Whether it’s podcasts, social media platforms, or ecommerce sites, there are plenty of digital marketing channels available to businesses. Webinars are one such channel. Because they allow their hosts to be seen and heard, they’re able to bring potential buyers closer to a brand. As such, they’ve been touted as a useful sales tool

Before jumping into creating a webinar for your business, you need to know some key data behind its effectiveness so you can set realistic benchmarks. In other words, you need to know the answer to the question: What is a good webinar conversion rate?

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Average webinar conversion rates: Q1 2022–Q4 2022

According to a recent study, webinar conversion rates in Q4 2022 registered at 56%. This is to say that more than half of all webinar participants completed a desired action. Such actions are determined by businesses and vary according to their goals. Common actions include registering for a product demonstration, signing up for a newsletter, and purchasing or repurchasing a product or service. 

The average webinar conversion rate of Q4 2022 is the highest of the year and comes after some fluctuations. In Q1 2022, conversion rates were 51%. This rose by three percentage points the following quarter, to 54%, and dipped by two percentage points, to 52%, in Q3 2022. 

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Average webinar conversion rates: live conversions

Conversion rates differ according to webinar type. Data from the past year shows that rates of live conversions, which refer to conversions that take place during a live webinar session, were 33% in Q4 2022. 

Live webinar conversion rates wobbled throughout the year. In Q1 2022, this was 33%. It rose to 34% the following quarter, before falling to 30% in Q3 2022.

Average webinar conversion rates: on-demand conversions

On-demand conversion rates were slightly lower. These are conversions that happen during a pre-recorded webinar that can be watched at any time. In Q4 2022, the average conversion rate for on-demand webinars peaked at 25%. 

This was the best-performing quarter for on-demand webinars. The year opened with a 21% conversion rate in Q1 2022 and rose by two percentage points, to 23%, in Q2 2022, which was sustained in Q3 2022. 

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