The ten most subscribed YouTube channels have over a whopping 574 million subscribers in total. Producing videos spread over a range of categories including music, entertainment, and sports, these YouTube influencers are proving to be extremely dominant on the platform.

In June alone, these top YouTube channels generated 16.4 billion views. In fact, just the top two channels alone make up 197.28 million subscribers – a third of the total subscriber base of the top 10, and nearly as many as the next four on the list.

This is remarkable progress for the video-sharing platform, which was founded in 2005 to provide internet users with a platform through which user-generated videos can be shared. 

Today, YouTube boasts 1.3 billion users and over 30 million visitors per day. For companies and individuals alike, it has become an important platform for advertising, marketing, and even a source of income. This latter holds especially true for the most subscribed YouTube channels.

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

The channel with the highest YouTube subscribers is T-Series, an Indian music record label and film production company. As of June 2019, the channel has more than 100.87 million subscribers and is considered to be an extremely influential channel on YouTube. It is also the first and only channel to breach the 100 million subscriber mark. 

Second on the list is Swedish actor and comedian Felix Kjellberg, known more popularly by PewDiePie. With 96.41 million subscribers, he’s the YouTuber with the most subscribers. It is estimated that he earns $940,000 per month and has a net worth of between $30 and $50 million.

In third place with 56.33 million subscribers, 5-Minute Crafts has quite some catching up to do if it wants to give T-Series and PewDiePie a run for their money. But considering it was only launched in 2016, it isn’t doing too bad for a relatively new channel. It is also the only one in the list of top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels that features DIY videos. 

The newest entrant to the list of top 10 most subscribed YouTuber channels is Badabun, a Mexican entertainment channel created and maintained by several Mexican YouTubers and influencers. Started in 2014, Badabun relegated the formerly 10th-placed ElRubius in January 2019.

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