You’ve never wanted anything more than success.

You spent months daydreaming about quitting your job, travelling the world, or simply living life on your own terms.

And you’re on track to living a freedom lifestyle.

After all, you took the first step to creating your own online store.

You’re not just a dreamer.

You’re a game-changer. You make shit happen.

So, when your first ad failed and you were bummed out, frustrated, and disappointed in yourself, just know that it’s not game over.

Heck, even my first ad failed. But my second ad, it converted at 0.04 cents a click.

The secret to success isn’t ‘believing in yourself,’ or ‘not giving up.’ That fluff won’t get you anywhere.

The secret to success is implementing the right tactics and doing it consistently so you gain momentum.

But I’m just starting out, how do I find the right tactics?

Everything you need to know about getting sales for your store is within the pages of my latest ebook ‘50 Ways to Get Sales with Dropshipping.’

It’s an ecommerce goldmine. And it’s free.

By sharing my marketing secrets with you, I’m investing in your success.  

All I ask is that you stick it out during the lows and help others starting out during the highs.

You’ve got what it takes to succeed in dropshipping, ecommerce, and any online business you start.

Let me be your mentor.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this ebook:

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  • Introduction: Learn what you can expect from this ebook, why I wrote it, and how you can reach me.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

1. How to Master Facebook Advertising: In this chapter, we dive into the exact targeting you should be using in your Facebook ads, how you can entice customers to log into your store with Facebook, and the best colors for your Facebook ads.

2. How to Monetize Forums and Facebook Groups for Business: This section covers everything you need to know about marketing on forums and Facebook groups. Learn what type of content you should be posting, tools you can use to create your own forum, and more.

3. The Ultimate Guide to Remarketing with Facebook and Google: Discover how you can easily reach customers who visited your website without making a purchase. You’ll learn my newbie hack that helped me get my first sale within two days on a shoestring budget.

4. How to Make Money with Instagram Marketing: Learn how you can maximize sales with customer Instagram photos even before you have any customers. You’ll be a pro at getting Instagram influencers on a tight budget at the end of this section.

5. How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel: Find out which Shopify store grew their YouTube channel to over 3 million subscribers while showing off their product in every video.

6. How to Crush It on Google AdWords: Master how to pick keywords you don’t want your Google Shopping to appear on. By the end of this section, you’ll know the tricks to rank well on a small budget.

7. Selling on Pinterest – How to Master Pinterest Advertising: In this chapter, you’ll learn how many products Forever 21 puts on their Pinterest boards to make them one of the most successful brands on the platform. This will be an eye-opener for how much work you need to put in to win.

8. How to Master Twitter Marketing: You’ll finally know the right tools to find the best hashtags to use on Twitter. And you’ll also discover what the weirdest things people have done to go viral on Twitter are. You won’t believe it until you see it.

9. How to Make Money with Snapchat Marketing: How do brands add their product in comedy sketches in subtle yet obvious ways? You won’t know until you check out this chapter.

10. How to Make Money Answering Quora Questions: This section covers the exact formula you need to copy to get visibility on Quora. With this formula, you’ll be driving free traffic to your store in no time!

11. How to Master Reddit Marketing: Learn how brands like Think Pup and Bridgford Jerky added their store links to Reddit, added value and drove sales back to their website. Guess Reddit doesn’t hate marketers after all.

12. How to Make Money with Influencer Marketing: After reading this chapter, you’ll know the pitfall traps influencers use against new marketers. You’ll learn what an influencers’ rates really mean, which tool tells you how many influencers’ followers are fake, and more.

13. How to Drive Traffic with Push Notifications: Ever wondered the best time to send a push notification to someone who abandoned their cart? Learn that and more in this push notifications section.

Content Marketing

14. How to Write a Blog that Boosts Sales: In this section, I share how I got a 9x ROI from my store’s blog. You’ll know the exact type of content I created. And it was the easiest type of blog post you can create, even if English isn’t your first language.

15. How to Master Your Email Marketing Strategy: In email marketing, sometimes a little creativity will go a long way. Learn the simple yet effective ways to build your email list so that you can increase your customer’s lifetime value.

16. How to Write an Ebook that Drives Product Sales: Learn how you can increase sales by bundling an ebook with your best-selling products. This section is packed with ebook topic ideas for you to use as inspiration and secrets to monetize your ebook.

17. Webinar Hosting Tips and Tricks for Online Retailers: Discover the most important step to ensure your webinar’s success. It’s super obvious yet most don’t take full advantage of the opportunity.

18. How to Create Behind the Scenes Footage: The secret to monetizing your behind the scenes footage is shared within this section. And most retailers aren’t doing it, so you’ll have a competitive advantage if you do!

19. How to Curate Content for Your Audience: Learn how curated content can skyrocket your store’s fanpage with minimal work. Discover the best content curation tools. One tool even adds your store’s link to other websites.

20. How to Start a Podcast for Ecommerce Store Owners: Your podcast doesn’t need to be about your product. Discover how you can release more new episodes with a batching technique.

21. How to Create a Fashion Lookbook Customers Love: Discover how brands like One Tribe Apparel and Of Mercer create unique lookbooks that highlight their product collections in a compelling way.

22. How to Write Great Copy and Product Descriptions: Curious to know which brands crush it with copywriting? You’ll find the best examples of captivating copy in this section. And I share the tools I  personally always use to write creative copy for top brands.

Ecommerce Marketing

23. 16 Website Personalization Tricks You Need to Try: What’s the most effective way to personalize the shopping experience? How can you make getting customer data fun for your customers? Find out what top brands are doing to create a more personalized experience.

24. 11 Best About Us Page Tips and Monetization Tricks: Most online retailers tell their brand story on their about us page. However, top brands monetize it. Learn which retailers monetize their about us page and how you can too!

25. How to Get Referral Traffic to Your Online Store: Getting backlinks, writing guest posts, driving social media followers to your website are all great ways to drive referral traffic. But how do you monetize it? The answer may surprise you.

26. SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks for E-commerce: How do top brands optimize their product pages and collections. See the best SEO examples in ecommerce so you can better optimize your page for search traffic. Four SEO professionals share their best strategies so you can learn tricks directly from the experts.

27. How to Make Money Running Contests And Giveaways: In contests, the winners always get a prize, but have you ever tried rewarding everyone else too? Learn how you can monetize contests and giveaways in a completely unexpected way!

28. How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Program: Learn all the different segments of people you can attract to your affiliate program to give you a better chance of making money through affiliate referrals.

29. How to Get a Product Review That Matters: Ever wondered how to get product reviews without having any sales? Learn which tools let you borrow product reviews for the exact product you’re selling, from the same supplier.

30. Co-Marketing and Partnership Marketing Tips and Tricks: Discover the type of partners you could work with to take your brand to the next level. You’ll quickly realize what top online retailers are doing to show their partners some love while growing sales themselves.

31. How to Find Trending Products to Sell Online: Curious to know how we’re always able to find trending products before anyone else? I share all the resources I use to find winning trends. If you want to know what the best-sellers are before they go mainstream, you’ll want to check this chapter out.

32. 12 Website Design Ideas for Ecommerce: Do you dare to be a different kind of online retailer? The online stores mentioned in this section are true innovators. You’ll see how brands reimagine product pages and different pages of their online stores.

33. Data Analysis: How to Analyze Data for Your Online Store: Want to know which Shopify reports you should be taking an in-depth look at? These reports can tell you what’s really going on in your business.

34. How to Take an Amazing Product Image: Who’s got the best images on their online stores? And how do you create your own unique images so you can build up a better looking brand? These answers and more can be found within this section.

35. How to Lower Your Abandoned Cart Rate: Learn the most effective way to recover the highest number of abandoned carts. Hint: it’s not email.

36. How to Crush the Competition with Competitor Analysis: Discover all the little tricks I’ve done over the years to study the competition, gain a competitive advantage, and edge them out. This is the section you need to read if you’re serious about success.


37. How to Master Quiz Marketing in E-commerce: What do many of the top female-focused brands have in common? They use quizzes to personalize the shopping experience, build their email list, and more. Play along with the best quiz marketing examples to find out how you should be using them on your store.

38. How to Drive Sales with Flash Sales, Scarcity, and Urgency: If you don’t convert your customer now, you’ve got more work ahead of you to convert them later. Give your store the best chance of success by using flash sales, and scarcity and urgency tactics. You’ll find the most profitable secrets within these pages.

39. How to Nail Your Store’s Pricing Strategies: Find out which brand let’s their customers choose how much they want to pay. You’ll also learn how tricks when pricing products on your store, how to make more money per customer and more.

40. How to Get Sales with Neuromarketing: Take advantage of the psychological tricks you can easily implement to convert more customers and grow your sales. From social proof to impulse buys, this section covers all of the little ways you can convince a customer to buy from your brand.

41. 10 Sales Promotion Examples and Ideas: Learn how top brands promote their sales. From attention-grabbing copy to dividing your sale section by percentage, these brands know how to entice customers with sales.

42. 11 Social Proof Examples For Your Online Store: If you’re just starting out, this chapter will help you determine how to get new store visitors to trust you with social proof. Learn how you can give your brand more credibility even if you own a new store.

43. How to Make Money Marketing on Deals Websites: Discover which deals websites you should be taking advantage of, how to find freelancers to upload your discount code to deals websites, and more.

44. How to Use Product Bundling to Increase Average Order Value: Do you wish customers bought more than just one product? If so, check out this section to find all the ways you can make more money from each customer.

45. Best Retail Gamification Marketing Examples in E-commerce: Over the next couple of years, gamification will be transforming the ecommerce industry. Get a head start by learning from the examples listed in this section.

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Public Relations

46. How to Improve the Customer Experience: Want inside information on who your customers are? Learn how to build a brand that resonates with your customers by being a mirror reflection of who they are.

47. How to Get Press Coverage for Your Online Store: Ever dream of having your brand featured in magazines and blogs? This chapter covers the little things I use to do as a publicist to get brands featured. And trust me, they work!

48. How to Create a Profitable Loyalty Program: I share my secret for how I created a free loyalty program that landed sales. Under our resources section, you’ll find a link to  the exact email template I used on my store.

49. How to Master Social Responsibility in Business: Social ecommerce brands are on the rise. In this section, you’ll find out what top brands are doing to spread more good in the world. And how they make more money doing it.

50. How to Improve Customer Satisfaction: This chapter is all about next leveling your customer service. You’ll learn all the ways you can surprise and delight your customers to keep them sticking around for the long haul.

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