Chart showing: Average Time Spent on TikTok (2019–2024)

Average Time Spent on TikTok (2019–2024)

Not only is TikTok ranked among the top influencer marketing platforms, it is also on the list of the top video marketing platforms. This shows that the social network is an extremely popular channel of choice for businesses looking to promote their brand online.

Crafting an effective TikTok marketing campaign requires knowing important data about the platform, including the average time spent on TikTok per day. 

Here’s a breakdown of the daily average amount of time spent on TikTok from 2019 to 2024.

What is the average time spent on TikTok?

A recent study shows that the amount of time spent on TikTok has risen every year since 2019. That year, the average adult TikTok user in the United States spent just under half an hour (27.4 minutes) a day on the platform.

In 2020, this increased to 38.6 minutes. This represented a 40.9% rise in just one year, which analysts said was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns. In fact, a survey shows that time spent aside, the number of people in the US using TikTok also surged during the pandemic. Prior to the outbreak, just 4% of people surveyed said they used TikTok. This number tripled to 12% during the pandemic. A significant increase was seen from users aged 15 to 25. TikTok usage among this age group increased from 10% to 28%.

The average daily time spent on TikTok rose by 17.4% in 2021, to 45.3 minutes. This is less than half of the previous year’s growth rate. In 2022, daily time spent on the platform rose by another 14.8%, to 52 minutes before rising another 7.3% in 2023, to 55.8 minutes.

From 2019 to 2023, the amount of time users spent on TikTok each day increased by 28.4 minutes—an overall rise of 103.6% and an average annual growth rate of 20.1%.

Average amount of time spent on TikTok: 2024

In 2024, experts forecast the average time spent on TikTok to rise at a slower rate of 4.7%, to 55.8 minutes. Should these growth rates continue, it will likely be a year or two before the daily time spent on TikTok exceeds the 100-minute mark.

In comparison, the average time spent on YouTube in 2024 is projected to grow by 2.5%, from 47.5 minutes in 2023, to 48.7 minutes.

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