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Chapter 1 by Tim Kock


Maybe you’re here because you’ve been thinking about starting a dropshipping store, but you’re unsure and maybe a little overwhelmed by the process.

Tim Kock

Tim Kock

Maybe you’ve already started, but could use some more guidance to get to your first sale.

Maybe you flat-out don’t believe it’s possible to make it happen in just 21 days.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here. Because I’ll show you step-by-step, day-by-day, exactly how to build an awesome store and make your first sale in 3 weeks flat.

I know it’s possible because I’ve been there myself. After a horrible bike crash in 2014 that left me in a coma for a week (and basically broke my whole body), I was forced to change the way I lived.

I opened my first dropshipping store in Germany, after the country’s leading matcha tea manufacturer agreed to sell its products with my labels. Don’t laugh… but I actually thought I invented dropshipping. I was pretty disappointed to learn I’m not a revolutionary.

After building that business and eventually selling it to the manufacturer, my passion for ecommerce and dropshipping was born. And it hasn’t gone away, either. To date, I’ve made more than $500,000 in sales doing what I love.

You can check out my case studies: the one where I made $6,667 in less than 8 weeks or the one where I made $8,873 in 31 days.

So you could say that I’ve got some experience.

But enough about me.

Throughout this course, we’re going to follow my friend Amanda – a new dropshipping entrepreneur who asked me for some help starting her first store. She’s agreed to share her process with you so you can see how attainable it really is.

Amanda Gaid

Amanda Gaid

This is Amanda Gaid, the brain behind the women’s fashion scarf store Evooli. She’s a writer and digital marketer who started with zero dropshipping experience.

We’re going to follow her entire journey – from before she even picked her niche, to building out her store, to getting her first sale. Along the way, she asked me lots of awesome questions that we’re excited to share with you. We think they’ll answer a lot of your questions too.

The #Oberlo21 challenge will document each step of the way with directions and screenshots, covering everything from picking a niche to building the website to advertising and promoting it online.

[highlight]IMPORTANT: If you haven’t done it yet, remember to download your Calendar now, add your name with a marker, print it and hang it somewhere you can see it everyday. Snap a picture and post it on Instagram, hashtag: #Oberlo21.[/highlight]


Before we start, I want to put an end to a few dropshipping ‘myths’ you may have heard…

  • You don’t need to pay for an expensive dropshipping course to learn how to succeed.
  • You don’t need a huge budget – we’ll set ours at $500, but you can even spend less if you need to.
  • Picking an incredible, perfect, ‘winning’ product is less important than you might think – so don’t obsess over it.
  • You can still succeed if other people are already selling similar (or even the same) items.

Forget what you’ve heard about dropshipping and follow me.

By the way, I hope you have printed out our calendar. Trust me, it will help you stay motivated and on track.

Let’s do this!

[highlight]We’ve made a master file that contains all the template spreadsheets included in this program. Here’s where you can find it. I’ll also let you know in the corresponding day – so don’t worry about diving into it just yet.[/highlight]

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Day 1: First things first – pick your niche

When you’re marketing to a niche audience, it will be way easier to find and reach your best customers, because they’...