Chart showing: Most Trusted Brands in the World in 2024

Most Trusted Brands in the World

Trust is one of the biggest drivers of sales, and recent branding statistics show just that: Nearly half (46%) of consumers say they are willing to pay more to purchase from brands they trust.

If you’re an ecommerce owner looking to build up trust for your online brand, knowing what the most trusted brands in the world are can help, as it enables you to learn from the best. Here’s a look at the 10 brands consumers trust most in the world.

10 most trusted brands in the world in 2024


Trust score

1. Amazon


2. Netflix


3. Nintendo


4. PayPal


5. Intel


6. Microsoft


7. Samsung


8. Sony


9. Honda


10. BMW


1. Amazon (2,680,399)

According to a recent study measuring brand trust, Amazon ranks first on the list of the most trusted brands. The US ecommerce company has a trust score of 2,680,399. This is determined by calculating the total number of positive online records such as social media posts, blog posts, and news articles that emitted trust in Amazon in 2023.

2. Netflix (2,458,256)

The second most trusted brand in the world is Netflix. The California-headquartered streaming service has a trust score of 2,458,256—222,143 less than Amazon. It also received positive sentiments from 72.3% of conversations analyzed.

3. Nintendo (2,216,791)

Founded in 1889 in Japan, Nintendo, one of the world’s leading video game companies, follows in third place. The brand has a trust score of 2,216,791. For centuries, Nintendo has influenced the gaming industry with iconic consoles and game characters, pioneering innovations like motion-controlled gaming and revolutionizing how video games are played.

4. PayPal (2,198,408)

Online payment service PayPal is next, in fourth place, with a trust score of 2,198,408. With a rising global user base, the brand has transformed financial transactions by providing an easy-to-use platform to facilitate online payments.

Amazon, Netflix, Nintendo, and PayPal are the only brands to score above 2,000,000 on this ranking.

5. Intel (1,143,721)

Intel, whose roots trace back to 1968, completes the list of the five most trusted brands in the world with a trust score of 1,143,721. 

The tech giant has been pivotal in advancing computer technology. Today, not only are its microprocessors found in most personal computers, the company has also set the benchmark for computing performance, offering consumers improved experiences with more efficient computers.

6. Microsoft (1,135,357)

Next on the list of the world’s most trusted brands is Microsoft. Much like Intel, Microsoft has impacted virtually every aspect of personal and professional computing with its suite of products like Windows and Office. Its software innovations have become fundamental tools in business operations and personal productivity, shaping how the world works and communicates.

7. Samsung (1,092,983)

Boasting a trust score of 1,092,983, South Korea’s Samsung is one of the leading players in not only smartphones but also consumer electronics. 

Not only is it the most popular phone brand in terms of shipments, it also currently ranks second on the list comparing smartphone market shares worldwide, after Apple. 

8. Sony (976,682)

Sony, the second Japanese brand on this list of the most trusted brands worldwide, follows with a trust score of 976,682. The Tokyo-headquartered company has shaped the entertainment and electronics industries with its wide range of tech products, including gaming consoles like PlayStation and professional-grade audio and video equipment. 

9. Honda (840,054)

After Sony is another Japanese brand, Honda. The carmaker has impacted the automotive and motorcycle industries with its reliable, fuel-efficient vehicles. It should come as no surprise that experts consider Honda to be one of the most reliable car brands in the world

In recent years, Honda has also made significant advancements in eco-friendly technology, influencing consumer choices toward more sustainable and economical transportation options.

10. BMW (728,368)

BMW completes the list with a trust score of 728,368. The German car brand has set high standards in automotive performance and luxury. Its commitment to engineering excellence and driving pleasure has influenced consumer expectations and lifestyles, epitomizing the premium car ownership experience.

Most trusted brands in the world: summary

Half of these 10 brands were founded in the United States. Of the remaining five, three (Nintendo, Sony, and Honda) are from Japan. Samsung is one of South Korea’s most renowned companies, and BMW was founded in Germany. These 10 most trusted brands are also in very different sectors, and produce different products (IT, vehicles, financial services, electronic devices, etc.).

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