Despite its relatively recent launch (compared to other social networks like Facebook and Instagram), TikTok’s rise to fame and popularity has been at lightning speed. Today, it’s highly popular among the younger generation and the latest TikTok statistics show that the number of adults hopping onto the platform is also increasing. 

If you’re considering using TikTok for your business, you need to first understand why people use TikTok. Here’s a closer look at the top TikTok uses.

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What is TikTok used for: top reasons according to users

A recent survey looking into why people use TikTok shows that looking for funny and entertaining content is the top reason consumers access the app. Nearly four out of every five (79.9%) TikTok users say it’s why they use it. Incidentally, being entertained also ranks among the top reasons people use the internet and social media.

The survey results also show that TikTok’s content is what the social network is primarily used for. No other social network has a higher percentage of users claiming to use it to seek out entertaining content. In fact, just 64.2% of Instagram users and 54.9% of Facebook users list funny and entertaining content as a reason they use the corresponding platforms.

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Why else do people use TikTok? Second on the list charting the top TikTok uses is following or researching brands and products. More than two in five (42.6%) TikTokers say it’s why they use TikTok. This is a key piece of data to consider if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to launch a TikTok marketing plan. With more than 900 million active TikTok users forecast for 2024, this represents an immense reach for businesses. 

TikTok is also proving to be great for staying up to date with news and current events and sharing photos and videos. As many as 37.6% of its users access the app to carry out these activities.

Being able to keep in touch with family and friends via messaging is also why people use TikTok, according to 17% of its users. That said, Facebook is consumers’ social media platform of choice when it comes to messaging—nearly three-quarters (72.7%) of Facebook users say they use it to text other people.

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