With a user base of more than three billion, Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in terms of users. Its app is also the fourth-most-downloaded social network app, and the latest data shows that in 2024, more than two-thirds of the global population is expected to be active users on Facebook.

Considering these numbers, marketing on Facebook can help businesses greatly increase their reach, influence, and, eventually, sales. But before you begin crafting a marketing strategy for the platform, it’s best to first understand key audience data like Facebook gender demographics.

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Facebook users by gender

A recent analysis of Facebook gender demographics shows that the majority of the network’s active users are male. More specifically, they account for 56.8% of Facebook’s entire user base, while females make up the remaining 43.2%.

Even though many other social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok also have more male users than female users, Facebook’s gender demographic breakdown appears to skew more heavily toward males. For instance, males make up 54.4% of YouTube users (versus 45.6% females), while just over 50% of Instagram and TikTok users are males.

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Facebook users by gender: country differences

Facebook gender demographics can vary widely from country to country, which means it is important to conduct adequate research on your main target market before launching a Facebook marketing plan.

In India, home to the largest number of Facebook users, more than three-quarters (76.3%) of Facebook users are male. But in the United States, the country where Facebook was founded, there are more female users (54.7%) than male users (45.3%). Meanwhile, in Germany, the breakdown is more balanced—50.4% females and 49.6% males.

Facebook users by gender: frequency of activities

Even though male users constitute the bulk of global Facebook users, female users tend to be more active on the network. Recent data shows that female users on Facebook “like” an average of 12 posts per month. In contrast, male users do so just 10 times. Females also leave more comments—seven per month compared to male users’ four a month.

If you’re considering running ads on Facebook, here’s an interesting statistic to know: Female users click on 14 ads per month, four more than male users’ 10.

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