The popularity of a brand and its revenue potential are not only directly proportional—they’re intricately linked. Knowing what the top US brands are and the fastest-growing ones can help ecommerce business owners better understand what they need to do to improve brand image and drive sales.

Whether it’s social media, shoewear, or food, the list of the 10 fastest-growing brands features brands hailing from vastly different sectors. Here’s a closer look at their performance.

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Fastest-growing brands: October 2022 vs. January 2022

According to a recent survey on consumers’ purchasing preferences, Meta currently ranks top on the list of the fastest-growing brands, with a growth index of 6.5.

The study calculates this by comparing the shares of consumers who indicated they would consider purchasing from a brand in October 2022 and in January 2022 and taking the difference. In other words, an index of 6.5 for Meta means that the number of consumers who said they would consider buying from Meta increased by 6.5 percentage points, from January (12.8%) to October 2022 (19.3%).

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Interestingly, Meta’s popularity among consumers varies greatly from generation to generation. For instance, it isn’t among the list of the 10 fastest-growing brands among Gen Z and millennials, but features in second place on both Gen X’s and baby boomers’ lists.

Second on the ranking of the fastest-growing brands in 2022 is Crocs. The shoewear brand grew its index by three points, from 23.1 in January to 26.1 in October.

This is followed by Beats by Dre, a consumer audio brand, with an index of 2.9. STöK Cold Brew, a cold brew coffee brand, and Milwaukee Tool, a company that manufactures power tools, round out the five fastest-growing brands, with an index of 2.8 each.

Zelle, a popular digital payments service with 67.8 million users in 2023, ranks sixth. The brand has an index of 2.7.

Adobe and Great Value Cream Cheese follow, with indexes of 2.5 each. Gatorade Fit and Office Depot round out the 10 fastest-growing brands in 2022. Both have indexes of 2.4. Office Depot is actually the most popular brand on this list. In October 2022, 37.7% of consumers surveyed said they would consider purchasing from Office Depot—the highest of all the brands on this top 10 list. 

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