Chart showing the Top Benefits of Online Communities

Top Benefits of Online Communities

Whether it’s on top social media platforms or popular messaging apps, many businesses worldwide have started to create and build online communities to better interact and connect with their buyers.

This can help to accelerate the buyer’s journey and create customer loyalty, which, in turn, drives revenue. But what about the benefits of online communities for consumers?

Here’s a look at the top benefits of joining an online community.

Online community benefits for consumers

A recent survey shows that the biggest benefit of joining an online community is the ability to learn new things. As many as 39% of people surveyed list it as a perk of being a part of a digital community. Incidentally, learning new things is also listed as one of the main reasons people use the internet.

Second on the list of the top benefits of online communities is the possibility of finding new ideas and getting inspired, with nearly one out of every three (31%) online community members citing it as an advantage. In fact, the multitude of information on the internet makes idea sourcing a popular reason people come online. Not only is it listed as one of the top uses of the internet, it’s also why consumers go on social media.

This is followed by the ability to meet and interact with other people with similar interests, with 29% of those surveyed listing it as a benefit. Online communities are also a source of entertainment⁠—at least for 27% of their members.

Other benefits of online communities include giving their members a sense of belonging and a support system, which are advantages that are listed by 23% and 21% of members, respectively.

Last but not least, seventh on the ranking of the benefits of joining an online community is the ability to provide an escape. Just less than one in five (19%) of members say it is why they are a part of these digital groups.

As an ecommerce brand owner, how much time you should dedicate to building and sustaining an online community depends on your target audience and their participation rates. According to a recent study, millennials and Gen Z consumers are the most active members of online communities, with more than two out of three of them saying they’re “familiar” with them. 

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