Chart showing the Fastest-Growing Marketplaces in the US

Fastest-Growing Marketplaces in the US

Marketplace websites are among the most popular platforms businesses sell their products and services on. But not all of them are made equal, and which one(s) brands eventually pick depends on factors such as product niche, potential buyer reach and sales, and transaction fees.

As an ecommerce store owner, knowing not only what the top online marketplaces are but also the fastest-growing marketplaces can help you make your decision. Here’s a look at the fastest-growing marketplaces in the United States.

Fastest-growing marketplaces in the US: top 5

According to a recent report, Flight Club tops the list of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the US. Established in New York in 2005, Flight Club is an online marketplace specializing in footwear. In 2022, the company grew its total gross merchandise volume (GMV) at a rate of 50% year on year. 

Second on the ranking of the fastest-growing marketplaces is GOAT, an online platform for apparel and accessories. The California-based business increased its GMV by 48% in 2022—just two percentage points lower than Flight Club. Given that footwear is some of the top product sold on GOAT, the company is widely considered to be one of Flight Club’s biggest business competitors

This is followed by The RealReal Inc., an online marketplace dedicated to the sale of pre-owned luxury goods. In 2022, its GMV increased by 27%. This ranking means that the three fastest-growing marketplaces are related to fashion—currently one of the top online shopping categories

Minibar delivery, an online alcohol marketplace is in fourth place. The company’s total GMV increased by 20% in 2022, in line with the growing demand for alcohol delivery services

Rounding out the list of the fastest-growing marketplaces is Maisonette, a family-oriented online business focusing on selling products a family might need. This includes kids’ and baby clothing, toys, and home furniture and décor. In 2022, Maisonette saw its GMV grow by 17% year on year. 

Of these five fastest-growing marketplaces, three are based in New York, while the other two are in California. Not only do these two states rank among the 10 states with the biggest number of small businesses, recent data also shows that they’re responsible for creating large numbers of jobs

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