Snapchat’s penetration rate is currently the highest in Saudi Arabia, where its potential advertising reach is as high as 74.1%. Norway follows close behind, with a penetration rate of 71%. In comparison, the United States has a penetration rate of 34.5%, less than half of both Saudi Arabia's and Norway’s.

If you’re thinking about marketing your business on Snapchat, penetration rates aside, you’ll need key data such as the breakdown of Snapchat users by country to properly build your strategy. So, which of the following countries has the most Snapchat users—Saudi Arabia, Norway, or the US?

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Which countries have the most Snapchat users?

According to the latest statistics of Snapchat users by country, India is home to 192.6 million active users of the platform. This makes it the country with the biggest number of Snapchat users. Given India’s large population, this means Snapchat’s penetration rate there is at a relatively low 12.8%. However, recent figures show that the number of Snapchat users in India has been growing—rising by 5.7% over the last reported quarter.

Second on the list breaking down Snapchat users by country is the US, where there are 108.4 million users. The platform’s penetration rate is significantly higher there, at 32%. The number of Snapchat users in the US has also risen over the past quarter, by 1.4%. India and the US are the only countries with more than 100 million Snapchat users. Together, there are more than 300 million active Snapchat users in these two countries.

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Pakistan is next on the ranking of Snapchat users by country, with 28.7 million. At 11%, Snapchat’s penetration rate in Pakistan is even lower than that of India. France and the United Kingdom round out the top five, with 27.5 million and 23.1 million, respectively.

Here are numbers six to 10 on this list of Snapchat users by country:

  1. Saudi Arabia: 22.4 million
  2. Germany: 19.1 million
  3. Iraq: 18 million
  4. Egypt: 16.9 million
  5. Turkey: 16.4 million

Around half of the 10 countries on this ranking of Snapchat users by country are located in Asia (Turkey straddles both Asia and Europe). One is in North America, and Egypt is the only African country to feature on the list. The remaining are located in Europe.

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