Because it’s the most popular search engine in the world, Google is the search engine that most businesses focus their SEO efforts on. But what are the top Google searches carried out by consumers and internet users all over the world?

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Most searched words on Google in 2023

Recent data published analyzed the 10 most popular searches on Google. It shows that as of 2023, the most searched word is “Google” itself, with an index of 100.

To determine the top Google searches, the data uses the “index vs query” unit, which measures a query’s search volume against that of the top query. In other words, a search query with an index of 80 received 80 percent of the total search volume of the top query, which, in this case, is “Google.”

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After “Google,” the second-most searched word on Google is “you,” which has an index of 79. With an index of 76 in third place, the keyword “YouTube,” the popular video-sharing website, ranks next. Incidentally, YouTube is one of Google’s subsidiaries. This is followed by “weather,” with an index of 68. 

The fifth-most-popular search on Google is “Facebook,” the king of social media, which has an index of 62. The high search volume for Facebook should come as no surprise, considering the social media platform’s massive user base of more than 3 billion and that it ranks among the three most visited websites worldwide. “Facebook” is also the second-highest-ranked social media-related search query, after YouTube. 

“Translate” is the sixth-most-popular search on Google, with an index of 50, which means that it receives half the search volume received by the top performing keyword. The next query on the list is “WhatsApp,” whose search index is 49. “Amazon” and “Instagram” follow, with indexes of 40 and 39, respectively. Rounding out the 10 most searched keywords on Google in 2023 is “news.” It has a search index of 36. 

This list of top Google searches provides valuable insight into how consumers behave on the internet and their online consumption habits. As an ecommerce business owner, it helps to know how your target audience is spending their time online as it allows you to better cater your content to them.

These most searched words on Google are also in line with consumers’ top reasons for using the internet, which include staying in touch with family and friends, keeping up-to-date with news and events, watching videos, as well as researching products and brands.

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