Even though TikTok was launched only in 2016, it’s been lightning-quick at attracting users and currently features among the most popular social media platforms in the world.

That’s not all. It’s also the fastest-growing social media network, ahead of the king of social media, Facebook, and even ranks among consumers’ favorite social media channels.  

Given its reach and influence, arming yourself with key TikTok user statistics is key to creating an effective marketing strategy on the platform. To that end, one key piece of data you need to know is the age of TikTok users.

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TikTok age demographics: key takeaways

  • Two-thirds of TikTok users are between 18 and 34 years old.
  • TikTok’s user demographic skews slightly male, accounting for 51.9% of its user base.
  • Males outnumber females in all but one age group (the 55+).
  • The quantity of TikTok users diminishes as age increases within each age bracket.

TikTok age demographics: breakdown

TikTok has always been known to be especially popular among the younger generation. But to what extent?

18–24 years old

  • Female: 18.1%
  • Male: 18.6%
  • Total: 36.7%

25–34 years old

  • Female: 15.0%
  • Male: 17.6%
  • Total: 32.6%

35–44 years old

  • Female: 7.5%
  • Male: 8.5%
  • Total: 16.0%

45–54 years old

  • Female: 4.1%
  • Male: 4.2%
  • Total: 8.3%

55+ years old

  • Female: 3.3%
  • Male: 3.0%
  • Total: 6.3%

According to recent research studying TikTok users by age, a large majority of TikTokers are between the ages of 18 to 34. More specifically, 69.3% of all TikTok adult users (defined as those aged 18 and above)—or more than two out of every three—fall within this age range. Altogether, this makes up around one million TikTok users worldwide. Breaking this down further, we see that a larger proportion of adult TikTok users are aged 18 to 24—36.7% compared to 32.6% that are aged 25 to 34. 

These TikTok age demographics show that If young adults are among your brand’s target audience, marketing and having a presence on TikTok is likely to go a long way in terms of connecting with buyers. 

The third-largest age group of TikTok users is those aged 35 to 44, with 16% of them belonging to this range. They constitute around 250 million adult TikTok users. Despite being the third-largest age group, it still represents around half of the number of users in the two-largest age groups of 18 to 24 and 25 to 34. This shows a stark fall in the app’s popularity among users this age, and further highlights TikTok’s significantly more widespread use among younger consumers. 

These numbers on TikTok’s age demographics also show that as a general trend, the percentage of people using TikTok falls with age. For instance, just 8.3% of adult TikTok users aged 45 to 54 use the app. This number falls to just 6.3% for those aged 55 and above, which equates to fewer than 100 million users.

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