10 Best-Selling Oberlo Products of All Time

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In the past few years, there have been countless trending products that have taken over sales for both new and experienced store owners. Today, for the first time ever, we’re going to share some of the best-selling dropshipping products of all time. Our goal is to help you see what characteristics make up a great product to help you make more informed decisions when selecting products to sell through your store. 

Best-Selling Dropshipping Products Of All Time

1. Stuffed Elephant Toy

This stuffed elephant toy has been one of the best-selling dropshipping products for years. The best thing about it is that there are always new babies being born, making this a popular evergreen product. Stuffed animals are still quite popular today, with about 74,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. Even Google Trends shows stability for the keyword, proving that this is a reliable niche to get into. Funny enough, you’ll still find Google ads for this specific product for that exact keyword “stuffed elephant” too. So people do still actively promote this product today, years after it first became popular. On AliExpress, you’ll find several suppliers of this product which all have different photos. One of the most viral photos for this product is a photo of a baby cuddling the elephant leg while sleeping, which helps compel the impulse purchase due to its aww factor. 

stuffed elephant

2. Muscle Stimulator

This dropshipping product took off like wildfire over the past year. It’s marketed as a device that helps strengthen, tone, and tighten muscles. Considering how massive the fitness industry is, this product’s popularity is likely tied to how easy it makes muscle toning seem. Customers flocked to purchase this product to appear more toned. Store owners can create video ads to help promote this product with the help of influencers. Searches have been stable for the keyword “muscle stimulator” since 2004, with no massive peaks or dips. Thus, proving that it was a steady, reliable product to sell. 

3. Blackhead Remover

This blackhead remover has been selling for months to an international audience. Dropshipping products like this one tend to be popular because they address an embarrassing problem in a popular niche. So many people hate having blackheads on their nose and chin. The problem though is that even when you do your best to remove them… they always come back. Some have used nose strips to remove blackheads. But those don’t work on all areas of your face like the chin. This black head remover acts as a suction so you can remove blackheads on your entire face. The niche was steady. However, in February 2016 until January 2017, the search volume for “blackhead remover” peaked. It’s gone down quite a bit but it’s once again steady with high search volume. This is another product that would perform well with video content on Instagram.

4. Scratch Off World Map

Globetrotters rejoiced when they discovered this scratch off world map. It was featured on the Shopify blog in December 2018, which helped give this product more visibility. This novelty product was interesting because it allowed people to scratch off places they’ve traveled to in a gamified way. It’s fun to travel and cross countries you’ve been to off your list. Like other product recommendations we’ve made, there are several suppliers selling similar products. But mostly the exact same style, proving that they knew they had a hot product on their shelves. You’ll still find Google ads for this product under keywords like “scratch map,” with products selling for as much as $70. This seasonal product seems to get a spike in sales each December. You can promote this map by creating Google Shopping Ads for “scratch map” and other related search terms.

5. Women’s Loose Hoodie

Dropshipping products such as this women’s loose hoodie prove the power behind a fashion trend. With women’s fashion, there’s always a new trend to capitalize on and this simple hoodie with pockets won over the sales. According to Google Trends, the search term “womens hoodie” is seasonal, with a peak in December for holiday sales. You can promote women’s hoodies on Instagram with the help of influencer-created content. You can then use that content for your ads to capitalize on sales. 

6. Slimming Shapewear

One of the best-selling dropshipping products was this slimming shapewear. Shapewear creates a slimming silhouette which helps boost confidence. It has been at the top of the sales board for over two years for store owners. This specific product was also featured on the Shopify blog in 2017. Multiple sellers have sold this product on AliExpress. Search volume for “shapewear” been on a steady incline since 2004 and recently peaked in September 2019. So, it’s a steady niche to dive into. You can promote shapewear via search-based ads such as Google Shopping. Most people tend to look for shapewear for a special occasion so they’ll likely be looking on Google for shapewear. 

7. Military Jacket

This military jacket is one of the best-performing dropshipping products of all time. The winter jacket is perfect for selling around the holiday season to cash on those Christmas sales. Jackets in general tend to be top performers, especially in the men’s fashion space. It’s likely because of the time of year they’re often sold, which helps boost overall sales. Search volume peaks for this type of product between October and December according to Google Trends. You can find Google Ads still running for this product to this day. So if you’re looking to sell this product today, you’ve still got a chance to capitalize on new buyers this season. You can promote this military jacket on Instagram by using popular men’s fashion related hashtags.

8. Personalized Name Necklace

Personalized products often pop-up on the best-selling dropshipping products lists. Jewelry and accessories, especially, tend to be popular for personalization. For example, we’ve seen personalized calendar keychains do particularly well too. But this necklace takes the cake for most popular personalized jewelry. Multiple suppliers are promoting this piece to those who sell jewelry online  and this supplier, in particular, has sold over 5,200 pieces. Search volume for “personalized necklace” tends to rise in December each year, making this another popular holiday product to sell. (Jewelry peaks in December, so this trend makes sense.) You can promote this product on Instagram or Facebook to compel the impulse buy. You can also run search-based ads on Google to capitalize on people searching for “personalized jewelry.”

9. Stainless Steel Watch

The watch niche is one of the most popular niches for online retailers, so it’s no surprise that a watch is one of the best performing dropshipping products of all time. This single supplier sold over 2,400 units in the last six months alone, proving its popularity. As you can see on Google Trends, peak season for “watches” is December each year.  You can check out our watch case study, where an online retailer was able to make $6,667 dropshipping watches in only eight weeks to learn how to promote watches.  

10. Hammock Tent

Hammock tents were one of the best-selling dropshipping products during summer. This mosquito hammock tent prevents you from getting a ton of mosquito bites while in wooded areas, such as camp sites. You can promote this product to an outdoor lover with Facebook Ads. It’s a summer seasonal product with peak search volume coming in May and June. But as you can see on Google Trends, there was a sharp increase in search volume in June 2016. When a new model of a product emerges and sellers advertise at higher volumes, there will be massive spikes in search volume from Google, as well. With multiple suppliers and multiple sellers, products like this one skyrocket in sales. 

What These Dropshipping Products Have in Common

These dropshipping products have all made merchants a ton of sales. But you might be wondering how to find products like these of your own. Here’s what these products have in common:

1. Multiple Suppliers

If you see dozens of suppliers selling the exact same product, odds are it’s a viral product. Manufacturers are just like dropshippers: they want to cash in on trending products. Some might offer unique colors or different styles to convince dropshippers to buy from them instead. The more suppliers you see selling a product, the more likely you are to generate sales from that product. When searching on AliExpress, try to look for other suppliers selling similar looking products. It’ll help you know if you’re on the right track. 

2. Steady Niches

Most people think of fidget spinners when they think of viral products. However, they still didn’t make the cut for the best-selling dropshipping products of all time. On average, you’ll find that the best-sellers come from steady niches and have reliable search traffic for them. For example, you’re more likely to be successful when you sell kitchen equipment, fashion, or beauty products, all of which are mega niches with huge audiences. So when you find a product, you need to dig in to see how reliable and popular it is. It wasn’t just that these products were short-term fads for a couple of weeks – some of these products have been selling like hot cakes for months or even years. That’s the power of a best-seller. 

3. Christmas Sales Boost

Some of the niches on this list peak around October to December, which means it was likely for holiday shopping. Holiday sales can drive up the traffic of a winning product by a landslide. So if you find yourself with a best-seller on your store, you’ll want to ramp up your ads in October/November to capitalize on the holiday sales. The best way to do this is to create a second ad using similar ad details but with a higher budget. If you try to increase the ad budget on your high-performing ad to scale it, the performance will drop. Scaling isn’t 1:1 on an ad. You need to create a second ad with a higher budget.

Which Dropshipping Products Are Next?

The next generation of best-selling dropshipping products are yet to be discovered. You can find them by looking for general characteristics of what a winning product is. You might stumble upon a competitor’s ad that’s crushing it. Or you’ll find a new product on one of our blog posts that matches the characteristics of others on this list. The good news is that unicorn products do exist. The bad news is that unicorns can sometimes be hard to find. Keep your eyes open to opportunities and with time you’ll find a unicorn yourself. 

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