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9 Products With Fast Shipping From France, Italy, and Spain

There are plenty of markets outside the United States that offer huge dropshipping business opportunities. In this video, we’ll teach you how to find dropshipping products with fast shipping to your country and present nine products that offer fast local shipping from France, Italy, and Spain.

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Video transcript: In this video, I’m going to share high potential dropshipping products with fast local shipping in France, Spain, and Italy. Why are the shipping times fast? Well, the AliExpress suppliers of the products I’m about to share have local warehouses in those countries. 

And why focus on France, Spain, and Italy? Well, first of all, we know a lot of you are from these countries. And second of all, I’ll share some stats to prove that these ecommerce markets represent huge dropshipping opportunities for the smart dropshipper. 

I’ll also show you how to find dropshipping products on AliExpress with fast shipping to your country, whether that’s the Czech Republic or Australia or anything in between. And if you happen to be a French, Spanish or Italian speaker, click the settings button right here and select subtitles to see subtitles for this video in your language. Ready to go global? 

If you’re selling online with Shopify, you probably already know that the US is a huge ecommerce market, but it’s not the only huge ecommerce market. The truth is the US is comfortable territory for a lot of dropshippers out there. 

With a few tweaks to your ads and your website, you could gain access to millions of potential customers in Europe.

Before we get to our list of winning products with fast shipping to France, Spain, and Italy, let me give you some pro tips for selling to those countries.

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Ecommerce Prowess of France, Spain, and Italy

First, France.

In 2017, France was the second biggest ecommerce market in Europe and the fifth largest in the world.

The opportunity to dropship to France is, as they say, “grosse”. Clothing is a top dropshipping niche in France, but don’t let that discourage you from trying other niches in the country that, well, invented the word “niche.” 

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And take comfort in the fact that your website doesn’t need to be in French to attract French buyers. In 2016, 41 percent of French online shoppers bought from foreign ecommerce merchants.

Percentage of online shoppers who bought from foreign ecommerce merchants

Not feeling France? Vamos, let’s talk about Spain. Spain is the fourth largest ecommerce market in Europe behind the UK, Germany, and France. Electronics is one of the most popular ecommerce niches in Spain, and Facebook is far and away the most popular social media site in Spain. Actually, take note that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are all more popular social media platforms than Instagram in Spain. So save Instagram marketing for… Italy.

Instagram is the second-largest social media network in Italy behind Facebook, and consumer electronics is the largest dropshipping niche in Italy. I’ll be honest with you, Italy isn’t one of the biggest ecommerce markets out there. However, it is one of the fastest-growing. 

Italy’s ecommerce market has posted double-digit growth over the past six years.

This is a high potential market for the dropshipper who likes bigger risks and bigger potential rewards. Because the Italian market is still growing, five of the products on this list have fast dropshipping to Italy, but all products have fast shipping to France and Spain. 

And remember that I’ll show you how to find more products with fast shipping to Italy and other countries around the world. Okay, enough statistics. Let’s get to the dropshipping products. 

1. Magnetic Wristband Tool

Why you should dropship this magnetic wristband tool

The first product is a magnetic wristband tool. This product is great because it helps anyone who’s doing home improvement projects or building IKEA furniture, or as they say in Italy, “IKEA fur-r-r-niture,” to keep nuts and bolts from rolling away. Let me show you how to see the shipping costs and options if you’re selling this product to, let’s say, Italy. 

First, you wanna scroll up and make sure that up at the top of the page you’ve got “Ship to” selected to “Italy”. I’m gonna keep my language as English and I will select the Euro and click “save”. 

Setting the

Now this page refreshes and I can see that I can choose “Ship from Italy” as an option. Now I see that shipping to Italy is free via the seller’s shipping method, and it’s going to be delivered before February 2nd or I get a full refund.

Now how would you market this? Well, remember what I said about IKEA or “IKEA?” That’s actually a great interest to target on Facebook. That’s because IKEA is a global brand with stores in France, Spain, and Italy. So chances are you can find your market in those countries by using this international interest to target them. 

And how do you price this? Well, if you’ve been watching our videos, you should know our secret to price products by now.

We suggest taking the cost of shipping and the cost of the product and multiplying that by three. 

In this case, our product costs about €6 and shipping is free, so price it around €19.99 to keep a pretty profit.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Shoelaces

Glow in the dark shoelaces dropshipping product

Moving on to the next product. These are glow-in-the-dark-shoelaces. This product has a wow factor that is definitely begging to be made into a video. And when it comes to marketing this product, what you want to do is focus on the problem that it solves. 

Think about it, if you’re a cyclist or a hiker or a jogger, then having these shoelaces makes you more visible. But don’t stop there. Remember that parents are often concerned that people will be able to see their kids playing in the neighborhood after dark. So you can market this product to parents and tell them that these shoelaces are an easy way for their kids to stay visible while they’re playing basketball in the streets.

Let’s quickly talk about shipping options because there’s one thing I wanna point out. If you’ve watched our channel, you know that I’m always saying that you should choose ePacket shipping.

However, ePacket shipping is only available when you’re shipping items from China to a long list of countries in the rest of the world.

So because we’re talking about local shipping options from, say a warehouse in France to a customer in France, there’s no ePacket available, not that you need to worry about. 

So when you go to choose shipping options, say, here I’ll stick with the Italy example and choose Italy, I see that I can choose to ship through Poste Italiane, but I can’t choose ePacket. No need to worry. Because it’s local shipping, it makes sense that we don’t see ePacket. 

Now how do you price this? Well, it costs less than a Euro to buy this product, and shipping within Italy, in this case, is €4, putting us at €5.

You could price this at €14.99 and probably get away with it, but also consider bundling this product so you can make more profit per checkout.

3. Icing Pen

Consider selling this icing pen as a dropshipping product

This next product is sweet. It’s an icing pen. What’s cool about this product is it solves a problem for a really passionate niche, and that niche is bakers, people who decorate cookies or cakes. If you’re a baker, you usually have to squeeze the icing bag, and it’s kind of awkward. But with this icing pen, you can put the icing bag into the pen, press down and it solves that, like, awkward handling problem for you. 

When it comes to marketing this product, you gotta market it on TikTok. Either create an account yourself where you’re showing different sugar cookies being frosted in cool patterns or find someone who’s already building a following on TikTok doing just that and give them this for free, asking them to use it in their videos. 

Remember that you can also ask content creators to just create content that you can use in an ad.

They don’t have to put it on their channel, they can just send it on over to you. They already have the camera all set up. It might be easier to do that too. To price this product like you price any product, add the cost of shipping plus the cost of the product, multiply it by three and that gives you enough margins so you can run discounts and sales to churn up customer interest.

4. Barbell Foam Wrap

Dropship this barbell foam wrap

The next product that I recommend, especially if you’re dropshipping within Europe is this foam barbell pad cover. This wraps around barbells to reduce unnecessary pain when you’re weightlifting. I understand there’s some necessity for pain for a gain, but that has to stop somewhere. This barbell cover reduces any irritation weightlifters might have on their shoulders as they lift. 

Why sell this? Well, two reasons. First, it’s somewhat seasonal. We’re in the New Year right now. People are starting to get working on their fitness goals and we’re going to go right from New Year’s goals into the swimsuit season. So this is the time of year when a lot of people are working out. 

But you can also market this product to passionate communities year-long. Communities like CrossFit, for example, exist all over the world, so you can target people in Italy, France, and Spain with an interest in CrossFit and get this product in front of them. 

To price this product, you know what to do. Here, if we select the black foam barbell cover, it’s about €9 but shipping within Spain is free. So nine times three is 27. Price it at €29.99 and you should get some sales.

5. Men’s Slimming Tank

Why not dropship this men's slimming tank to your customers

So what do you sell once people give up on their New Year’s resolutions? You sell the next product, the men’s slimming tank. Just because your customers gave up that daily fitness habit doesn’t mean they can’t look their best. And just as we see shapewear as a popular product for women, we’re also seeing it begin to trend for men. 

What’s great about this product is it is not the kind of product that your customer is going to walk into a store and buy. That’s because it could feel a little bit embarrassing to do that. So they’ll naturally have a preference for buying online and that’s where your store comes in. 

It might be kind of hard to create a video ad for this product, but don’t fear. We have talked to dropshippers who’ve actually had more luck than you would think with photo ads. Paul Lee is one of those dropshippers and you can check out his insights. This isn’t just any tank top, it’s a slimming tank top that will help your customers feel their best.

6. Cutlery Organizer

A great product to dropship

The next product is great for the next few months in spring because people are going to start to clean out their houses and get organized. And when they do, you’ll have a Facebook ad ready to put in front of them. That ad will be for this. It’s a cutlery drawer organizer

And what’s great about this product is it comes with a video. Play that video and it shows the problem that this product is meant to solve. A messy cutlery drawer being organized into something that’s much more space-efficient. 

As you can see with this product and some of the other products we talked about, there is a local Spanish shipping option in this case, but you can also choose China. Now, why would you do that? In the first place, shipping from China is free in this case and you may wanna check your profit margins perhaps adding that extra cost for shipping locally makes sense, perhaps it doesn’t. 

You really need to do this map on your own to determine if your customers think that fast shipping is worth an extra few dollars in price.

7. Silicone Cling Wrap

Consider selling this silicone cling wrap for your dropshipping business

If you’re a passionate cook, then you might wanna consider selling this next product. It’s silicone food wrap. This is a wrap that keeps food fresh without the need to use cling wrap, for example. 

You can target this product, not only at people who love to cook, but also at people who are interested in sustainability, and there are lots of those communities in Europe. That’s because every time someone uses this, they’re not using disposable cling wrap. Also, make sure to show the product in action, show it keeping food fresh. That’s how you’ll stop the scrolling and start the buying. 

This product is also inexpensive, it’s about €2, and let’s say shipping to Spain is free. So you can actually get away with pricing this product below €10. That could be a great magnet to get people to your site and once they see this inexpensive product, they might also go browsing for your more expensive kitchen accessories, sustainability goods or whatever else you have in your store.

8. Face Mask Applicator

This face mask applicator is pretty different from regular brushes

You’ve seen make-up brushes, but this next product is a little different. This is a face mask applicator brush. Basically, as you’re putting on a face mask, your fingers can get really gunky. But with this applicator, you can smoothly apply a face mask while keeping your dirty little fingers off your face. That’s the problem and solution you want to show in an ad when you’re selling these face mask applicators. 

One reason I really like these applicators is that face masks are exploding in popularity.

However, you can’t advertise face masks on Facebook. Trust me, I’ve tried. To tap into that market without getting banned on Facebook, sell face mask accessories like this. 

This is another product that’s super cheap and so it’s going to be great to get good margins on it. This product is less than a Euro and even if you decide to ship it to Spain, that adds about, say, €3, €4 to it. You can easily price this product at around €12.99 and still keep a profit.

9. Parrot Earrings

These parrot earrings make for a perfect gift

As a former bird owner, I can attest that bird owners can be a little weird. And that’s why you want to target them on Facebook. This is a passionate niche and these cute parrot earrings are the perfect gift to target at them. They ship locally from Spain, France, and Italy as well as the United States and Australia, so you can truly go global with these cute parrot earrings. 

At less than €1, you can really up the margins here. Just make sure that when customers come to your site to check out this parrot jewelry, you have other similar accessories whether you build a tropical accessory store or a bird-lovers accessory store, make sure you give people a reason to stay and browse. Obviously, when you’re building your ads on Facebook, you’re going to make sure to target people who are interested in parrots.

How to Find Products Warehoused Locally

Now, before I let you go, I wanna show you how you can find products that are warehoused in the countries you want to ship to even if they’re not France, Italy or Spain. 

Let’s jump into AliExpress and I’ll show you how. Now, say I do want to ship within the Czech Republic. Up at the top, I need to select “Czech Republic”. I’ll keep the language at English and I will change the currency to US dollars just for the sake of this screen recording. 


Now that I’ve done that, if I search, say, “kitchen organizer”, where it says it ships from, I can select “Czech Republic”. I’ll get results and all of these results will have local shipping to the Czech Republic. 

We can check that out right here, get it and you can click “Czech Republic” and see here that you can ship to the Czech Republic from within the Czech Republic within four to seven days. 

Now, one thing to note: Not every country has warehouses so make sure you check this and do your research. But it’s always worth trying because AliExpress is adding new countries that they ship from every day.

Alright, that’s it for this international video. What do you think? Are you really thinking about dropshipping in these countries? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll respond with my thoughts. Thanks as always and until next time, learn often, market better and sell more.

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