Hottest New Products To Sell Before The Holidays

With the holiday season around the corner, we want to help you out a little.Whether you're just getting started with dropshipping or are simply looking for new product ideas to boost your holiday sales, this is the episode for you.In this episode of Start Yours, we bring in our lovely colleagues, Magda and Gurj, who will share with you five of the hottest products to sell right now.These are based on our very own data at Oberlo, which allows us to see which products are experiencing the most growth and thus have the highest potential. We'll also dive into white-labeling and how and when you should consider it.If you enjoy this podcast, we hope you'll consider subscribing. Don't forget to also check out the Oberlo blog for more helpful content!In a rush? Fret not. Here's a seven-point summary: The five hottest products to sell are crystal ohm bracelet, silicone pet brush, fleece tube mask, modern crystal glass, and mini fishing pen. Products on the lower end are always good to get customers through the door. The pet niche allows you to increase your product value as pet owners don't normally cheap out on these products. Because something is available in a local store doesn't mean people don't want to buy it online. Scroll-stoppers are the first one to three seconds of your ad where you try to get somebody to stop scrolling. Most dropshipping agents won't agree to white-label unless you're getting five to ten sales a day consistently. Going through the dropshipping community is the best way to find a reliable dropshipping agent.

Product #1: Crystal Ohm Bracelets

Magda: These products, I wanna mention everyone, we're not just thinking, 'Are these winning products?' We actually go into the data. Thankfully, because we work at Oberlo, we have access to the data, we got the clearance from the team that we're allowed to go in, actually figure out what's selling the best, and give you those products. 

So these products are certified winners and today, I have something a little bit special for you. Usually, we look at what products have sold the best. But this time, what I did was I sorted the datasheet by what is having the biggest gross merchandise value (GMV) growth, what is having the biggest growth. 

So that means products that they're not just going up like this, they're shooting like this. They are seeing an insane amount of growth right now in November, and so this is why I thought, 'You know what? Let me get these products for you all because nobody can say they're saturated.' These products are just about to shoot up, and I think that you'll be surprised by some of them, but also, I think that they will be really exciting.

So let's start with number one. So this product is an accessory, and it's also in the wellness niche. So we've had something like it before, and it's something that is exploding in the last little bit, and it's something that I think could maybe be sold in a yoga store. 

It is a bracelet. So what this actually is, it's a crystal bracelet, it is an ohm bracelet. It comes in a variety of different colors, and it also has a little ohm symbol. Now, if you're wondering, 'How do I get into the yoga niche? I don't wanna sell leggings. I don't wanna sell yoga mats. I don't really wanna sell yoga accessories.” 

I think this is one of the most perfect products because it's got that little ohm symbol and it also has different colors that can represent different crystal colors and chakras, which is a huge thing right now. Are you surprised?

Gurj: To be honest, I'm not that surprised. And it is also a cheaper product. Products on the lower end are always really good to get customers into the door, or in this case, onto your website. A while ago, a year or two ago, free plus shipping offers were also really big. I'd be interested to see if something like that could work again.

Magda: I think it definitely could for this product. I will say, I have a dropshipping store that sells accessories, and it hasn't really been active for a while. But the other day I just got a few sales that came in organically, and as I was fulfilling the orders, what was really amazing was that I was reminded that accessories are the best things to sell because... 

They're earrings that I was selling, but the same with this bracelet, the cost is so small. If you're selling huge lights or something like that with shipping and with the actual cost of the product, you might be coming up $20 to $30. 

So if you want to really make a lot of money, you've gotta increase the price a lot, which makes it a lot harder for someone to actually press “buy.” 

But when you're selling something like a bracelet or you're selling something like earrings, you can sell them for $15 to $20, but they actually only cost you around a few dollars each. And these ones in particular, actually only cost $4, which is kind of an insane profit margin.

Gurj: That is insane. And as you're saying, it's always easier to sell these types of products, and if you do couple it up with other types of products, it's a good way to get somebody in and try to upsell them with other products and increase your average order value

And I think generally because the package is also a smaller mailer package, if you're shipping something in a box, I've found most of the time it's gonna take longer. But things like tapestries, accessories, or jewelry, they'll come in the little flat mailers and I've found... It can come a little bit quicker.

Product #2: Silicone Pet Brush

Magda: Okay. So the next product that we have on the list today is a pet product.

Gurj: Pet product.

Magda: Yeah. It's a pet product. Now, this pet product is going to be something that you can use for cats, something that you can use for dogs, but it is actually a silicone pet brush, and you use it to help you wash your pet's hair, so it would be perfect to use with pet shampoo. 

And to be honest, I feel like pet shampoo would actually be a great Facebook ad interest to target. If you wanted to sell this product, people are gonna want or maybe appreciate using a silicone brush. 

This product is seeing a lot of growth and a lot of good reviews, and that's why I included it because I think a lot of pet owners are really resonating with it.

Gurj: And one thing about pet owners, as well as parents, actually, pet owners and parents will spend whatever on their pet and on their babies. It's a great niche and people really don't wanna cheap out on these types of products, so you can really increase your value. 

Try to show as much value as you can for the product because if somebody is buying your product for their pet, they wanna make sure that that is the best product for their pet. 

So something like this on the product copy on the page, you wanna outline all of the benefits you can possibly think of. Make sure you have reviews from pet owners sharing how it's done. You can get your friends to make videos if they have a pet or if you have a pet, make your own videos, but you really want to show other pet owners using this with their pets and as well, sharing all of the benefits of this product. 

Like silicone products, the bristles aren't really gonna break off. That's one thing you could go with, long-lasting. There are a lot of different angles you could hit this with, but definitely, you will be able to get that price a little bit higher versus something like the bracelet where you want to try and offer a discount or offer the product for a cheaper price to entice me to buy it.

Magda: Gurj, are you ready to jump on to product number three? 

Gurj: Yes. Let's jump into it.

Product #3: Fleece Tube Mask

Magda: This one is gonna be hard to guess, I'm really sorry about that.

Gurj: Don't worry. We got this.

Magda: But this product is something that is really... It's COVID-appropriate, it's not medical, but it's an alternative that's perfect for winter. So it's not exactly a mask but it's a product that you could use. 

It is a tube mask. So these are fleece tube masks and if anyone is familiar with motorcycles or racing, it's a fleeced tube mask that you wear over and you can lift it up to cover your nose. So this is something that I actually used to wear, just being outside in the winter. 

This product, why I wanted to feature it is because it's seeing a huge increase. But if you'll notice, it says “owl” on it. And if you actually click through to the product on Oberlo, you'll notice that there are a bunch of different prints that you can choose from.

And the reason I think this is such a genius product is that if you just wanna sell a tube mask, it's gonna be hard. I think that it's gonna be really difficult because when it comes to Facebook ads, if you are selling everything or if you're trying to target everyone, it can be really hard to find one person. 

You're kind of dropping a fishing line into the ocean and it's huge. 

But if you take this product and the different prints and break down your Facebook ad interests and groups into people that are interested in owls, boom. You've gone from an ocean to a little pond and you will have a much better chance of actually snagging customers there.

Gurj: Yeah. That's a great point. And it actually does have two functions or multiple functions. It's gonna keep you warm. It does act like a mask, and yeah, like you're saying, there are so many different designs, so many different areas you could target. There's a bunch of camo ones. You can target hunting or related niches as well. That is a cool product that will work across a lot of different target audiences, for sure. Yeah, should we get to the next product? 

Product #4: Modern Crystal Glasses

Magda: Absolutely. Let's go. Product number four. So this product is also kind of something that you would be using more because of COVID and this product, it's not necessarily totally crazy, but the growth on this was just insane. So I thought, 'You know what? I've got to include it in here.' 

I wanna give all you people the juices, the data, and the fastest-growing product. 

So now this product, let's say it's something that you would use because you can no longer go out to restaurants and bars. This is actually just a crystal. They are modern crystal glasses. It would just be used for drinks, but they look really funky. They kind of have twisted glass. It almost looks like a standing glass, like just a regular glass you would use. But these were showing an insane amount of growth recently, so I wanted to include them. 

Now, this product, I will be honest, doesn't seem like the most interesting product. But I wanted to include it here because I think it's always good for us to talk about products that are, to some degree, available at a local department store. 

You can get glasses from Walmart. But here's the thing, this product is still showing a huge amount of growth and a lot of sales. So just because something is available on Amazon or just because something is available on doesn't mean people are not gonna be buying it from your online store, and this product is a perfect example of that.

Alright, are you ready for our last product? 

Gurj: Let's do it.

Product #5: Mini Fishing Pen

Magda: Now, this product, it's in the sports niche. It's not your typical sport. It's in a niche that I feel like I don't know anything about. But it constantly comes up month after month with a lot of winning products, and it's something that makes people a lot of money. 

Now, this niche, it's something that you can only do outside and you can only do with a body of water.

Gurj: Body of water, swimming.

Magda: It's not swimming, it's not swimming, but you are... You've got to do it with water, otherwise, it doesn't work.

Gurj: Boating.

Magda: It's not boating. But you would be on a boat to do this. Fishing. Now, this one, it's gonna be confusing, you're like, 'What is this?' But it is actually a mini fishing pen. So it looks like a pen, and then you just have the separate contraption, and when you go to the water, you take this pen, you release it like this, and it becomes a fishing rod. And then you attach that other part to it, and now all of a sudden, it's a fishing rod.

Now, I know you might be thinking, 'Wow. This is strange. This is a strange product.'

Gurj: This is a random product.

Magda: This is a random product. It's supposed to be really easy to carry and it's supposed to be mini. Now, at first, I was shocked. But this product, the growth since November 1st, so that's only a few weeks has absolutely skyrocketed. It's on its way up. 

This is definitely gonna be a winning product, and it's on its way to be. 

It's got a lot of sales, and I went through the reviews myself on AliExpress, and they're very good. People seem to really like it. They say it's very high-quality, and this product is kind of the perfect gift for someone who's into fishing. It's kind of catchy. This is a very target-able product. 

When you find products in niches like fishing it is so much easier to sell them because targeting that group is very distinct, they have a distinct interest, and it's really easy to find on Facebook.

Gurj: Definitely. And one other thing that I couldn't stop myself from thinking as soon as I saw this, if you can kind of fast-forward video in the first three seconds of this pen turning into a fishing rod, that's like the ultimate scroll-stopper. You're kind of just gonna be mind blown. 'Okay, this is a pen, but now it's a fishing rod.” That's one really good way to get somebody to watch your ads. 

There's a ton of different ways you can angle this. I'm not sure the size of it or if it could be used with children. It could be a great present, as you were saying even for kids, as long as it's kid-friendly.

Magda: Absolutely. And I wanna mention to everyone that... Gurj's idea, genius. So get this. When you look at it, it just looks like a pen. You start, at the 0.5 mark of the first second of the video, saying, 'This is not just an ordinary pen,' and then in three seconds, it's super-fast, you take it out, you attach this, and then you're out on the water and you're already fishing. 

So within three seconds, you'd be able to snag someone's attention. You would reel them in, frankly. You would reel them in with that ad creative and you would get that sale. 

So I wanted to include this because it's really weird. Well, I find it weird, but people who are into fishing seem to really like it, and I think that it would really make you a lot of money. And I think, absolutely, some James Bond music would be a great idea. It is so Inspector Gadget.

Gurj: It really is. And that's actually a great way to even test it out, James Bond music while that thing is opening up. That's a great ad to test. You can test it in a lot of other ways. 

Another thing I wanna cover is we were just talking about scroll-stopper. For those of you who don't know exactly what Magda was just saying, scroll-stoppers are the first one to three seconds of your ad where you try to get somebody to stop scrolling.

Magda: Yeah. Hook them in.

Gurj: Yeah. Hook them in. A lot of the time you want it to be something that they haven't seen or something that really catches them off guard, and if you're on Instagram later today, start scrolling through videos and start noticing the first one to three seconds. 

Once you're aware of this and you start seeing it, because a lot of people are on social media all the time, you'll start getting a lot of good ideas. But one common one that I see, especially with dropship products, is a fast forward of how a product is used in the first one to three seconds to kinda get you curious to stay watching the video.

How To Market These Five Products

Aleisha: I just wanted to jump back in and just go through the list because it was a really diverse list, and that excites me as well because if you are working on a general store, if you are perhaps considering adding these hot products to an existing store or you just wanna start really small with one product and go for that niche, there are plenty of opportunities here. 

Let's just quickly go back through the suggestions. We had the lotus bracelet, the ohm bracelet, which... I will leave the links in the show description today, so you can click directly through. It will link straight to your account and open up the product so you can see it.

The lotus bracelet, it's good looking. I can imagine a bunch of my friends purchasing this bracelet, and also as Gurj suggested, a lot of these products actually in today's categories are cheap to ship. That also means they're probably likely to get to the destination quicker. 

We also had the silicone pet bath brush, which, again, Magda made a really good point, thinking about the pain points and the needs of your potential customers. What's great about this is that, unfortunately, a lot of people are in lockdown. They can't take their pets to the pet parlor and have to do a bit of a home job grooming their pet. This is a really good option. 

The other one that they talked about was the bandanna or the mask that was actually something that if you are in a cold environment at the moment, perhaps in the northern hemisphere, this is a really handy item to have, to not only keep warm but also to use as a potential add-on to your COVID-safe activities. 

Again, as Magda and Gurj said, we cannot sell this as some sort of medical mask. We cannot make big promises about protecting them from COVID. 

But it is another opportunity to be able to help people add to their COVID plans, and that might be wearing a mask and using this multi-functional sort of bandanna or wrap that they are talking about.

Number four was the modern crystal glasses. Now, Magda did describe them, and I've been doing a bit of research, they sort of look like something out of Mad Men. They look like the 50s sort of Crystal-looking glassware. It's sort of classy, as we'd say in Australia. You would probably see it on a bar cart. 

I think they actually are pretty cool and definitely a great gift for someone who's into drinking whisky or old school spirits, bourbon, that sort of thing. They're a pretty good looking glass and they look vintage, which is very popular at the moment.

Number five was the mini fishing pen, which actually... Gurj really hit it out of the park. It looks like a pen, it turns into a full fishing rod. It's pretty gnarly when you actually see it all come together. You could have a bunch of fun marketing this. As Gurj said, you could make it a big James Bond-y, it could be quite fun. 

When and How To White-Label

Now, I wanted to just jump into one more topic that they discussed in the live stream, and it connects a little bit with a topic that Daecian and I, my guest on last Monday's episode, this is Episode 58 you're currently listening to. This is Episode 56, and Daecian is a dropshipper who's been very successful, but someone who has devoted a lot of time to the craft and to learn about how to be successful. 

The theme of that episode was consistency, and it really is something that we talk a lot about on Start Yours, and also in's content that we put out there, we talk about being committed and being consistent to the cause.

Daecian did speak about starting as a dropshipper, and he still does a lot of dropshipping, but also then working with manufacturers directly to white-label a product. And one of the products he did really well with, he has decided to add his own branding, which is what white-labeling is all about, then taking that product and your business and your brand to the next level. 

And there were a couple of questions after people had listened to the episode about how to source a manufacturer or a supply agent, which is something that Daecian did talk a little bit about on the episode. 

And I just wanted to include Gurj's answer because there were some questions in the live chat, and I think it's really valuable, especially if it's something that you are interested in doing in the future. Maybe you are selling quite a few of a particular item each day, and you think this could be a great prospect for white-labeling, then this will be very helpful.

Gurj: So there are a couple of questions on finding dropshipping agents right now. So we have Lawrence and Mishawn ask about warehouses and dropshipping agents. Those are great questions. 

So firstly, when you're looking for a dropshipping agent, it's good to know that most of them won't take you on unless you're getting five to ten sales a day. It doesn't really become worth it at that point because they're gonna end up stocking it. 

Some require you to pay a fee upfront to stock some of the product, some don't, and a lot of them also white-label. Huge benefits there. The best ways to find them that I found, Daecian who was on the Oberlo podcast, he covers how you can find a dropship agent. He also shares his own dropship agent. 

But essentially, the best way to do it is through the community and through other dropshippers. You can go online and you can Google it. A lot of them are gonna run ads and then you can't really tell if that's a dropship agent. You won't be able to tell if that person is reliable if you're just getting them off ads.

But if you go to Reddit and search the “dropshipping” sub-Reddit and just look for dropship agents, you could find a lot of information, a lot of actual real examples, people sharing tracking codes, through Daecian is also perfect because he's the dropshipper who has used the supplier and he's happy to share it with others. 

Another one is Facebook community posts. You can reach out to other dropshippers who may have taken their business from dropship to white-label and look for sourcing agents. And a lot of people in this business are happy to share information like this. 

So as long as you can find it through a community, I would say that's the best way to do this. 

Yeah, so Reddit and Facebook groups. Perfect.

Magda: Of course, it's easier to have a personal supplier. But don't forget that if you're just getting started, don't think about that. Get started with your business, build the store, find winning products, find niches because you don't need a supplier until you have a product that's bringing you a lot of revenue and a lot of steady revenue. 

So if you're worried about a supplier, hey, I'll just let you know from my experiences over the last few years, maybe Gurj you've had a similar one, a lot of times when people think about step 200, they don't even get step one finished. So then they just shoot themselves in the foot and then they don't ever think about getting started and all those steps, they get overwhelmed, and then they just don't even start. 

So if you haven't made one sale yet, focus on finding a winning product, getting that first sale, things like that. 

Keep the supplier in mind. But remember that they are out there, they are available, but you've gotta get to get to that step first.

Gurj: Yeah. That's so true. Before you even start looking for a supplier like Magda is saying, you should be getting at least five to ten sales per day consistently. Otherwise, it's not gonna be worth it. You can easily use Oberlo and save yourself time and the hassle versus getting a supplier. 

If you're trying to scale your business, brand your own product yourself, then you can start getting into dropshipping agents, white-labeling, getting a fulfillment center. There's a bunch of different ways you can do this. 

But at that point is when you're really going to invest a lot more time and money in your business because again, once you start doing something like this, a lot of the time you're gonna have to pay for the inventory or a portion of the inventory as well.

So you don't want to do that when you're just trying to prove out your business model for your product or check different trending products. It doesn't make sense to do that right away. So definitely get consistent, get continuous sales, and that's kind of the natural path you go on. 

Once you're getting consistent sales, you kind of think, 'Okay, how do I cut down my shipping times?' And you end up with either dropshipping agents or getting a supplier on AliExpress that has a US warehouse, for example.

Dropshipping and White-Labeling

Aleisha: I really just wanted to share that with you all because dropshipping and white-labeling go together really well when things are going really well for your business and brand. But also, as Gurj says, you don't wanna jump the gun and get really heavily involved in white-labeling if you're not quite ready because it can be costly, and also then you will have to manage stock, which is great if you have a warehouse or you have a third-party fulfillment company that you're working with. 

But also if you are just starting out, dropshipping is fantastic because you don't require inventory management.

All you need to do is be able to market the product and be able to communicate with your customers and really get the ball rolling as a salesperson over being a warehousing person, a marketing person, a customer service person. You're wearing a lot of different hats when you start to white-label. But it can be great if you are at that level. 

I really find these episodes exciting because as an ecommerce store owner and someone who's very heavily involved in the dropshipping community, it's fascinating to see what is selling, what is hot at specific times of the year. But also coming into the holiday season, we are gifting a lot, and that's a great opportunity to boost the products in your store or start a brand new store.

And if you are at the beginning of your dropshipping and ecommerce journey, then can I make a suggestion that you head to and you sign up for our brand new Dropshipping 101 course, which will guide you through all of the stages of starting your store, finding products, working with manufacturers directly via AliExpress and the Oberlo app, and really making sure you are fully prepared for all of the outcomes which hopefully involve making lots of money, but also being prepared with customer service feedback, being able to manage your store, your Shopify store, and also being able to be present and check back into your store daily, make updates and tweaks and also really work on your copy and think about who you're selling to and what problem, as we've said before, you are solving and your amazing product will bring joy to your customers.

I will be bringing you regular updates of our hot product each month on this very podcast, and I look forward to sharing lots more information about thriving in the world of ecommerce and dropshipping. If you have a question, thought, comment, or a suggestion for an upcoming topic that you would like us to cover on Start Yours, then please do get in touch. is where you can get in touch with me directly. 

I love to hear from our merchants and also if you're an expert that you wanna share some wonderful tips and expertise with our audience, that's also cool as well. Until next week's episode of Start Yours, I hope you have a great week. We'll see you soon.

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