With billions of users worldwide and more than 361.6 billion emails being exchanged every day, email has come a long way since it was invented in 1971.

Today, people all over the world have a host of email clients to choose from.

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Email client market share breakdown

According to the latest data, as of December 2023, the two most used email clients in the world are Apple and Gmail. At 58.07%, Apple has the majority of the email client market share. It’s used by more than half of the world’s email users to send and receive emails.

Apple’s latest reported market share marks a 6.24 percentage point decrease from a year ago in December 2022, when the figure was 64.31%. Over the past 12 months, Apple’s highest market share came in at 66.83% in November 2023. 

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Apple’s market share started 2023 with a 5.58 percentage point dip to 58.73% in January. There was a slight rise to 59.81% in February, but the seven months that followed saw Apple’s market share fall.

Gmail ranks in second place, after Apple. Currently, the Gmail market share is at 29.67%, rising by 5.17 percentage points from 24.5% the previous year. In other words, just under one in three email users in the world currently use Gmail, which is owned by Google. Gmail’s email client market share fell to 22.82% in November 2023, the same time Apple’s peaked. 

Even though it’s the second-most popular email client, Gmail’s market share is still a significant 28.4 percentage points behind Apple’s. But together, Apple and Gmail make up a whopping 87.74% of the total email client market share. This means that more than four out of every five email users use either Apple or Gmail.

The third-most popular email client is Microsoft’s Outlook. It’s used by 3.42% of email users worldwide. Fourth on the list of the most used email clients is Yahoo! Mail, which has a market share of 2.55%. This is followed by Google Android, with 1.7%, and Outlook.com, with 0.62%.

As of December 2023, the seventh- to 10th-most popular email clients and their market shares are:

  1. Thunderbird: 0.21%
  2. Samsung Mail: 0.13%
  3. QQ Mail: 0.07%
  4. Web.de: 0.06%

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