Most Followed Accounts on Twitter Worldwide

What Are the Most Followed Twitter (X) Accounts?

With 335.7 million users in 2024, Twitter (now rebranded as X) ranks among global consumers’ favorite social media platforms. It should come as no surprise that it’s also a medium where influencers, celebrities, and world leaders share their thoughts and engage with followers.

But who is the most followed person on Twitter and what are the 10 biggest Twitter accounts? In this post, we take an in-depth look at the most followed Twitter accounts in 2024.

10 most followed Twitter accounts (as of May 2024)


Twitter (X) account

Number of followers


Elon Musk

183.2 million


Barack Obama

131.8 million


Cristiano Ronaldo

111.3 million


Justin Bieber

110.8 million



107.9 million


Katy Perry

106.5 million


Narendra Modi

97.8 million


Taylor Swift

95.4 million


Donald Trump

87.2 million


Ariana Grande

85.3 million

Most followed Twitter accounts: top 10

1. Elon Musk (183.2 million)

  • Username: @elonmusk
  • Account created: Jun 2nd, 2009 

The most followed person on Twitter is none other than the owner of the platform itself, Elon Musk. As of May 2024, he has 183.2 million followers. 

Also the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Musk is known for his visionary ideas and sometimes controversial tweets, and uses the platform to announce company updates, share personal insights, and even move markets with his posts. His influence extends beyond technology, reaching into cultural and financial realms, making him a central figure on Twitter.

2. Barack Obama (131.8 million)

  • Username: @BarackObama
  • Account created: Mar 5th, 2007

Former President Barack Obama is the second-most followed person on Twitter, with a significant following of 131.8 million. 

His account is known for its inspiring messages, policy commentary, and support for various social causes. Obama’s tweets often go viral, reflecting his continued influence and popularity worldwide. Obama’s tweet on Charlottesville in 2017 was, at the time, the most retweeted tweet of all time, and remains the third-most liked tweet today. 

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (111.3 million)

  • Username: @Cristiano
  • Account created: Jun 14th, 2010

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the greatest athletes of all time but also a Twitter sensation. The Portuguese star’s account features updates on his career, fitness tips, and personal moments, attracting fans from around the globe. 

Ronaldo’s digital presence enhances his global brand and keeps him connected with his massive fanbase. Incidentally, his official Facebook page also ranks among the top Facebook pages, second only to Facebook’s. 

4. Justin Bieber (110.8 million)

  • Username: @justinbieber
  • Account created: Mar 28th, 2009

Fourth on the list ranking the most followed Twitter accounts is Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s account. With a follower base of 110.8 million, the 30-year-old shares glimpses of his musical journey, personal life, and advocacy for mental health on his account. Bieber’s engagement with fans and his consistent updates about his work keep his followers entertained and informed.

5. Rihanna (107.9 million)

  • Username: @rihanna
  • Account created: Oct 2nd, 2009

Rihanna, a global music superstar and entrepreneur, uses her Twitter (X) account to promote her music, fashion line (Fenty), and philanthropic efforts. Her tweets resonate with a diverse audience, making her not only the fifth-most followed person on Twitter, but also the most-followed woman on the network.

6. Katy Perry (106.5 million)

  • Username: @katyperry
  • Account created: Feb 20th, 2009

US singer Katy Perry is the sixth most-followed person on Twitter, with 106.5 million followers. Her account is a vibrant space filled with updates about her music, personal reflections, and interactions with fans. Known for her colorful personality and hit songs, Perry’s engaging content keeps her follower count high.

The “Fireworks” singer has the honor of being the first-ever Twitter user to hit 50 million and 100 million followers in 2013 and 2017, respectively. 

These six most followed Twitter accounts are also the only ones with more than 100 million followers.

7. Narendra Modi (97.8 million)

  • Username: @narendramodi
  • Account created: Jan 10th, 2009

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also ranks among the most followed people on Twitter, with 97.8 million followers. The politician leverages X to communicate with citizens and the global community. His account provides updates on governmental policies, national events, and his personal views, making him one of the most followed political leaders on the platform.

8. Taylor Swift (95.4 million)

  • Username: @taylorswift13
  • Account created: Dec 6th, 2008

Singer Taylor Swift’s Twitter presence is as dynamic as her music career. She uses her Twitter account, which has 95.4 million followers, to announce new releases, share personal stories, and connect with her “Swifties.” Her ability to engage and mobilize her fanbase is a testament to her powerful digital influence.

9. Donald Trump (87.2 million)

  • Username: @realDonaldTrump
  • Account created: Mar 18th, 2009

Nine on this Twitter following list is former US President Donald Trump, with 87.2 million followers. Trump’s Twitter account has been one of the most talked-about and controversial. Known for his direct and often provocative tweets, Trump used the platform extensively during his presidency to communicate his policies and opinions. 

His account was suspended at the beginning of 2021, but was reinstated in late 2022, following the platform’s takeover by Elon Musk.

10. Ariana Grande (85.3 million)

  • Username: @ArianaGrande
  • Account created: Apr 22nd, 2009

Pop sensation Ariana Grande rounds out the 10 most followed Twitter accounts. Boasting 85.3 million followers, her Twitter (X) account is a mix of personal updates, musical announcements, and interactions with fans. 

Most followed people on Twitter: Who are they?

The list of the most popular Twitter accounts is dominated primarily by singers. Of the top 10, more than half are singers. The remaining four are made up of politicians and entrepreneurs, with Cristiano Ronaldo being the only athlete to feature on the list of the most popular Twitter accounts.

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