There’s no question that social media is one of the best ways to market and grow a business. Along with knowing the amount of time spent on them, knowing which platforms are becoming increasingly popular among consumers can also help guide your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

This begs the question: What are the fastest-growing social media platforms?

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What is the fastest-growing social media platform in 2023?

The latest data shows that the fastest-growing social network is BeReal. The network is increased its number of users by a skyrocketing 313% from May 2022 to January 2023. In other words, the number of BeReal users more than quadrupled over this period. Experts attribute a significant portion of this increase to Generation Z, whose usage of BeReal surged from 1% of the age group’s population to 13%.

Launched in 2022, the French social media app experienced significant growth in 2022. The number of BeReal downloads surged from 800,000 at the start of the year to 14.7 million by September. BeReal’s expected growth in 2023 is set to outpace that of its competitors by a mile.

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Second on the list of the fastest-growing social media platforms is Twitch. The video live-streaming service saw its number of users rise by 29%. Despite other more popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok having launched their own live video features, Twitch still appears to be the default go-to social media platform when it comes to long-form live videos. Like BeReal, Generation Z social media users are responsible for a large part of Twitch’s growth. In fact, both BeReal and Twitch rank among the top social media networks Gen Z uses.

The third fastest-growing social network is LinkedIn. From May 2022 to January 2023, the professional networking platform registered a 20% increase in its number of users. This is followed by TikTok, with a growth rate of 16%. The ByteDance-owned company first made headlines for its rapid growth when it launched in 2018. Even though its user base continues to grow to this day, the sign-up rate of new users has slowed. 

Snapchat rounds out the five fastest-growing social media platforms. Its user growth rate is expected at 8% in 2023. Sixth and seventh on the list of the fastest-growing social network are Tumblr and Twitter, with a 7% increase in the number of users. Instagram is eighth, with 6%.

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