Whether it’s free delivery or coupons and discounts, the top reasons people shop online are clear. But despite rising global ecommerce sales and the ecommerce share of retail sales, there remains a significant number of consumers who prefer to shop in-store.

To understand what’s driving buyers to flock to brick-and-mortar stores, here’s a look at the biggest pros of in-store shopping, as listed by consumers worldwide.

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Pros of in-store shopping: social interaction tops the list

According to a recent survey on the pros of in-store shopping, being able to have better social interaction is listed as its biggest advantage. As many as 80% of global buyers worldwide say it’s a benefit that the in-store shopping experience provides over ecommerce. 

This is followed by having better customer service, which nearly three out of every four (70%) shoppers say is one of the pros of in-store shopping. Unlike online shopping, buyers in brick-and-mortar stores can receive assistance instantly by approaching a store employee. Getting help when shopping online, be it on an ecommerce store or online marketplace, tends to take longer. Incidentally, the lack of sales assistance features among the top disadvantages of online shopping.

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Third on the list of the pros of in-store shopping is being able to pay securely (69%). With total online payment fraud volumes rising and forecast to hit $48 billion in 2023, it should come as no surprise that consumers prefer to shop using more secure payment methods.

Having an easy returns process is another one of the top pros of in-store shopping. Nearly two in three (62%) global consumers say it’s why they enjoy shopping in physical stores. This is also one of the top reasons people shop online, and suggests the importance of having a clear and easy returns policy for all brand owners, regardless of whether they’re operating an online or physical store.

Getting inspired and the ability to obtain better information about the sustainability of products rank next on the list of the pros of in-store shopping, with 45% and 42% of consumers worldwide saying that’s what motivates them to purchase from physical stores, respectively.

Here are some of the other biggest pros of in-store shopping:

  1. Better product information: 39%
  2. More payment options: 29%
  3. Lower prices: 24%
  4. Wider assortment of products: 24%

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