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Monetize! Turn Your Followers, Likes, and Views into Cash

Monetize! Turn Your Followers, Likes, and Views into Cash

Can you actually turn your website and social media channels into a real business? Not if you chase vanity metrics like views, shares and likes. If you are willing to put in the work, though, and build something of value, this ebook will teach you how to monetize your digital efforts, step by step.

5 Chapters

  1. Online Monetization: How to Turn Your Following into Cash

    Have you built a fairly decent following? Are you planning to monetize it but don’t know where to start? After we go over a quick introduction on monetization, you’ll learn about how to monetize your blog, we’ll go over all the juicy details about how to monetize social media, specifically Facebook monetization as well as how to make a profit on Instagram. And we’ll also cover the recent favorite, Youtube monetization.

  2. How to Monetize Your Blog The Right Way

    You may have given it a go in the past. (Maybe you even had a blog on Xanga). Or maybe you’ve already got an audience you want to monetize. (If so, awesome. You’ve got a head start). But first, regardless of where you are in your monetization journey, it’s important to understand why starting a blog to make money is an excellent choice for your monetization efforts.

  3. Facebook Monetization: The What, Why, Where, and How

    If you’re actively using Facebook on a daily basis, there’s no reason you can’t make money from it. Get started by learning what to do and what not to do on the social platform. We’ll also go over the most important aspects of Facebook monetization, such as how to earn money from Facebook Pages and Groups.

  4. How to Monetize Instagram for Your Business

    If you’re beginning to gain traction on Instagram, whether it’s for your witty quotes or creatively arranged selfies, it’s high time you start to earn money from it. Let’s go over the several ways you can begin to monetize your Instagram account, and the advantages and challenges that come with each option.

  5. Monetizing a YouTube Brand Without Ads

    Learn how to make money on YouTube without ads. We share the mechanics of how to set up a YouTube brand and get it to make money online. Additionally, we’ll talk about a few important things you should consider when growing your Youtube following, like how to make your videos more engaging.

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