How to Get Ecommerce Product Reviews

Ecommerce product reviews

Ecommerce product reviews can boost sales, build customer trust, and build customer loyalty. Product reviews are the validation that your business is real and that your products are as awesome as you say they are. Whether it’s a glowing 5-star review, or a mediocre 3-star, how you respond to your customer reviews can help you boost your store’s sales. Showing appreciation for your raving fans by thanking them for their positive review can build long-term brand loyalty. With average or negative reviews, the way you resolve the issue can either strengthen your relationship with your customers, or burn bridges. In this article, you’ll learn why you need ecommerce product reviews, product review statistics, how to get your customers to give reviews, and more.

Ecommerce Product Review Statistics

  • According to Brightlocal, 88% of shoppers say they trust online reviews in the same way they’d trust a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.  
  • According to Invespcro, 31% more money is spent by customers on businesses which have “excellent” reviews.
  • According to Marketing Land, 90% of customers have said that online reviews have influenced their purchasing decisions.
  • Approximately 70% of consumers would leave a review on a website if asked to. By simply asking your customers to write a review you give your business a better chance of growing your brand authority.
  • More than half of shoppers (58%) believe the most important part of a business is it’s star rating.
  • Consumers value reviews. About 72% of shoppers only decide to buy products  after they’ve read a positive review.

Ecommerce Product Reviews: Why You Need Them

Ecommerce product reviews

  • Builds brand trust: According to eMarketer, approximately 80% of American shoppers trust brands with online reviews more than those without them. Having reviews builds customer trust because it allows customers to hear an objective opinion on your product. When a customer reads an ecommerce product review from someone who’s purchased the product they learn if the product lives up to the hype. The customer reviews on your store might actually sell your product better than any of the copy you’ve written yourself.
  • Helps customer feel comfortable buying product: Customer reviews assure potential customers that it’s safe to buy the product. Reviews show that customers received the product they paid for. Customers might even learn a few things through ecommerce product reviews, like ‘this t-shirt runs tight, order a size up’.
  • Build out user generated content: Allowing customers to post pictures of their product in their reviews can help prove your brand’s popularity. It allows customers to see a real-life picture of the product that isn’t touched up in Photoshop. Depending on the type of pictures a customer posts in their reviews, you can then share the product picture on your social media as part of your marketing strategy.
  • Grow your organic traffic: Sometimes in Google search, you can see the star rating of a product when browsing listings. Having a high star rating on your product appearing on page listings can help boost organic traffic, as it validates your business’ popularity. If other business’ products don’t have a rating on their link, yours is more likely to be clicked on, since it’s already been validated with online reviews. Products with a high number of reviews and high rating are more likely to be purchased.
  • Serve your customers better: Having a lot of negative reviews on certain products can be an eye-opening experience. It allows you to better understand the needs of your customers so you can better serve them. With dropshipping, products with more negative reviews than positive ones can easily be removed to ensure the quality of products on your store stays high. Using the information from the negative reviews such as feedback on the quality of the fabric can be helpful when choosing new products as you can avoid importing products with that type of material.
  • Improve SEO: Ecommerce product reviews can improve your search engine ranking in several ways. New reviews added to your product page regularly keep your product page fresh with new content showing Google that it’s constantly being updated. As your page becomes more active because of the reviews, Google will start featuring more information in its listings such as star rating and number of reviews or the product price. You’ll also start ranking for long-tail keywords and review searches under your brand name such as [‘brand name’ review].

Examples of How to Build Ecommerce Product Reviews


Ecommerce product reviews
’s store is likely the biggest source of ecommerce product reviews. Their approach is simple yet effective. They send customers an email asking how the product met their expectations. There’s five blank stars, whichever star you click on will automatically send you to Amazon’s website with the rating you selected checked in where you can write an ecommerce product review sharing your experiences with the product. The product image and name is clearly shown in the email to remind you of the product you purchased from them giving you enough information to review it directly in the email.


Ecommerce product reviews

Barbell allows customers to submit their ecommerce product reviews directly in their email. Customers can choose the star rating for the product, write a review title and leave a review. While it may be more work for a customer to do, the fact that a customer can respond directly in the email without having to move to another platform keeps it simple. The email states when the product was purchased and the name of the product to help remind the customer of the product they purchased.


Ecommerce product reviews
builds their ecommerce product reviews with a visual email and great copy. They show pictures of the products the customer purchased and encourage them to write it on their website. Beneath their simple headline, is a graphic of 5 stars to encourage customers to leave five-star reviews. Their language ‘love it. Rate it.’ also encourages happy customers to write reviews.

How to Get Ecommerce Product Reviews

Ecommerce product reviews

  • Product Reviews by Shopify: This ecommerce product reviews app allows you to grow your customer reviews on your store. You can customize the look to match your store’s theme. It also allows you to add your star rating to your Google search results.
  • Product Review Add-on by This ecommerce product reviews app allows customers to review products directly in their email. It also allows customers to include pictures in their review showing your business’ popularity. Customers who leave negative reviews (1 or 2 stars) will be redirected to an apology page where you can resolve the customer issue or offer a store discount.
  • Reviews: This ecommerce product reviews app allows you to send customizable product review request emails that are perfectly timed. Customers can add picture reviews, reply to others’ reviews, and add ‘Verified Buyer’ badges. Coupons can be sent to customers who’ve left reviews to boost repeat sales.
  • Email Your Customers: If you’re on a budget or would prefer to email customers yourself, you can email your customers and ask for reviews after they’ve received their product.
  • Raving Customers: Sometimes customers email you or message you on social media to tell you that they love the product they received. Asking them to leave a review on your product page can help grow your ecommerce product reviews. Train your customer service team to thank customers for their loyalty and recommend that they leave a 5-star review on your website.
  • Contact Bloggers: Customers aren’t the only ones who could review products, product review bloggers can review your product on their blog for a fee or a free sample. It works as a marketing tactic as they’ll often recommend your product to their audience. When people search for online reviews of your brand or product, the bloggers post can also help give your brand social proof.  

Ecommerce Product Review Tips

  • Respond to Positive Reviews Too: Most people respond to negative reviews but fail to respond to the positive ones. Show appreciation for your raving fans. If someone tells you about how much they love their product, thank them and ask them if they have any pictures they’d like to share.
  • Respond Positively to Negative Reviews: When a customer leaves a negative review, it’s not game over. It’s only game over if the customer doesn’t leave a negative review and hasn’t told you that they’re unhappy. If they share their frustrations with you, they’re giving you a chance to redeem yourself. If they’re unhappy with the quality of the product, offer a refund. If they’re unhappy with the shipping times, send them a small free gift as a thank you. When responding to customers don’t send a generic canned response as customers can see right through it. Start with a heartfelt apology. Explain that you’d feel frustrated if you were in their situation. And recommend a solution to change the situation. Owning your mistakes can help turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one.
  • Monitor Reviews Regularly on Multiple Sites: Not all ecommerce product reviews will be reviewed on your website. Some customers may write a negative review in a blog post on Medium, a review site like Yelp, or on social media. Using a tool like Google Alerts you can subscribe to get alerts by adding your brand name. You’ll then receive notifications to your email whenever you’re mentioned on the internet.
  • Remove Bad Products: If customers are regularly leaving negative reviews on the same product, it might be time to swap out that product for something else. If you’re dropshipping goods via Oberlo, this shouldn’t be a big issue as you can easily remove or add products without any financial penalties.

Whether you use an ecommerce product review app, or contact customers yourself, building out your ecommerce product reviews should be part of your marketing strategy. You’ll be able to build your brand’s social proof, and increase your sales with positive reviews on your store.

Are you actively getting customers to leave ecommerce product reviews on your store? What apps do you use? What’s worked for you?

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