By: Paula Borowska November 11, 2016

There are countless of marketing tactics to help spread the word about your business. You can try social media marketing or email marketing. However, in this post, we’ll answer the question of what is content marketing, why it’s a good idea and how to get started. Let’s not waste too much time and get started answering the vital question you are here for, what is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

If you’ve never heard of this term before it can be hard to decode it. Content marketing means creating and distributing free information related to your business and industry. This can be text content like blogs or ebooks. You can also provide videos, infographics or audio content like podcasts. You’ll share the content to drive traffic and ultimately business for your company.

The only way content marketing will work if you provide valuable information. Click baits can be easily spotted. Poor and cheap content will not generate enough interest for potential customers to come back or convert.

Most companies start with a blog to have their own platform of content. There are many advantages of keeping the content on your own website.

Start with a blog for SEO boost

The biggest one is SEO. Having relevant content on your website gives you a lot of SEO juice. You will naturally end up ranking for a wide range of relevant keywords. Additionally, the more pages Google indexes for you, the better. Each blog post is one more page that could show up in a customer’s search. Google also loves content that is regularly updated. Even posting something once a week is enough. Google rewards websites with regular updates because it means the website is active. Same goes for customers – people enjoy returning to websites that regularly publish new things.

Blogs help build your audience

Your blog should serve as a community for like-minded people. You may not be interacting with them directly but they will keep returning for quality content. Some companies post useless thing on their blogs like product announcement and sales pitches. That’s no way to engage anyone. Look at this blog post, we’re not trying to sell you on Oberlo. We are trying to provide you with useful information. In this instance, explaining the basics of what is content marketing and how to use it for your own business. There are no promotions being thrown at you. That’s because we care to provide you with quality information first.


We know that if you find this content useful, you will keep coming back to this blog. You might convert and sign up for Oberlo down the road. Naturally, we want you to, and you want your customers to do that too. Creating good and useful content will eventually lead to that. It could be on your first visit because it turns out this is exactly what you need or it could be on your tenth. Or never, that happens too. And that’s okay. The first goal of any content marketing is company awareness. Then the landing pages or product pages do the actual selling if you’re interested.

New content to share on social media

Once you have a little bit of content, you will have things to share on your social media. Instead of making your head spin as to what to post next on Facebook or Twitter, you can share links to your blog posts instead. Use your content to keep your social media alive! It’s a great benefit of creating your own stuff and that is what makes content marketing a great investment. Consider your blog a repository of great content. The more you create the more you’ll have to share. And don’t be scared of sharing older posts. They are still good even if it’s a few weeks or months old.

To circle back to SEO quickly, social media links are fantastic for SEO juice too. The more links there are to your content – the better. Another reason having your own blog is helpful is that others can share it. I, as your customer, can share it to my followers and when someone clicks they are taken to your business. It’s the essence of social media really. But how cool is it for others to be driving traffic to your site based on a blog post? It’s great!

Examples of companies and their blogs

Jessica Alba started a company called Honest. They sell a variety of products that are safe and without unnecessary or harmful chemicals. They have a blog called Honestly. The company sells diapers, cleaning products, soaps, and a bunch other family related products. Naturally, their blog is about living a healthy life. Their blog posts range from cooking healthy lentil soups to ideas on decorating a nursery to facts about indoor air quality.


Another great company is Mr. Porter. They sell men’s apparel and accessories including watches, scarfs, shirts, and jeans. Their blog is filled with fashion and lifestyle advice. Some of their posts include what to wear to bed, tips on the currently trending hairstyle, and how to tie a scarf. Mr. Porter is a good example for drop shipping companies selling apparel. It’s a great example of what is content marketing, making the site a fantastic role model to learn from. You will quickly get an idea of the type of content you could produce too. And it goes to show how easy it is for Mr. Porter to create social media content.


One last example is Scott’s Menswear. As the name suggest, the company sells menswear. They sell quality and trendy pieces from boots to coats. They also have a blog covering topics from fashion like an interview with Marcus Reed. They also cover topics like music, sports, tv, and life.


If I can offer you one more piece of advice, I’ll ask you to start small at first. These companies are established so it’s not a short leap for them to expand to other topics. Sports and TV shows have little to do with selling boots or winter coats. So, when you are starting out keep things as relevant as you can. Expand you blog into other areas one you are an establish company. Otherwise, these topics could be highly relevant and hurt you rather than help you.

Content marketing in different social medias

Once you get comfortable with you blog try expanding your content marketing towards different social media outlets. YouTube is best for how to videos. You don’t have to keep them on your own website, but you can link to it from YouTube. Instagram is great for beautiful photography. You can use it to share behind the scenes snaps of your business. Facebook is great for stories. You can share a lot of your blog content there or make content specific for Facebook. And, you can share other people’s content easily on Facebook too. Lastly, Twitter is great for tidbits. People eat it up. Again, you can tweet about your own or share others’ content.

Now you know what is content marketing

Content marketing is a fantastic way to drive traffic, awareness and converting customers. It’s a good strategy for long term success. When done right, it will grow your customers into an audience that will keep coming back and purchase more of your products.

Want to learn more?

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