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5 Hot Dropshipping Products From the CEO of Ecomhunt

Mordechai Arba, the CEO of Ecomhunt, gives us a basic introduction to Ecomhunt and drops some value bombs on spotting hot products to help you save time on product research. On top of that, he’s also got five product recommendations for you to start dropshipping right away.

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Jessica: You guys, today I talked with Mordechai the CEO and founder of Ecomhunt. If you’ve never heard of Ecomhunt, it’s the original site where you can go to find products to sell. It basically takes data from all kinds of places, including Facebook ads, AliExpress, and more, and puts them in one place so you can short-cut a lot of product research. I asked Mordechai to tell me what he looks for in hot products.

One thing to mention though is that Mordechai and I almost got into a fight about product number four. I think you can find it anywhere in stores, but Mordechai thinks otherwise. So let me know whose side you’re on in the comments below. 

This video is jam-packed with information. So you’re gonna wanna make sure that you stay until the end. If you’re feeling a little bit lost and not sure where to start, in your dropshipping journey, you can always take Oberlo 101. It’s a new course that we just released to help new entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed filming it and leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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How Ecomhunt Came to Be

Jessica: Mordechai thank you for being with us today.

Mordechai: Thank you for inviting me to this amazing channel and concept. Interviewing successful dropshippers, this is an honor for me to be considered as one of the successful dropshippers.

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Jessica: You were a developer before you got into this game. Wasn’t that enough of a paycheck for you to live comfortably? 

Mordechai: You got me there with that question. I did try to avoid it, but you know what I was a developer and a project manager, I can say something like that, and it’s not enough, it’s simply not enough. I live in Israel, everything is super expensive. If you want a luxury car, it’s the cost of a house I think in Berlin.

Jessica: So were you doing this for luxury cars then? Like just trying to find that side hustle that can get you the Lambo? 

Mordechai: Nah, you cannot get a Lambo in Israel. I think even the CEO of Microsoft cannot manage to pay for a Lambo. But yeah, I was looking for a way to make more money when I was walking as a full-time job. Like I said, I don’t know if I mentioned that, but I’m married with kids and stuff.

Jessica: Oh you are? 

Mordechai: Yeah, yeah. So I had big projects, you wanna build, you wanna own your own house, for children in the future. You want your wife to have her own place to do decoration and stuff. So yeah, it made me… You wanna dream big, you wanna achieve big stuff. So dropshipping was like the most promising solution to my financial problem that I was looking to get out of.

Dropshipping can be a side hustle to help you make more money

Jessica: And tell me about the dropshipping store that you started to build that you started to see success from.

Mordechai: I have a list, like a long list of failing stores. Until I got to that one store, it was like poof, I don’t even count like, every week, a new store, a new store, a new store, until I understood something that made this tiny change. Sometimes you figure out something really small that makes that impact.

And the first time I realized that my store is successful is the moment that I saw customers coming back. He’s buying one time, and then you send out an email, and then he’s coming back. Like, “Okay, I have something real.” I think that what’s amazing about repeat customers is that you build up like this self-confidence. You’re confident about yourself, about your products and people appreciate what you sell to them because you’re getting back reviews. They’re sending back like, “Love the product, this is amazing, finally found…” We had this photography store way back.

Jessica: Photography was your dropshipping niche.

Mordechai: Yeah. A big store, we ran it for almost one year and a half until we sold out. Yeah, we made over $1 million in sales.

Jessica: Wow, okay. And this was in the early days too, so you really figured it out.

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s like 2017, I think.

Jessica: So this business made you over a million dollars, you sold your shares and then what did you do? 

Mordechai: I just woke up the day after and got working on Ecomhunt. So basically, this is our website, winning products, Ecomhunt. Out of this concept where you go to a website and find those products that are actually trending right now. None of this existed back then.

Jessica: You were doing all of that work yourself? 

Mordechai: Yeah, I went to AliExpress, searching every day. I still do that actually, I do it every day, one, two, hours just scrolling down on AliExpress until the algo of the website is messed up and then it starts to show me products that I never search for.

Jessica: Really? 

Mordechai: Yeah. Yeah.

Jessica: Oh, interesting.

Mordechai: But it happens only after two hours of scrolling.

Jessica: Okay.

Mordechai: Maybe one hour.

Jessica: We’ll get into that more.

Mordechai: Yeah, I don’t know, it happens after a while.

Jessica: And can you tell us really quickly, like what is Ecomhunt to someone who is totally new? 

Mordechai: Basically Ecomhunt was created for myself. I really needed a place where I can pin those products that I really like, and I think of selling later on. So I figured out that I needed a website for myself, not for anyone else, to save those products with all the strategy behind it, like I would eye test this product when the day comes. And this is when I realized there is a real need here.

People were struggling to find those products. And that’s it. That’s pretty what we did through the story of Ecomhunt. So we started charging a bit of money on it because we couldn’t work for free. And that’s two years ago. Now, Ecomhunt from my perspective is the leading software to find products.

Jessica: I know I just heaped a lot of praise on you for Ecomhunt, but I’m not here to promote Ecomhunt without making you show us everything inside of it and sharing all of your advice with people.

Mordechai: Sure.

Jessica: Are you ready to talk products.

Mordechai: I’m ready.

Jessica: Let’s get started.

Mordechai: Yeah, let’s do it.

1. Custom Pet Pillow

The first product recommendation is this pet pillow that's customizable

Jessica: Okay, let’s actually start in AliExpress before we go into Ecomhunt. This is the first product you recommend, and it looks like custom pillows with pet images on them, is that what it is? 

Mordechai: Yeah, this is exactly what it is. And could you guess why I would pick these kinds of products? Do you have a wild guess? 

Jessica: Okay, sure, I’ll take a stab at it. I think something like this would sell well for two reasons. First, it’s customizable. But honestly, that makes me worried about scaling it. And second, it has to do with people’s pets which we’ve talked about before, people will just spend so much money on their pets. Those are my guesses.

Mordechai: Exactly. Let’s move on to the next product. You did a good job, okay.

Jessica: How did you even…

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Your whole expertise is finding a product. So, we started off on the product page, but how do you go from this page, the AliExpress homepage, and get to a winner like that? 

Mordechai: When you get to this AliExpress page, it could be a bit scary, you know, you have like, so many products. So, what I personally do is go to the website, when I go to the AliExpress website, and then I start scrolling down on the categories here and simply tapping like randomly on, for example, men’s watches. I go inside, let’s click here, just to give an example.

Jessica: Just random.

Mordechai: Random.

Jessica: No rhyme or reason, okay.

Mordechai: Now, this is not the research, I’m just giving information to AliExpress about my usage on their website because they’re basically learning what you’re searching for and based on that, they will suggest products that are doing really good right now, you know? 

Jessica: I see.

Mordechai: Yeah…

Jessica: So you’re telling AliExpress’s algorithm by clicking everywhere, that you are an intense shopper, that you’re really interested in shopping… You’re clicking everywhere, looking for something to buy.

Mordechai: Exactly. So, I’m moving from category to category to subcategory and sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-categories until I find subjects that are really strange but have good products.

Tricking the AliExpress algorithm

Jessica: So is it through this method of clicking around on AliExpress that you happen to find this? So, AliExpress just gave it to you? 

Mordechai: It gave it to me like, I went to AliExpress after scrolling for hours, for days, because every day I do that, so every time I go inside AliExpress, I will see that I automatically get recommendations from AliExpress about products that are now selling really good.

Jessica: Okay.

Mordechai: So this product was all over the screen. I saw this and I was like, “Man, this could make like a buzz online. Let’s check more about it.” And when you see the page, you can see the amount of the orders, you can see the amount of the reviews, you can see pictures of people that are sharing their pet pillows.

Jessica: Let me pause you there.

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Are you looking for any certain number of orders or any certain number of reviews when you’re looking at this? 

Mordechai: Not really, I just wanna see that people are buying it and the reviews are positive. It doesn’t really matter, it could be like maybe 50 orders, but you have a high percentage of reviews. If the ratio between the reviews and orders is, I would say 50 percent, for this example it’s like almost 50 percent of the people that bought the product gave a review. That usually means that the product is good. Because they’re satisfied, they gave a good rate and you can see like five stars. It’s really hard to get this kind of…

Jessica: That is really high especially for…

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s really high.

Jessica: Especially for a custom product and it’s interesting because, yeah, when you scroll down, you can see this is the exact dog photo that they sent in and here’s the dog. That’s such an amazing product, I can see how that would be the image that you put on all of your ads or something like that, right? 

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s good that you said picture because most people now think that videos are the big thing.

Jessica: You disagree? 

Mordechai: I tend to disagree about this a bit. Videos are good, you need to test both of them, but I think that because most people do product videos now, pictures may work a bit better because Facebook… The competition is, the bid is cheaper on pictures than on videos.

Jessica: Oh, interesting.

Photo ads are cheaper than video ads

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s basically a bid competition when you’re doing Facebook marketing, so if you can always figure out what most people are not doing right now, you will probably get cheaper clicks, cheaper CPM, and cheaper ads, basically.

Jessica: That’s really good advice.

Mordechai: Yeah. So, do pictures.

Jessica: So this is looking promising. I can already tell the kinds of people I might target, definitely cat lovers or dog lovers or things like that. But what I’m concerned about is the price, because this is between $9 and $33, how do you price something like this? 

Mordechai: Super expensive.

Jessica: Really? 

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Like how expensive? 

Mordechai: Like for the 70-centimeter pillow, probably $70? 

Jessica: $70? 

Mordechai: It’s a big pillow you know? 

Jessica: Yeah. Would you offer all sizes or would you stick to…

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Okay.

Mordechai: Yeah, I would probably start at the lowest price and say like at the ad copy “starting at” to make it feel like it’s really cheap but when they get to the website they can choose the size. This is where they will discover that 20 centimeters is $20 maybe or $30, and when they play with the sizes, this is where the price will go up.

Jessica: I want to ask you more about how much money dropshippers need to start off with, but I wanna move on to the next product first.

Mordechai: Okay.

2. Screen Protector

Jessica: Mordechai, we’re back in AliExpress and this is product number two.

Mordechai: So, the reason I picked this product is that this console, the Switch, it’s called the Switch, it’s really expensive and it’s a real bummer if your screen gets scratched or anything, ’cause you’re playing all the time on the screen. And if it’s scratched, then… And my sister has the same one and she doesn’t have this screen protector and when I went to play with her, I said like, “Hey, why don’t you have a screen protector? Don’t you think it’s a good idea?” She’s like, “Yeah, I don’t know, I didn’t think about it.” 

This is one of the reasons that I thought this product is really good, because it answers a struggle, answers a problem. Okay? People spent… They’ve already spent, they already invested to buy this product and it’s really expensive. What is like an extra $10? It’s nothing to keep your console safe, clean, brand new. So this is the reason I picked this product.

Product recommendation #2 is a screen protector for Nintendo

Jessica: I love how you mentioned that this product solves a problem, and I think this is a repeatable format for people to look for, like, “What are expensive things that people might have in their lives that could use maintenance or protection or somehow have other anxieties attached to them that a dropshipper can solve with a product?”

Mordechai: Exactly.

Jessica: For something like this, the numbers look good, according to your math, it’s got over 7,000 orders, half of that are reviews, and positive reviews at that. Comment on the price a little bit. I mean, this is way cheaper than the animal pillows that we were looking at. Does this make a good product to sell or is it too low of a price point

Mordechai: I would say that for beginners, these types of products are the best to start.

Jessica: Cheaper products.

Mordechai Yeah, because you have a learning curve. And when you don’t have any success, and when I say success, getting orders, sales, it could be like a huge drop, you will try two weeks, three weeks, and if you don’t get even one sale, you will end up closing the store giving up on dropshipping and say, “This entire business is scam. And I don’t wanna hear about it anymore.” 

So the best way to cheat yourself, to scam yourself a bit is by trying to sell cheap products because people will buy, it’s really cheap, you can sell it like for, I don’t know, $7 a unit and then you can do like multiples, so buy one get it for… I don’t know, $10 but if you buy two it will cost you only $7 each.

So we can do this kind of tricks on your product page. And it will be easier to sell. Also, the marketing budget that you would spend on Facebook ads would be much lower. For example, if you’re selling like a $50 product, okay? You need to spend at least three times that amount on Facebook ads until you’re certain that those ads are bad unless they’re really really bad, you can see that as well.

Jessica: So your formula is the product retail price times three is the amount that someone should spend on Facebook ads to test whether it’s a good product or not.

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Or whether their ads are good or not, I should say.

Mordechai: Yeah, this is usually the right amount of money until you know what Facebook is suggesting in terms of information that you just purchased from Facebook. So if, for example, we sell it for, I don’t know, $10, so it would be $30 on Facebook ads. So $30 is enough information to understand who are the people that are clicking my ad, adding to cart, initiate check out and actually buyers.

There's a learning curve for dropshipping

Jessica: Can you tell me how much money someone needs to get started with their first dropshipping store? 

Mordechai: The question is like, what are you trying to build? Before… Even before, how much money are you willing to invest? Many people say, “I lost $5,000 on ads, I didn’t get any sale.” Why did you do that? You just gave your money to Facebook. You are eventually going to give them this money but get something back. So I say like I have a solid business plan. It sounds fancy, and usually, it’s not that, usually not that fancy. It’s really simple… 

You take a piece of paper, you write, like, “I have $1000, I’m going to spend $500 on ads, $500 on learning or whatever.” And then you stick to this plan. And with time, you will learn your information because you just, you understand, the mindset is buying information and not losing money, you’re never losing money, you’re always getting something back. You just need to learn what to do with this information. If you’re trying to sell something online, like this cool screen protector, $500 is enough.

Jessica: That will get you started.

Mordechai: Yeah, that will get you started. You will get your first sales within a few days.

Jessica: And am I right in assuming that you can just target all the Facebook ads at people who like Nintendo Switch, like this seems really intuitive.

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s pretty easy targeting.

Jessica: I love it when things are as easy as I think they will be, never happens.

Mordechai: It happens, it happens. With these kinds of products, it happens.

Jessica: We’ve spent this time talking about how to find these products and evaluate them on AliExpress. But let’s dive into your product.

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Okay, I’m gonna make you search for product number three on Ecomhunt.

Mordechai: Live now.

Jessica: Live now.

Mordechai: No, no, not gonna happen.

Jessica: We have Ecomhunt in front of us, and give me a little bit of a tour because I’ve been here before. I’ve used Ecomhunt. I love it. But I don’t know if other people have. So it looks like I’m just seeing a lot of different products on this home page. Is there more to it than that?

The homepage of Ecomhunt shows you winning products

Mordechai: Yeah, so basically, as I said before, the whole idea of Ecomhunt is basically showing you successful items, basically, those products are proven to sell. So as soon as we find a product that we believe will do really well online and I believe it’s not like, it’s not like an emotion or anything, we actually search every day. We have a team that researches every day for products on social networks, on AliExpress, and whatever they can find online about a product that is now starting to take off.

Jessica: So they’re looking for the data, both data and they can see…

Mordechai: Yeah, they’re watching the videos, is it viral? 

Jessica: They’re watching the video ads? Oh.

Mordechai: Yeah, they’re going inside the stores checking the web traffic of the stores, checking the comments, checking the video views, they’re basically collecting a lot of information about the product and if they find it’s like a successful product, so… The thing is no one will spend money on a failing product on Facebook unless it’s me. Okay? I’m just kidding. So we’re looking for products with a lot of views, and this is one metric. The rest I would keep it to my…

Jessica: Secret sauce.

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s our secret sauce. But one of the metrics is like video views. No one will spend money, a lot of money, to get one million views or 100,000 views on Facebook if he’s not making any profit on it.

Jessica: Right.

Mordechai: So it’s obviously making sales to someone out there, so it’s a winning product, it’s already proven to sell. Now you need to figure out your way in so you can take a tiny slice from that.

Jessica: But you said you would find a winning product on the spot.

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Let’s do it.

Mordechai: Yeah, let’s do it, let’s do it.

3. Luminous Basketball

Product recommendation #3 is this luminous basketball

Mordechai: Okay, so the product that I thought about is this product because as you know, the NBA is really close. It’s starting really.

Jessica: Yeah, we’re filming in August and the season starts in October.

Mordechai: Exactly, so I would think that a good idea would be this basketball. Because of the… Obviously, because of the season. And what’s special about this basketball is it also glows in the dark.

Jessica: Yeah. It’s mesmerizing.

Mordechai: So if you have no lights or anything, you can play basketball in complete darkness.

Jessica: Here is a question, who are you targeting this product to? Because I have an assumption.

Mordechai: Yeah. Yeah. You wanna go for it? 

Jessica: No, you go first.

Mordechai: Okay. I’ll go first.

Jessica: I think I might be able to stump you.

Mordechai: Can I cheat a bit? 

Jessica: Sure. Cheat.

Mordechai: Okay. Cool. So if you scroll down here, you can see the interest. It’s a suggestion targeting that my team is building for each product on Ecomhunt. So, as you can see here, they already did the hard work of thinking about what we should target and gave us some hints about what direction we should think here. So, they did “basketball”, “National Basketball Association”, “NBA TV”, “NBA All-Star Game”. So you can see that my research team already knows that the NBA is really close, so they added this in the targeting.

Jessica: But the NBA is so big, and the audience size is less than a million? 

Mordechai: Yeah. So, if you click here, this is basically a screenshot of Facebook real targeting. This is how it looks on Facebook. So here we’re showing them, we’re also teaching this method that people are using, it’s called narrow targeting.

Jessica: Right. Very narrow targeting.

Mordechai: Yeah, so, based… We usually start really broad and usually narrow to the specific target audience that we want.

With narrow targeting, Ecomhunt does the legwork for you.

Jessica: You know you have a point because I imagine lots of people like basketball on Facebook when they’re really just… Some of them might like it a little, some might like it a lot. But if someone likes all of these interests, they love basketball. There is no doubt about it. They’re obsessed.

Mordechai: Yeah. Exactly. And even in this, I can tell you from my perspective, even this is a bit broad. You can go even deeper than that like with player names…

Jessica: That’s a great idea.

Mordechai: Basketball brands. There are probably specific brands that are producing basketballs, so they can target those. You can target stores that are selling accessories and clothing for basketball players. So, this kind of stuff is really specific. It’s like sniper targeting, you’re targeting directly the person that is actually into basketball.

Jessica: So, when I saw this, I thought, “What problem does it solve?” And the problem that I thought about was moms whose sons or daughters might play basketball outside at night in the neighborhood, and they don’t want anything to happen to their kids, and if they were playing with a glowing ball, the moms might feel like, “Oh great, the kids will be safer.”

Mordechai: That’s a really original idea. I’m gonna say that.

Jessica: What is… Is original doublespeak for something? 

Mordechai: I don’t know, you’ve gotta test it.

Jessica: So there’s a lot of data on Ecomhunt about… And all this stuff is for every product, every product on this has all this data. But one thing that catches my eye is Jack Kaching. Can I just chat with Jack? Is he… Is he a customer support guy or what? 

Mordechai: No. No. Jack Kaching is a real person. It’s a profile that we have created to help our customers, and behind this profile, we have a real person. Actually, there are a few mentors that are logging into this account every day and answering our paid members. It’s only for our paid members. Their time is really expensive, so we have to give something back to them as well.

And they’re basically answering all of your questions, whatever question you have, like, “I need help with my targeting.” “I’m sending traffic to my store but I don’t make any sales.” “I’m trying to scale, I need a store review.” “I need… ” Whatever, any consultant you need about ecommerce and dropshipping or Ecomhunt, this is the person you wanna reach. You wanna click the “Chat Now” button and send Jack Kaching a message.

4. Non-Stick Pan

One product recommendation by the CEO of Ecomhunt is this non-stick pan

Jessica: So we’re looking at product number four, but things are pretty tense on set, because we were talking about how to present this product, and I think it’s boring. It’s a non-stick skillet, which I can just walk into any Target, Bed Bath & Beyond store in the US.

Mordechai: I stopped listening after the word boring. Sorry, that’s the reality.

Jessica: Why do you think this would sell? 

Mordechai: This is pure genius. This product is amazing…

Jessica: We’re both seeing the same thing, right? A non-stick skillet.

Mordechai: Yeah. Yeah. Non-stick, you say that. Let me explain this one, okay? ‘Cause I find that to be…

Jessica: You’re the one who made a million dollars dropshipping, so I will defer to you but…

Mordechai: So, why this is amazing: Well, the first thing about this product, and this is what amazes me because I’m not familiar with this product, and you did say off-camera that you can get this product almost in any store.

Jessica: Well, that’s what I think.

Mordechai: But in which country? 

Jessica: In the US.

Mordechai: Good. I’m in… I’m from Israel. It’s the first time I’m seeing that, and I’m all over cooking, I love cooking. So… And I’ve never seen it, I didn’t even know it existed.

Jessica: What’s interesting about what you just said is, I was going into this product with the assumption that I would sell to the country where I’m from or living, which is the United States. But dropshippers can sell anywhere around the world.

So, actually I wonder what would happen if I tested selling this product to all ePacket countries, I might find that people in… I don’t know, the Netherlands really loves this product, whereas maybe people in the US are bored with it. But I wouldn’t know that. I didn’t know that about Israel until you just mentioned it.

Mordechai: The world is really huge, even if someone sells this product, seven figures a week, and sells a lot. There is still room… There are so many countries, small countries like, Israel is like a dot on the net.

5. Adjustable Kitchen Rack

An adjustable kitchen rack is the fifth product recommendation by the CEO of Ecomhunt

Jessica: Here is the last winning product that you suggest, and it is an adjustable dish rack, it looks like.

Mordechai: Yeah. I hate when you do that, you need to stop making my products look boring.

Jessica: I’m sorry.

Mordechai: You did it again. This is an amazing solution.

Jessica: Excite me about this. How do I excite someone else about this? 

Mordechai: Are you doing dishes at your house? 

Jessica: I do, I do dishes at my house.

Mordechai: And how do you dry them? 

Jessica: I have a cloth on the counter and I just prop them up against the wall.

Mordechai: Don’t you think this is an amazing solution? 

Jessica: What I really love about this product is this fruit washing solution because often I’ll wash fruits and then I want them to air-dry, and this would seem to be great. But one thing that I wonder, that we haven’t talked about yet, is if this is a winning product and if your Ecomhunt site is full of great ideas, should new dropshippers start one-product stores as they test out these products or should they start niche stores and test out products like this? ‘Cause this could go really well in either a kitchen niche store or even a big household general store.

Mordechai: Yeah, so I would usually say go for a niche store because this is what I personally prefer to do. But as a beginner, for someone who’s just getting started, I think that a general store would make more sense in terms of investing the money properly. Where do you wanna invest your money? So if you’re creating a general store, you should also be a sub-niche of something. So, as you said, kitchen accessories. You wanna have this subject that you will be investing your money into. So if you’re going for kitchen, stick to kitchen. 

Like that non-stick pan, you wanna stick to that. So when you’re buying information for this product, for example, and you already spent money on nine days… How much? $81. $9, 9 days, 81. So, you spent $81. If you’re moving to a different niche now, you’re losing this money, because this is a different audience. You will have to learn all over again, which are the buyers, which audience clicks, which ages, gender, and all of that. So if you’re creating a store, I would go… If you’re a beginner, I would go for a general store but not that general.

Jessica: Have some kind of theories around that.

Mordechai: Yeah.

Jessica: Harry actually, of Beast Of Ecom on YouTube, he recommends the same thing. I think doing a general store but having some kind of organizing principle at play there.

Mordechai: All dropshippers at some point realize that you are buying information from Facebook and not just losing your money. And I guess that this is the reason why Harry suggested the same thing because he is a seven-figure seller, understood that when you’re giving your money away, get something back in exchange. And if you’re moving around between products that have no connection, you are simply giving your money away to Mark Zuckerberg. I think he has enough money.

Jessica: He’s got plenty.

Mordechai: Yeah.

Money invested is spent on information and not lost

Jessica: When we’re looking at this product, just going over the basics here, your numbers are really consistent actually, 160 orders. Not a huge order count, but the ratio looks good, and the product rating is good as well. This product though, just how would you price it? It’s $13.25. I mean, $30 for this. Is that a little high? 

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s probably a bit high, but I’m positive that you can find agents on AliExpress that sell the same product for less.

Jessica: Oh, that’s… Okay.

Mordechai: Yeah, it’s guaranteed that you will find someone, but even like this, it’s still a good price, you know, if you sell it for $25.99.

Jessica: And who would you sell it to? How would you target this product? 

Mordechai: I would think about… I would target myself, basically, because I really like this product. I would think about people that have a small kitchen.

Jessica: Sure.

Mordechai: Where they had no space to do this kind of stuff. So that would be a target. I think that will be a good target.

Jessica: How do you target that on Facebook? 

Mordechai: Well, usually people with small kitchens are younger people. People that don’t have the money to buy a bigger house. So, young married couples that’s living in a two-room apartment with a tiny kitchen. So, I think that would be a good angle for this product.

Jessica: Or what about finding magazines that talk about small space decoration? Could you target people who like… And you know they’re working with this.

Mordechai: That’s a bit tricky to target, but you could give it a try. You can definitely give it a try if the budget since you’re already spending $9 for nine days, you probably have the budget to do another ad set for this. Yeah, I would totally do that, but I think that targeting young couples would be the right target for this product.

Jessica: Awesome. Well, Mordechai, you have given us so many ideas about what to sell and where to look for them, both on AliExpress and on Ecomhunt. Before I let you go, you have more years of experience in dropshipping than anyone we’ve had on this show, what piece of advice do you have for someone who is just starting out their online business? 

Mordechai: Yeah, so there are a few tips. I don’t know if you have much time for all of them, but I will try to squeeze. And the first one would be, “Don’t be greedy.” Start low, price your product cheap, so people will actually buy it, to have this motivation, when you get it, say, “I have sales.” You can show off with this to your friends, “Hey, I made sales online.” It will give you this boost in energy and mindset. 

The second one would be, be above your numbers. Many people will just start and they’re wasting money and more money and more money. And just… At some point, they realize they just spent $5,000 and didn’t make any sales yet. I personally made this mistake. I spent $5,000 back in the days, in the Teespring period, until I found this one specific product that was a winner.

But until then, I spent 5K. And today, I realized that I was childish back then. I thought, “Yeah, I will make money overnight. It will be an amazing adventure. I will show off my money to everyone.” And now, it’s not like this. So, it’s a real business. Dropshipping is a business. Consider it as a real business. It’s online, but it’s real. So, know your numbers. 

And the last one that I think is really important is cash flow. If you’re planning to scale, have a solid cash flow, so you the amount of money that you need to invest in order to scale. Because if you scale and you don’t have the money, you will lose everything. And that’s pretty much it, I think. These are the three biggest tips, advice that I can give to someone that is just getting started.

Jessica: Fantastic. Well, thank you, Mordechai, and…

Mordechai: Thank you.

Jessica: Thanks for watching and until next time, learn often, market better…

Mordechai: Sell more.

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