product for the holiday season. 

It’s a beard growth kit. 

Patchy beards are a big worry for plenty of men across the globe, and the idea of wanting a beard, but not quite being able to grow your “dream beard” is a pain point that this product can help with. 

In this set you’ll find a derma roller, sanitiser spray, beard activation serum, and a beard comb. 

How does this set work? There’s four pieces, and four steps. 

  1. Sanitise the derma roller with the sanitiser spray. 
  2. Rub the beard activation serum across your face.
  3. Roll the derma roller across your face and beard, and stimulate beard growth (due to the micro-injury that it causes). 
  4. Comb out the beard using your brand new comb. 

That’s all it takes to get a thicker, fuller beard. 

As you can imagine, you want to use these exact steps in your marketing campaigns. Facebook and Instagram ads will likely work best for these products. 

Take videos of each step, and show how simple it is to use these products. Combine that with a before and after shot at the end of your creative, and you’ve got yourself a winning ad.

Who knew beard growth could be key to helping you to grow your business?

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Women’s Training Set

Click on the image to start selling.

In general, sports apparel is a fantastic choice for entrepreneurs looking for products to sell online.

That’s because the sports apparel industry is huge –it’s valued around $180B in the USA alone. 

And if you’re looking to get involved in this mammoth niche, this product in particular is a winner. 

This product listing includes a set of training gear for women – leggings and a training top – that’s perfect for dropshippers. 

These products are made from a breathable nylon, that is figure-hugging, and designed to prevent chafing and rubbing for the wearer.

Our best bet for marketing these products is Instagram. It’s the perfect platform for selling products like these, especially if you can find Instagram influencers to partner with.

Portable USB Humidifier

Click on the image to start selling.

We’ve got a nifty homeware product up next on our list – it’s the portable USB humidifier

This product features a sizeable 500ml water tank, which will allow you to use the product for up to 12 hours of continuous usage, and up to 18 hours on the intermittent mode. 

With a lightweight, portable design you can easily move this product around your house, and it’ll be perfect for brightening up your day – especially during the winter months as it comes with a built-in LED light. 

Speaking of the winter months, this product is perfect for adding some moisture to dry environments, and helps to keep your skin supple and moist when the temperatures drop outside and you’ve probably got the heating on. 

Plus, check out the Google Trends data for these products and you’ll see that searches for humidifiers spike during the winter months.

Understandably, searches are lower during the summer months, as it’ll likely be plenty humid outside already. That’s just something to keep in mind if you’re planning on selling this product long-term.

Also, this portable humidifier comes with a USB charging cable that’ll work no matter what region you’re in (or selling to). That’s often a pain point for dropshippers who are looking to sell products internationally, but you’re all clear with this product.

Now looks like a fantastic time to start selling this best seller yourself.

Leather Tote Bag

Click on the image to start selling.

This leather tote bag is the the perfect example of a steady seller.

Just check the Google Trends data.

Sure, there are ebbs and flows in the amount of searches for this product over the course of the year, but there’s consistent interest in this product.

That’s something that might scare some dropshippers. Honestly though, you don’t always need to sell trending products.

Trending products have their benefits, sure. But so do steady sellers.

They have an established market. People know what the products are, and what they do.

You don’t need to work as hard to say why a product is so great, but instead you need to convince shoppers why they need your product. And that’s the fun part.

Try using Facebook and Instagram ads to sell these products. Focus on your branding. Remember to keep asking yourself: “what can I do to stand out from my competitors?”.

Take notes about what other brands who sell similar products do well, and think about what you can do to take it (and your store) to the next level.

Cat Litter Mat

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This is a fantastic product for brands in the pet niche – a waterproof cat litter mat

It looks simple, but it’s definitely effective.

Place this product beside your cat’s litter tray, and any scattered kitty litter will fall through into the waterproof pocket inside the mat. 

This will help shoppers to keep their houses clean, and it makes the arduous task of emptying the kitty litter much quicker and simpler. Wins all around.

But the benefits don’t stop there. It’s non-slip, non-toxic, and it’s a no brainer if you’re looking to bolster your inventory.

Keep in mind though that you’ll need to be very deliberate with your marketing for these products. We’ve listed the benefits, and that’s the direction that you’ll need to take with your marketing campaigns. 

There’s a clear audience for these products – cat lovers. Keep laser focused on who you’re marketing to, and think about what pain points they have. Then, show how these products solve them.

Bluetooth Smartwatch

Click on the image to start selling.

Looking for one of the best selling accessories of 2021? Look no further.

This bluetooth smartwatch has been crushing it.

It features an LCD display, is waterproof up to 50 metres, and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Plus, shoppers won’t need to worry about charging this smartwatch, as it runs off a lithium battery. That’s fantastic news, as it means that this product will be much less prone to returns.

It’s a fantastic product, and it’s one that shoppers are actively looking for at this time of the year.

Check the Google Trends data, and you’ll see that searches for these products have a huge spike in November, and again in December.


So, if you’re looking to get involved in this niche, or you’re looking for new accessories to start selling, now is the time to start.

Butterfly Sunglasses

Click on the image to start selling.

Next up on our list of best selling products from Select we’ve got butterfly sunglasses.

Women’s accessories are typically a fantastic choice for entrepreneurs, and these are no different. 

In fact, this is the exact sort of product that is ideal for dropshippers.

Why? Well, this is the perfect product for impulse buys. 

By that, we mean a product that people aren’t necessarily on the lookout for, but when they see your ads they’ll think “oh, wow! I really need this.” 

The best marketing platform for getting impulse buys? Facebook.

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Men’s Charm Bracelet Set

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The final product on our list of best sellers is a chic men’s accessory.

This on-trend men’s charm bracelet set features a set of four copper charm bracelets that come with a gold finish, and cubic zirconia gems.

All of the pieces from the set can be worn individually or you can stack them up together and wear more than one.

They’re simple to put on and take off too, although your shoppers won’t want to take them off.

Interestingly enough, the Google Trends data for charm bracelets shows that these bestsellers are going to continue growing and skyrocket during the holiday season.

How can you make sure it’s your brand that shoppers purchase from? Instagram is your best bet.

Looking for some tips to get your Instagram account started? Check out our best tips and tricks:

Time to Start Selling

Okay, that’s it! Now you’ve got a bunch of product recommendations that you can start using today.

Show us what you can do with these high potential best sellers.

Got any questions? Leave us a comment below – we read them all.

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