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10 Items With Videos to Start Selling in 2020

Creating a video ad for your product can be time-consuming. If you don’t want to put in the work, there are products that come with pretty awesome and free videos that their suppliers have put together. Here’s a list of 10 dropshipping products with ready-made videos you can use to start selling now.

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Video transcript: So I’m always saying, “You should order test products from AliExpress and you should make your own product videos.” And I know you’re not lazy, and I know you’re not looking to take any shortcuts when it comes to building a business. But if you know someone who is… Who just wants to build a store and run ads fast, then read on. 

Because today I’m going to share 10 products on AliExpress that have their own videos that you can download from suppliers and use to get sales right away. And don’t worry, I sifted through these products and I chose them based on two criteria. 

First, these products are trending in their own right. So I’m not just choosing any old product with a video. And, second, these videos are legit. I didn’t choose videos that had Chinese characters scrolling across the screen, or were cropped in a really weird way, the videos of the products that I chose are great, and you can start using them in ads right away. 

So if you wanna start selling online, but you don’t want to put in the work of creating your own video ads, keep watching.

Hey, Everyone. I’m Jessica from Oberlo. And before I dive into our list of 10 dropshipping products with videos that you can use in ads, I just want to say one thing. We looked at our numbers recently and we found out that dropshippers like you have made over six figures in sales from the videos that we produce. 

We were thrilled to hear this because it means that we are making an impact on your sales. And a lot of these sales were from products that sell videos just like this. 

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1. Cat Paw Cups

Start dropshipping these cat paw cups in 2020 now

Okay. Let’s jump right into the list of products. The first product with a video that I loved is a Reddit discovery. 

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They are cute cat paw cups. Now, I didn’t know that these would be such good sellers either, but I noticed these cat cups on Reddit, I needed this thread. And it really went viral. 

So I looked these up on AliExpress, and it turns out there are several suppliers of this, but this is definitely a product that, as we film, is blowing up. 

The dropshipper who can get on top of this now is going to get a lot of sales. What makes this easier is that this product comes with a really cute video

In this video, you can see people pouring milk into the cup and using it for coffee, and what’s great is that this video is portrait size, so you can use it for Instagram Stories.

Now, the one thing I’m not crazy about with this particular product is the fact that it’s priced kind of high. So this may be a product that you use to get your first few sales and not make a ton of money on it, but it’s a way to get started. 

And like I said, this product’s trending right now, so if you’re looking for something potentially viral, just stop watching this video and start building your store. No, I’m just kidding. Continue to watch the video, and then right afterward, build your store and sell these cute cat paw cups.

2. Refillable Perfume Atomizer

This perfume atomizer is a great product to sell 2020

Okay, I love this next product idea so much because I just spent too much money on perfume. I love good perfume. I spend a lot of money on it, and now I have this big bottle which I love, but when I travel for the holidays, I’m not gonna bring that big bottle with me. What if it breaks and gets all over the place? No, I want a small convenient way to bring my perfume with me on the go. And that is exactly what this next product does. 

It’s a miniature perfume atomizer. And what makes this really cool is that you put it on to the perfume bottle and you pump the perfume bottle and the perfume you want goes into the atomizer, then you unscrew it, and you can take it on the go. 

That sounds weird to explain, which is why this video is a huge difference-maker.

What I love about this video. First of all, the quality is great. You can see this atomizer in action, and I also love that it’s square-shaped because square-shaped videos work in Facebook feeds, they work in Instagram feeds, and they take up a lot of space when you’re scrolling. You can’t do the full story size on Facebook, but you can do square shape. And you wanna take up as much visual real estate as possible. 

Another thing I love about this product is the price. It’s so cheap. And this is gonna be hard to find in stores. So this product is checking off a lot of my criteria for a good product. 

Now, you might wonder, “What are the other criteria for products to sell?” And for that, I’m going to obviously sell you the course that Oberlo produced. It’s called Oberlo 101

But the reason I’m pitching it to you guys is that it really does help you build a store step-by-step. And that’s what we hear all the time in the comments, “How do I get started? What are the exact steps to building a store?” We answered those in Oberlo 101.

Okay. End of pitch. Back to this product. When you’re selling this product, and it will sell, it has over 7,000 orders as of filming and we’re not even in holiday season yet. 

When you’re selling it, target people like me who like expensive perfume brands. They’ve already spent a lot of money on perfumes, spending a couple more dollars to take those perfumes with them is totally worth it.

Okay, let’s move on to our next product with a video that you can use to market it. 

3. Phone Lanyard

You can't go wrong selling these phone lanyards in 2020

The next product is a phone lanyard. I live in Europe where these things have been on fire lately. I can’t go into public without seeing a woman, usually a woman, wearing these phone lanyards to keep her phone on her side the whole time. 

It’s only an amount of time before these phone lanyards start appearing in other markets. That all depends on which dropshipper starts selling them there first. Will it be you? It should be because there’s this video here that you can download from the supplier to market this phone lanyard. 

Just like the perfume atomizer, this is a square video. Which is great because it catches people’s attention. And also just like the atomizer, this product is inexpensive. You can easily market that four times the cost, so you can cover your marketing budget. I just love it. 

If you want to sell phone accessories, set up a store selling multiple phone accessories, feature this, and test it against some other products to see if it’s just as much of a winner as I predict it will be.

4. Glow-In-The-Dark Gloves

The product video for this pair of glow-in-the-dark is great for marketing

Okay, the next product is just plain fun. These are light-up gloves. And I can just imagine these gloves being super fun to give to kids in the holidays and watch them run around the house completely high on sugar playing with these light-up gloves. I know I would actually take them from the kids and play with them myself. And I have the impulse because the video for them is so good. 

The video is really simple, all it shows is someone pressing the button on the wrist of the glove and the glove fingertips lighting up in all these different settings. But that’s all I need to see to know that these gloves are fun. 

You guys, this is a classic impulse buy. People aren’t gonna think twice about paying $14.99 for these gloves, because they’re not gonna see them anywhere else on the internet, and they’re certainly not gonna see them at Target, Walmart, or any other big box store. Rather than look for them, they’ll just want to buy from you. 

So download this video, use a program like Magisto or Animoto to create a video ad really easily, and start selling these as a stocking stuffer. Even though these are kids’ gloves, you’re gonna be targeting parents, and you can do that with Facebook ads. So use Facebook Audience Insights to find the parents of kids who will just be nuts for these light-up gloves.

5. Ski Goggles

Consider using the supplier product video if you're dropshipping these ski goggles

Okay, this next product is awesome because the video is completely different. This product is ski goggles. Now, I don’t ski, so I’m probably going to explain this all wrong. 

But the reason that I love this product video is it’s a legit review. It’s someone who is calmly taking apart the product, showing you how it fits together, they’re actually snowboarding with the goggles on and telling you how it works. 

They’re not being too sales-y about it, it seems very honest, and that’s why it will stand out. Because people will stop scrolling for what seems like an honest review from another person about a product. They want the honest take. 

So your ad will not look like an ad. People will stop, pay attention, get his review, and think, “Oh, that guy seems honest. I think I’ll check it out.” That’s when they’ll go to your store and find this product on sale. 

This kind of video does not appear very often on Aliexpress. And the fact that it’s appearing with a product that we know is gonna blow up for winter, makes this such a great product to start selling now. So, if you know more about skiing and snowboarding than I do, jump on this product. I’m not gonna touch it, so you guys have fun with it.

6. Movie Star Mirror Lights

We recommend using the product video for these mirror lights when you're dropshipping the product

Next on our list, we have LED lights that you can string around a mirror. So you kind of can make that movie star mirror out of any mirror in your home with these stick-on lights

Helpfully the video shows how you do this. It unpacks a box and it shows these lights. The one complaint I have though is that this video doesn’t show the whole thing. In other words, there are some features about this that make it a really great product. 

For example, if there’s too much slack in the line between the lights, you can actually twist the lights and tighten up that slack. That would be really cool to see because if I was buying this, I would be concerned if the lights would be the right space for my mirror size. But the video doesn’t show that. That’s okay though. 

What you would do in this case is, if you’re starting a beauty or a wellness store, use this video and run an ad. And see what kind of interest do you get in the product. If it looks promising, then you’re validated in buying the product and actually creating your own video and putting the effort in. 

And that’s the case guys for a lot of these videos, where you’ve got an ad that you can use, and it may be a good ad, not a great ad, it’s okay, use it to run a quick test on your store, see how much interest you get with just a mediocre ad, and if it’s good interest, then put the pedal to the metal. Create your own video and really stand out from the competition.

7. Temperature Displaying Thermos

This temperature displaying thermos is a great product to dropship in 2020

This next product, I kind of love it and it kind of frustrates me. One of the reasons I love it is it has shipping from US warehouses. That’s fantastic. And if you want more products that ship from US warehouses, here’s a list

The reason that this product frustrates me though is that it’s a thermos that shows you the temperature on the lid. That’s cool because then you don’t need to open a lid and take a sip of what you think is gonna be warm coffee and it’s just cold slushy coffee. 

However, if you’re shipping this from the US to US customers, they’re gonna get it and see Celsius on the lid, and Americans don’t think in Celsius. Womp womp. 

You can still ship this product from China and it could get to customers anywhere in the world in, say, two weeks. That’s about the average time that it takes. So, sell this to customers in countries where the temperature is in Celsius. And there are a lot of European markets where that’s the case. Germany and France are huge dropshipping markets that don’t get a lot of ads yet.

So simply translate your copy and see if these ads have success for you. You already have a really legit video right there to use in your ad, so you’ve got no excuse. Plus, I don’t need to tell you that this is going to be really great to sell in these colder months, as people want a warm beverage and not a cold beverage when they reach for their thermos.

8. S’mores Squishies

Don't dropship these s'mores squishies without marketing them with their supplier product video

Okay, the next product is one of the first products I tried to sell in a dropshipping store. And you’re going to laugh. It is a S’mores squishy. Now, I didn’t try to sell the S’mores squishy, I would have, but I was just selling squishies in general. 

And one of the things that surprised me about that store is that I got a lot of web traffic without doing much marketing. Just a little bit of sharing of the website went a long way, ’cause people were so enticed by the stress-relieving squishiness of the products in the store. 

I love this product because the video shows that. It’s really tactile. You see someone squeezing the S’mores and you think, “I wanna squeeze the S’mores too.” The cool thing about S’mores is that it’s a very fall campfire colder month type of dessert. So this product is kind of seasonal, but it’s also just plain fun. It’s that great stocking stuffer kind of product. 

The size of the squishy means you can up the price a little bit. People will pay more for something that’s just big in volume, they’ll perceive that as being more valuable. So take advantage of that here. If the squishy goes for around $4, charge like $12 for it. 

And another thing that I love about this is you can actually import this product to your store and have a whole squishy store with one import. That’s because every variant on this AliExpress page is a different squishy. So if you import this to your store, split it up by variants, and boom, you’ve got a whole squishy store, just like I have. 

The only difference is you’ll have this video so you can actually make sales on Facebook. And actually that same principle applies to this next product because this product as well is one product with tons of variants.

9. Sofa Slipcover

The product video of this sofa slipcover shows you how it's fitted

It is a sofa slipcover. I love this product as the holidays approach because people are going to be getting ready for guests to come over. And they don’t want their guests to see that ratty old couch that the kids have been playing on, and the dog threw up on. No, they want their home to be nice and tidy and modern. And this sofa slipcover lets them do that. 

Of course, these slipcovers are kind of hard to conceptualize, and that’s why having a video makes all the difference for a product like this. This video shows a woman enjoying a cup of coffee by the finished product, and then takes people through how she put this slipcover on her couch with the help of a friend. 

Now, if you sell this, you’re just gonna have to nail your measurements. Because people aren’t going to buy unless they’re certain that the slipcover will fit their couch. So make sure you copy the measurements from the supplier’s page, and if the supplier doesn’t give you the measurements you need, contact them, ask them for that. They’d be happy to provide those details and support your store because more sales for you means more sales for them.

10. Crystal Singing Bowl

The crystal singing bowl is probably going to blow up in 2020

Okay, and the last product on our list is a weird one, but it’s one that I think is going to blow up in 2020. It is a crystal bowl

And you might be wondering what you do with a crystal bowl. Well, make sure you turn your sound on when you look at the video on the supplier page. 

With the crystal bowl, you’re able to make sounds of different soothing frequencies, and this is part of something called sound bathing, or sound healing. And if you’ve never heard of it before, that’s exactly right, it is just beginning to trend. And in 2020 people are predicting that this is going to really explode. 

In fact, if you look on AliExpress for other crystal bowls, you’re not gonna find many. This trend hasn’t quite hit AliExpress yet. So if you want to create a brand and really own this market, now is your time.

The trick with these is that they aren’t cheap. So you might need to spend more on advertising to get them in front of people. And that’s especially true because a lot of people watch Facebook ads, they don’t listen to them. So make sure in your ad copy, you say, “Turn the sound on, this frequency will…” Well, you can’t say cure, because you can’t use words like that on Facebook. You can say, “This frequency is so soothing.” Make your own ad and then you insert your story link. 

This trend is going someplace, so the question for you is, do you want to be a part of that? And if the answer is yes, import it to your Shopify store, start selling it with Oberlo, and then leave a comment and let me know when you make your first sale. 

That is all for me today. What do you think of this list? Was it helpful? Do you have any experience using supplier videos in your ads? Drop a comment below and let’s start a discussion. Until next time, learn often, market better, and sell more.

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