Boasting more than 3 billion monthly active users, there’s no question Facebook is one social platform all businesses should be marketing on.

But where there’s potential, there’s competition. To ensure your Facebook marketing campaigns reach the right audience, you need to have a better understanding of the age demographics of Facebook users.

Here’s a breakdown of the age demographic of Facebook users.

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Facebook demographics by age

A recent study analyzing Facebook age demographics shows that the age group with the highest number of Facebook users is 25 to 34. 31% (or nearly one in three) of all active Facebook users fall within this range. 

This is followed by the 18-to-24 age group, which makes up 23.2% of all Facebook users worldwide. Together, these two biggest age demographics of Facebook users constitute 54.2% of all active Facebook users. In other words, more than one in two Facebook users are aged from 18 to 34. This shows that despite reports of younger people ditching Facebook over the past couple of years, the younger generation continues to be one of the biggest users of the Meta-owned platform.

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The study ranking Facebook users by age also shows that the platform is relatively popular among 35- to 44-year-olds. More than one out of every five (20.1%) active Facebook users is in this age group.

The age range with the fourth-highest number of Facebook users is 45 to 54—11.9% of all Facebook users are in this range. 

According to the breakdown of Facebook users by age group, the social network isn’t frequented as much by the older generation. 55- to 64-year-olds make up just 7.6% of Facebook’s total user base, while those aged 65 and above represent just 6%. 

A more in-depth look at Facebook age demographics shows that the platform’s reach is the highest among 23-year-olds—99.9% of people this age use Facebook. This is followed by those aged 28, with a reach of 70%.

Age demographic of Facebook users vs other platforms

The age demographic of Facebook users is similar to that of Instagram and Pinterest, in that the majority of these social networks’ users are aged from 18 to 34. 

The age demographic of TikTok users, however, looks slightly different. As a platform that’s extremely popular among teens and young adults, the younger generation makes up a big majority of TikTok’s user base. Nearly two out of every five (37.3%) TikTok users are between 18 and 24 years old.

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