Often referred to as the Amazon of China, Alibaba is one of the largest companies in China and the world. Renowned for its vast scale and influence, Alibaba holds the distinction of being the fourth-largest ecommerce company in terms of market value and also ranks among the top retail companies worldwide.

How has the company performed in recent years? Here’s a look at Alibaba’s yearly revenues over the past decade.

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Alibaba revenue (2013–2023)

Recent data on Alibaba’s annual revenues highlights a consistent pattern of growth year after year. In 2013, the company reported revenues of 34.5 billion yuan, equivalent to approximately $4.8 billion. A year later, the group grew its revenues by 52.1%, to 52.5 billion yuan (or $7.3 billion).

In 2015, Alibaba’s yearly revenues surpassed $10 billion for the first time, as the figure grew by 32.7% from the previous year, to 76.2 billion yuan. The deceleration continued, as 2016’s annual revenues rose by 32.7%, to 101.1 billion yuan ($14.1 billion). 

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The company’s annual revenue growth rate accelerated in 2017, rising by 56.5%, to 158.3 billion yuan ($22 billion). Strong growth performances followed in the four subsequent years, and by 2021, the company’s revenues had surged to 717.3 billion yuan ($99.8 billion).

In 2022, even as the company’s annual revenue growth slowed to 18.9%, it was able to bring total revenue to 853.1 billion yuan, or $118.6 billion, pushing over the $100 billion mark for the first time. 

Alibaba’s annual revenue continued growing in 2023, to 868.7 billion yuan, or $120.8 billion. However, it did so at a significantly slower growth rate. 2023’s increase registered at 1.8%, a fraction of the previous years’ growth rates.

From 2013 to 2023, Alibaba's annual revenues underwent a remarkable surge, expanding by more than 25 times and achieving an impressive average annual growth rate of 39.2%. Notably, the most significant yearly increase occurred in 2018, with revenues soaring by 58.1%.

Furthermore, Alibaba's impressive performance extends beyond revenue figures, as its shopping app consistently secures top rankings on both Apple and Android devices. AliExpress.com, the company's online retail platform, also commands immense popularity, with more than 900 million visits recorded monthly, making it the fourth-most-visited ecommerce site globally.

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