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It’s Time to Begin Your Journey

Chapter 22 by Dennis Hammer

You could spend a lifetime absorbing the lessons of experienced entrepreneurs, but at some point, you have to make your move. Now that you’re aware of the biggest mistakes ecommerce store owners make, you’re equipped to avoid the biggest pitfalls that could sink your business.

Does this mean you won’t come across your own challenges?

Not a chance.

You’ll come across new problems every day. And you’ll welcome the challenge. That’s what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Some of these challenges will be easy to solve. A customer will ask a unique question, so you’ll file your response for the next time it comes up. You’ll scour the IRS or Canada Revenue Service website to find an answer to your specific tax question. Or maybe you’ll toy with one of your marketing tools until the automation works just like you want it to.

Other challenges will be more complex. You’ll painstakingly and methodically tweak Facebook ads to squeeze out the most conversions. You’ll hunt for ways to reduce your margins as much as possible. You’ll definitely have difficult conversations with angry customers. (Because it’s a difficult issue every business must deal with, you’ll thrive if you can master the art of turning angry customers into happy ones.)

To top it all off, every time you take steps to grow your business, you’ll find yourself facing a whole new host of challenges. You’ll have to learn new skills and technologies, meet new people, and try new things.

Even the most seasoned ecommerce professionals learn new things every day.

So whether you’ve built your store or you’re about to, Now is the time to harden yourself against challenges and failure. You will fail at many things. That’s a promise. And you’ll waste time and even money. But remember to take each failure as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Each failure is a chance to learn–to mold yourself into a stronger business owner and entrepreneur.

Do not permit yourself to grow discouraged by your mistakes. No, your journey won’t be perfect. You won’t get everything right the first time. But over time, as your ecommerce muscles grow and your entrepreneur brain matures, you’ll build a healthy machine that makes all your financial dreams come true.

Good luck!