Chapter 51

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in 2018

Surprise and delight is the way brands show appreciation for their customers on a whole other level. It’s about giving more than you get. It’s also about having fun, showing honest appreciation and doing whatever it takes to put a big ol’ smile on your customers face. If a customer doesn’t get excited by your gesture it’s going to improve customer satifaction. Whether it’s giving a bunch of freebies or celebrating their most important day (birthday), customers love it when brands surprise and delight them.

Customer Satisfaction Example: The Body Shop constantly runs promotions to improve customer satisfaction. They regularly run Buy 3 Get 2 Free promotions. While this helps increase average order value, the freebies play a huge role in making the customer happy.

The psychology behind getting something free or getting more than what you paid for can have a positive impact on the customer. In addition to having these promotions regularly running on their store, they also offer products at discounted prices while offering free shipping. The combination of all these incentives helps improve the shopping experience because customers feel like they’re getting a great deal. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Tips:

Wanderlust + Co uses the element of surprise with their $20 Mystery Box. They send their customers a box valued at $50, $75 or $100 retail for only $20. The catch is that you don’t get to choose what’s in the box. The products are curated by an employee. It’s great for customers who want the element of surprise. However, it’s also great for companies who have purchased physical products they can’t sell to move their inventory.

Jck Trend surprises and delights customers by giving 3 free samples with any purchase over $10. Customers tend to love freebies. And they typically also like trying new products. The minimum purchase helps increase average order value. However, it also incentivises the purchase. It’s also a nice surprise when customers receive their package to find a few bonus goodies in there.

Sephora is the master of surprising and delighting customers. On a customer’s birthday, they give two free small gifts. On my birthday, I received a lip gloss and a blush in a flattering color. If you pick it up in store, there’s no purchase required for the free gift. However, if you purchase online you need to make a purchase on your birthday month to get the freebies. Also, customers are regularly given points based on their purchase. Those points are automatically given and can be used to get freebies, makeovers and more. Sephora is all about freebies. It’s an opportunity to let customers try out new products while making customers happier. Almost every purchase a customer makes is eligible for a few free products. And the best part is that customers are able to choose the products they want rather than being given them at random. The ability to choose the samples helps improve the customer experience.

Some top brands like Amazon improve customer satisfaction by roleplaying with customers via their support team. It’s not just about responding to their questions or concerns but also about having fun with them. Some brands choose to talk like pirates or pretend that they’re superheros. Doing this, creates a memorable experience for the customer. While it may not work with every customer, if an opportunity presents itself to roleplay, have fun with it.

Zappos an online fashion retailer regularly surprises customers in a way that has nothing to do with their brand. They’ve sent pizzas to customers just because. When it comes to surprise and delight it’s not always about doing something that’s aligned with your business. You can also think outside the box to show your customers that you care about their needs. Even needs outside your area of expertise.

Treat your best customers different. A lot of retailers focus on giving customers discounts. However, that’s not really what surprising and delighting your customers about. It’s about making them feel special. It’s not about what’s in it for you. You might offer your best customers first access to new products. Or give them a small gift as appreciation during the holidays without waiting for them to purchase. You might write a personalized card thanking them for their constant support and brand love.

Tap into your customers’ emotions. Surprise and delight is about making your customer feel super overjoyed. The element of surprise can create a very positive experience for your customers. Whether you ship all your repeat customers a free gift out of the blue. Or hand deliver a package so it makes it out to the customer in time for a big event. Focus on going above and beyond. Your customers have given you their money, it’s up to you to give them an unforgettable experience.

Tools to Improve Customer Satisfaction:

Happy Birthday Email is a fun way to surprise your customers on his or her birthday. On their special day, you’ll be able to send them an email offering a free gift with purchase or a special birthday discount. After a customer places an order on your store, she’ll  receive an email where she can fill out her birthday.

Shopkeeper Gift Cards offers customized gift cards with different looks. Your customers will be able to choose from gift cards with different styles and designs. There are designs for any occasion such as Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings and more. Customers can then customize the gift cards with their own messages.

Free Gifts by Secomapp is a great app for upselling but also giving your customers perks. You can offer buy one get one free deals (BOGO), free gift with X dollars spent, or discounts on other products when certain products are purchased.

Resources to Improve Customer Satisfaction:

6 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers covers all the ways you can surprise your customers. From giving freebies to writing handwritten notes, going above and beyond to make your customers happy is essential.

5 Brands That Surprised Their Social Media Fans dives into how some brands really know how to surprise and delight their customers. Some created exclusive products for their favorite fans while others sent awesome packages as a thank you.

10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business shares tips on how you can improve customer satisfaction. From the steps you can take to treat your customers better to improving your listening skills, you’ll know the fundamentals for improving your relationship with customers.