The 8 Best Dropshipping Websites for Your New Ecommerce Store

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Interested in dropshipping but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Many first-time ecommerce entrepreneurs struggle to identify the best dropshipping websites, since there are so many different choices. Which is the cheapest dropshipping site? What website do I visit to find US-based dropshippers?

When looking over options for your dropshipping business, it’s important to pay attention to the fee a website charges, whether its supplier network is vast enough for your operations, and whether its platform is capable of syncing with your online store.

To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of the best dropshipping services we’ve come across. We’ll talk about each dropshipping company and tell you what kinds of suppliers you can expect to find on their websites.

8 best dropshipping sites for first-time business owners

1. DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping

best dropshipping websites: DSers

It’s no secret that AliExpress leads the pack when it comes to product quantity and variety. However, the online retail service doesn’t offer a straightforward way to dropship products through its website. 

DSers lets you browse AliExpress’s massive collection of products and add them to your store in a few clicks. With its Advanced plan⁠—which still costs less than many alternatives⁠—you get access to automation features that pull new orders from your website, ship products to your customers, and mark delivered orders as fulfilled. 

Price: Free for 3,000 products; $19.90 per month for 20,000 products on the Advanced plan.

Best for: New store owners with a lower budget who have a knack for attracting customers through the curation of products.

Shopify app: Yes.

2. SaleHoo

SaleHoo dropship ecommerce

SaleHoo is a research tool and directory service for wholesalers, dropshippers, and ecommerce stores. Its database includes over 8,000 dropship suppliers and wholesale distributors, with over 2.5 million high-quality products.

A SaleHoo subscription lets you easily fill your Shopify store with in-demand products. Plus, it gives you access to the SaleHoo Market Research Lab, which offers in-depth sales insights and data on each product listed. This means store owners can see how well the items have performed for other businesses before adding them to their website.

SaleHoo even gives you an overview of how many other stores are selling each product, meaning you can factor in their availability when planning your store display. This is ideal for merchants looking to capitalize on a product that’s in high demand, or take a shot at offering exclusivity of an item that’s difficult to find.

Price: Starts at $27 per month.

Best for: Ecommerce entrepreneurs who are more data focused.

Shopify app: No.

3. Spocket

EU dropshipping website: Spocket

Spocket is an order fulfillment service that gives ecommerce stores access to a range of wholesale merchants around the globe. You’ll find dropshippers offering a large variety of products throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and other countries. 

Spocket can integrate with several ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, so you can easily browse through merchants’ products and add them to your store in a few clicks. Plus, it offers a branded invoice feature, which lets you generate a custom invoice for your brand that’s shipped along with your items. Branded packaging can do wonders for your brand image and help you retain more customers.

Price: Starts at $24.99 per month. 

Best for: Shopify merchants with a bit of startup investment who place great importance on branding their own products. 

Shopify app: Yes.

4. Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b is a dropshipping site with a wide variety of wholesale merchants in the United States and Canada. It’s best suited to ecommerce stores with a customer base in North America—Wholesale2b helps to keep your shipping costs low by connecting you with local suppliers throughout the continent.

With the Wholesale2b app, you can browse over a million dropship-ready products and add them to your Shopify store in one click. The app also automates the entire fulfillment process, with orders sent after purchase to your preferred dropshipper, who then packs and ships the items to your customers. What’s more, it provides tracking updates that keep customers informed about where their orders are—all in real time.

Price: Starts at $29.99 per month.

Best for: Merchants based in Canada and the United States who are willing to pay a little extra for locally sourced goods and quicker delivery times.

Shopify app: Yes.

5. Modalyst

dropship luxury brands with Modalyst

Known for offering a wide range of products from leading brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein, Modalyst is a great resource for merchants looking to sell luxury items on their store. Offering products from companies your customers already love can give you a competitive edge and build brand loyalty over time.

For US-based merchants, Modalyst has a marketplace of domestic suppliers that can ship orders in six to eight days. But even if you’re based elsewhere, getting products to your customers is unlikely to be an issue, as Modalyst suppliers ship to more than 80 countries worldwide. What’s more, an API partnership with AliExpress means that when you download the Modalyst extension for Chrome, you get access to millions of dropshippers on another marketplace.

Price: Free for up to 25 products and $35 per month for up to 250 products.

Best for: Merchants looking to build a name for themselves as sellers of premium, high-quality brands.

Shopify app: Yes.

6. Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a dropshipping and order management tool that allows you to sync inventory fulfillment information with over 230 dropship suppliers worldwide. You can auto-route orders and sync shipment tracking, as well as create automation rules to filter, price, and categorize your supplier’s products. 

The app directly connects you with suppliers to allow for volume discounts, seasonal specials, and access to exclusive brands. Plus, it cuts out the middleman by not marking up any items and shows you the same price as the dropshipper. But Inventory Source’s standout feature is the option to add your own dropshippers to its database⁠—though this requires you to add a paid custom integration. 

Price: Starts at $99 per month. 

Best for: Merchants that already have a list of suppliers but have no way to sync order data and inventory between them.

Shopify app: Yes. 

7. Worldwide Brands 

Worldwide Brands is among the oldest and most reputable supplier directories for dropshipping. First established in 1999, this company delivers peace of mind to vendors, with a stringent approval process for any wholesaler who wants to join the directory. Each wholesaler needs to meet a set of pre-established criteria, ensuring you don’t have to worry about low-quality products. 

Worldwide Brands offers more than 16 million certified wholesalers to work with, and there’s a list of certified dropshippers to explore. While there are some limitations in what you can automate with Worldwide Brands, you get excellent product variety from a wide range of wholesalers.

Price: $199 one-time payment. 

Best for: Merchants looking for trusted suppliers to partner with long-term.  

Shopify app: No. 

8. Wholesale Central

cheapest dropshipping website: Wholesale Central

The cheapest dropshipping website on this list, Wholesale Central is a directory of wholesalers and dropship suppliers. For both merchants and dropshippers, the website offers a launchpad for profitable business partnerships. 

On Wholesale Central, store owners can browse tons of suppliers and products or search for specific products and suppliers by name. When they find a supplier they’re interested in working with, they can view the contact information for that supplier and reach out to them via phone or email.

Although Wholesale Central doesn’t provide any inventory management tools, it’s a vast and free resource for finding potential dropshipping partners for your business. 

Price: Free.

Best for: Merchants looking for a low-cost way to find dropship suppliers that are open to building personal relationships with retailers.

Shopify app: No.

Dropship branded products with print-on-demand companies 

If you’re a designer, influencer, artist, or just a creatively driven entrepreneur, you might find that dropshipping companies don’t offer enough in the way of building a unique aesthetic for your brand. If that’s the case, you should consider using print-on-demand services to dropship your own custom items.

In print-on-demand dropshipping, you work with a supplier to design and customize your own products, usually easily printed things like mugs, tote bags, blankets, t-shirts, tapestries, and pillowcases. Then you add them to your online store, wait for customers to purchase, and have them printed, packaged, and shipped by the vendor. To get started, check out our list of top 10 print-on-demand companies for dropshippping branded goods.

Get your dropshipping game on

Dropshipping is a viable business model, as it frees up a lot of time for you to focus on other important aspects of running your store, like branding, content marketing, and customer service. It also removes the need to pay for inventory until it’s sold, minimizing the risk of incurring losses on products. If you’re looking for a dropshipping supplier to help power your operations, the sites above should connect you with plenty of merchants ready to ship products to customers in different places.  

Dropshipping websites FAQ

Can I use any website to dropship?

No, not all website-building platforms integrate with dropshipping sites that let you find suppliers for your business. However, any website created on Shopify will let you dropship by connecting to a number of different dropshippers.

What is the cheapest dropshipping website?

Wholesale Central is the cheapest dropshipping site, as it lets you browse products and suppliers for free. However, Wholesale Central is just a directory of dropshippers who carry different products, so you may still end up paying fees in the form of a service charge. 

What are the best dropshipping products?

If you’re looking for the best dropshipping products, make sure to check out the bestsellers list of different dropshippers, which should be accessible through their website. Keep in mind, though, that how well these products sell depends a lot on other factors, like your business and marketing plan. 

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