Currently, eight out of the 10 most trusted brands in the world are located in the United States. But what about sentiment within the US itself? 

Here’s a look at the most trusted brands in America.

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America’s most trusted brands in 2023

A recent study of the most trusted brands in America puts Band-Aid in first place, with a net trust score of 57.5. This score is determined by calculating the difference between the share of consumers who say they trust the brand to do the right thing and the share who say they don’t. In other words, the share of consumers that trust Band-Aid is 57.5 percentage points higher than the share that doesn’t. 

Incidentally, Band-Aid is also the most popular US brand, according to a separate study that tracks brands’ public perception based on metrics such as impression, satisfaction, and likelihood of being recommended. Experts say Band-Aid’s stellar brand reputation is rooted in its quality and price value, which drives consumers to continue to choose its products over general brand competitors’, despite their higher prices.

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Band-Aid is followed by UPS and Amazon, with net scores of 54.9 and 54.51, respectively. Fourth on the ranking of America’s most trusted brands is Lysol. It has a trust score of 54.49. Kleenex rounds out the top five, with a score of 54.18. 

This means that three of the five most trusted brands in America are related to health and personal well-being, which analysts say is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their high scores are also an indication that Americans continue to count on these brands to keep themselves and their surroundings clean and safe. 

After Kleenex, Cheerios ranks sixth with a trust rating of 53.42, making it the top-ranking brand related to comestibles. Financial payment processing service Visa follows in seventh place. It scores 53 on this rating. 

The eighth to 10th most trusted brands in America and their ratings are:

  1. Dove: 52.97
  2. The Weather Channel: 52.5
  3. FedEx: 52.17

Of these 10 most trusted brands in America, four produce personal hygiene and care products. The remaining six are related to logistics, ecommerce, finance, food, and weather.

Analysts say these brands currently enjoy high brand awareness and were able to establish themselves as America’s most trusted brands after years of investment. Beating them will likely be difficult, but aspiring entrepreneurs certainly can take a leaf out of their branding books.

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