Chart showing: Smartphone Market Share Worldwide

Smartphone Market Share Worldwide

As the number of smartphone users worldwide increases year after year, it’s no surprise that mobile commerce sales are also reaching all-time highs. That said, knowing certain mobile usage statistics can come in handy when crafting a digital marketing strategy. 

Top smartphone manufacturers by market share

The latest statistics on the smartphone market share worldwide show that as of January 2024, US phone maker Apple leads the pack, with a market share of 29.27%. This means that just under three in 10 smartphone users worldwide use an Apple phone.

Second on the list of the most popular smartphone manufacturers is Samsung. The South Korean brand has 23.69% of the smartphone market share, just 5.58 percentage points less than Apple.

Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone industry and own a combined 52.96% of the total smartphone market share. In fact, these two smartphone manufacturers have been leading the market since 2013. That year, both their market shares surpassed Nokia’s, a Finnish phone brand that was immensely popular in the 2000s. 

The data also shows that Apple has increased its lead over Samsung over the past year. In January 2023, its market share was 27.6%, just 0.51 percentage points above Samsung’s 27.09%. By May, it had increased that gap to 6.17 percentage points, as its market share grew to 31.44%, compared to Samsung’s 25.27%. 

Xiaomi is the third-largest smartphone brand, with 11.9% of the total market share. This is impressive for the Chinese company, considering it was founded only in 2010. The bulk of Xiaomi’s growth came in the past five years. Prior to 2017, the phone maker only had around 2% of the market share. That year, however, it more than doubled its share, ending the year with 4.75%.

After Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo follow, with 5.64% and 5.02% of the market share, respectively. The sixth-largest smartphone manufacturer is Realme, which holds 3.65% of the smartphone market share.

Together, these six brands own 79.17% of the global smartphone market share. In other words, four out of every five smartphones being used worldwide are manufactured by them.

Out of all the top phone brands in the world, only Apple is based in the United States. In fact, the remaining five hail from Asia—specifically, China and South Korea.

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