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Apple is the leading smartphone brand in the United States, with a market share of around 50%. Here’s a closer look at iPhone’s US market share growth and how it’s been evolving in recent years.

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What percentage of Americans had iPhones in 2022?

The number of iPhone users in the US currently stands at over 120 million. But just what percentage of the population does that constitute?

According to recent figures, the iPhone’s US market share hit 48.7% in 2022, one of its highest in at least nine years. This is a 1.8 percentage point increase over 2021, and the biggest annual increase since at least 2014. 

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In other words, around half of all smartphone users in the US (currently around 347.6 million) are iPhone users.

iPhone US market share growth: 2014–2022

Apple has been growing iPhone’s market share in the US in recent years. In 2014, around 42.5% of smartphone users there were iPhone users. This increased by one percentage point in 2015, to 43.3%, before a fractional 0.2 percentage point rise, to 43.5%, the following year.

From 2014 to 2022, iPhone’s US market share grew by 6.4 percentage points. The smallest increases came in 2019 and 2020, during which Apple’s iPhone market share in the US rose by a marginal 0.1 percentage point.

In the two most recent years, Apple was able to increase the iPhone’s market share by a significantly larger margin. In 2021, the figure grew by 1.6 percentage points, to 46.9%, before 2022’s 1.8 percentage point increase.

Loyalty drives iPhone’s market share in the US

Analysts credit the sustained growth of the iPhone’s market share to brand loyalty. 

According to a recent survey, iPhone users in the US are the most satisfied and loyal, in comparison with other phone makers. 92% of iPhone users say they are satisfied with Apple, and nearly half (48%) say it’s unlikely they will switch to another smartphone brand the next time they decide to purchase a new device.

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