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The Ultimate Guide to Building Powerful Product Pages

The Ultimate Guide to Building Powerful Product Pages

Want to get more out of your product pages? In this ebook, we share the best practices that top online stores use to optimize their pages and content. You will learn how to write compelling product descriptions, how to create high-converting images and videos, and some examples of brands that are killing it with their product page designs.

5 Chapters

  1. What Is a Product Page?

    It would be silly to have a retail store without good salespeople – so why risk building an ecommerce store without creating good product pages? In this chapter, you’ll learn what is an ecommerce product page, which elements make a page truly effective, and which page-specific apps could help you with your own store. We’ll also give you best practices and tips that you can apply to your own website.

  2. Top Tips to Write Compelling Product Descriptions

    When you’re building out your ecommerce store, you’ll have quite a hefty to-do list. On top of things like taking product images and building a marketing plan, it’s easy for something like product descriptions to fall to the bottom of your list. While this might be tempting, don’t give in. The truth is that product descriptions are really important. Read through to learn how to write compelling product descriptions that keep visitors hooked.

  3. How to Create Product Images that Convert

    The need for strong product images makes sense – they’re all store owners have to make the leap of faith that your product is as good as you say it is. This chapter is a deep dive into how to take captivating product images. We’ll also discuss what tools and resources are necessary to turn your product shots into masterpieces.

  4. How to Create a Product Video That Boosts Sales

    When people come to your website, they want more than just a description of the features and benefits of your product. They want the full experience: what it’s like to use the product and how they can get the most out of their purchase. One way to achieve this goal is to add a video to your ecommerce store. This chapter will give you a primer on how to create a product video, as well as introduce you to the best video creator for online stores.

  5. 6 Best Product Pages to Learn From

    Your product page is the last thing a visitor will see before they decide to make a purchase – or lose interest and leave – it’s one of the most important pages of your whole store. Fortunately, there are thousands of stores that serve as shining examples of how to do it right. This chapter will highlight six Shopify stores with the best product pages, dig into what makes them exciting, and suggest a few themes you can use to create your own.

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