Chart showing: Top Fashion Websites in 2024

Top Fashion Websites in 2024

The global apparel industry is forecast to expand by 3.47% in 2024 as it increases its annual revenues to $1.79 trillion. By analysts' projections, this is projected to continue rising and reach $2 trillion by 2028.

With global ecommerce sales also on the rise and fashion among the top online shopping categories, the fashion sector presents lucrative opportunities for businesses. But where exactly are people conducting their fashion shopping online? Let’s delve into a breakdown of the top fashion websites worldwide.

Top 10 fashion websites in 2024


No. of visits (May 2024)


Bounce rate


215.4 million




121.4 million




94.6 million




76.5 million




68.5 million




65.8 million




61.1 million




58.7 million




42.4 million




35.4 million



Most popular clothing sites globally


  • Monthly visits: 215.4 million
  • Pages/visit: 6.32
  • Bounce rate: 50.22%

Shein leads the pack as the most visited fashion website globally. Boasting close to 90 million app users, the brand is known for its affordable and trendy clothing. Its pages per visit metric is also one of the highest on this list of the top 10 fashion websites, indicating that visitors are highly engaged, often browsing through multiple items before making a purchase.


  • Monthly visits: 121.4 million
  • Pages/visit: 4.68
  • Bounce rate: 52.66%

Second on this ranking of the top fashion websites is, a marketplace for pre-owned fashion. Founded in Japan in 2013, it offers a wide variety of products, including clothing, electronics, and home goods. With more than 121 million visitors a month, Mercari's user-friendly platform facilitates easy transactions and promotes sustainable shopping.

3. H&M (

  • Monthly visits: 94.6 million
  • Pages/visit: 6.26
  • Bounce rate: 44.54%

H&M’s online store continues to be a favorite among fashion shoppers, with nearly 95 million monthly visits. Its low bounce rate suggests that visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, likely contributing to its high number of pages per visit.


  • Monthly visits: 76.5 million
  • Pages/visit: 5.58
  • Bounce rate: 43.70% follows in fourth place on this list of the top clothing websites. The ecommerce site of the Inditex-owned company is sophisticated and its stylish offerings keep users engaged, as evidenced by its relatively low bounce rate and high number of pages per visit. Its high ranking on this list should come as no surprise, as Zara is widely known for its ability to swiftly bring runway trends to the market.


  • Monthly visits: 68.5 million
  • Pages/visit: 4.58
  • Bounce rate: 50.78%

Japan’s Uniqlo, famed for its high-quality basics, completes the five most popular clothing sites. Its page receives 68.5 million visits a month, a solid amount of traffic. The popular apparel brand currently also ranks among the most valuable fashion brands in 2024.


  • Monthly visits: 65.8 million
  • Pages/visit: 4.81
  • Bounce rate: 40.86%

Macy’s combines the allure of a department store with the convenience of online shopping, bringing in 65.8 million visitors every month. Macy’s is also among the most popular departmental stores in the US, ranking ahead of competitors like Sam’s Club and Dollar Tree.


  • Monthly visits: 61.1 million
  • Pages/visit: 1.9
  • Bounce rate: 66.72%, primarily a shopping assistant app developed by Shopify and a marketplace of sellers, is the seventh most popular fashion website. It has the highest bounce rate and the lowest number of pages per visit among the top sites, suggesting that users quickly check it for specific information or items and then leave.


  • Monthly visits: 58.7 million
  • Pages/visit: 5.01
  • Bounce rate: 53.98%

Myntra is one of India’s leading fashion ecommerce sites and generates more than 58 million visits per month. 

Founded in 2007, Myntra initially started as a personalized gift items seller before pivoting to the fashion ecommerce space in 2011. Today, it stands as a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts across India, offering a vast array of clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty products.


  • Monthly visits: 42.4 million
  • Pages/visit: 6.54
  • Bounce rate: 42.76%

UK-based online fashion and beauty retailer stands out for its extensive catalog. With more than 42 million monthly visits, the site boasts a high pages-per-visit count, indicating that users are deeply engaged with the site, exploring multiple categories and products.

ASOS caters to diverse styles and trends, providing a dynamic shopping experience for fashion-forward consumers globally.


  • Monthly visits: 35.4 million
  • Pages/visit: 6.83
  • Bounce rate: 40.15%

Gap’s website rounds out the list of the 10 most popular clothing websites. Its online store sees the highest pages per visit among the top fashion sites, suggesting that users spend considerable time browsing. This, combined with a low bounce rate, indicates a strong user experience and satisfaction.

The online retail platform for Gap Inc. offers a wide range of casual apparel, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children. Known for its classic American style, provides shoppers with quality basics and contemporary fashion items, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

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