Chart showing: LinkedIn age demographics in 2024

What Age Demographic Is Most Likely to Use LinkedIn?

Ranked among the top social media marketing platforms, LinkedIn is used by as many as 13.2% of brands for promotion. It was also one of the fastest-growing social networks in the United States, growing by 20% in 2023. 

All this shows that while LinkedIn may not have Facebook’s massive user base or TikTok’s popularity among younger generations, it remains a popular marketing platform for businesses. If you’re thinking about launching promotions on LinkedIn, understanding its user demographic can help to craft a more successful strategy. This requires answering the question: What age demographic is most likely to use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn age demographics 2024 table

Age range

Share of LinkedIn users









What age demographic is most likely to use LinkedIn?

A recent study of LinkedIn’s advertising audience shows that people aged 25 to 34 form the majority of the network’s users. More than half (50.6%) of LinkedIn users fall within this age group. This means that the average age of LinkedIn users is also within the 25-to-34 range. If your brand’s target buyers are of these ages, LinkedIn can be an extremely effective marketing channel. Of the users between 25 and 34 years old, the majority are males. In fact, male users in this age group make up 28.7% of LinkedIn’s user base. In other words, more than one out of every four LinkedIn users is a male aged between 25 and 34. Females in this age group constitute just over one-fifth (21.9%) of all LinkedIn users.

The breakdown of LinkedIn age demographics shows that the group with the second-largest number of users is young adults from 18 to 24 years old, accounting for 24.5% of LinkedIn users. This is broken down into 13.7% males and 10.8% females. 

Users from 35 to 54 years old make up the third-largest group—forming just over one-fifth (21.2%) of all LinkedIn users. Like the two above-mentioned age groups, there are more male users (12%) than female users (9.2%) in this category.

Users aged 55 and above represent the smallest group of LinkedIn users, making up just 3.8% of LinkedIn’s entire user base. Males also outnumber females in this age category. 

To succeed at marketing on LinkedIn, you need to familiarize yourself with more than just these numbers surrounding LinkedIn age demographics. Knowing what LinkedIn is used for allows for more precise finetuning of your strategy for better results.

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