Trust is one of the biggest drivers of sales, and recent branding statistics show just that: Nearly half (46%) of consumers say they are willing to pay more to purchase from brands they trust.

If you’re an ecommerce owner looking to build up trust for your online brand, knowing what the most trusted brands in the world are can help, as it enables you to learn from the best. Here’s a look at the 10 brands consumers trust most in the world.

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10 most trusted brands in the world in 2022

According to a recent study measuring brand trust, HP ranks first on the list of the most trusted brands. The US tech company has a trust score of 21,393. This is determined by calculating the total number of social media posts that expressed trust in HP in 2022, out of its overall post volume of over 1.3 million. In particular, HP received positive mentions for its services, products, and technology.

The second most trusted brand in the world is 3M, with a trust score of 20,059—1,326 less than HP. Like HP, 3M also saw its products being mentioned positively. HP and 3M are the only two brands to score above 20,000 on this ranking.

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Gillette, a men’s health care brand, follows, in third place. The Procter & Gamble–owned brand has a trust score of 19,243. Professional networking site LinkedIn is next, in fourth place, with a trust score of 18,614. The site, which also ranks among the top social media marketing platforms, is the only social network to make this top 10 list. 

Online payment service PayPal rounds out the top five. It has a trust score of 18,042, out of over 116 million posts. 

Here are the fifth- to 10th-most trusted brands in the world and their trust scores:

  1. Salesforce: 17,655
  2. Land Rover: 16,756
  3. American Express: 16,095
  4. Nintendo: 15,918
  5. IBM: 15,653

Of these 10 brands, eight were founded in the United States. The remaining two, Land Rover and Nintendo, are from the United Kingdom and Japan, respectively. These 10 most trusted brands are also in very different sectors, and produce different products (IT, vehicles, financial services, health care, etc.). 

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