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How to Drive Traffic with Push Notifications in 2020

Chapter 14 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

What are Push Notifications?

Whether you add push notifications on an app for your store or your website, they can be a great way to re-market to customers. Push notifications can be used to alert customers of discounts or sales. It can also be used to retarget customers who’ve abandoned their cart. Push notifications are also a great way to update customers when you add new products or create a new piece of content. You can personalize push notifications by targeting locations or reminding customers of the specific product they added to their cart. According to Localytics, 65% of customers are more likely to return to an app or website within 30 days when push notifications are installed. And about half of all users opt in to receive them and do find push notifications to be useful.

Web Push Notifications Example: According to Mofluid, Walmart used push notifications on their app. Walmart typically sent notifications to  customers items when they showed interest in a product which likely means added to cart.  They also personalized the notifications based on the person’s location. Push notifications were also sent to inform customers of promotions.

Push Notification Tips:

The timing of when you send push notifications matter. For example, if you push a remarketing message to someone who abandoned their cart, the sooner you send it the better. Aim to push the first abandoned cart message within 30 minutes to better convert it. If you send an abandoned cart push notification a week later the customer has already likely forgotten the product or the site they found it.

Personalization can easily be done with push notifications. If you want to remarket an abandoned cart, mention the exact product they abandoned. If you’re hosting a meetup in a local community, send a push notification to that location to let them know about your event.

Don’t over do it with the push notifications. Sending one after cart abandonment, a weekly one for a blog post or a special sale on your store is okay. However, if you’re sending push notifications every day or multiple times a day, you’re likely going to have that person opt-out of it. Save push notifications for worthy events. Like the big sale you’re hosting this weekend. Or a really great blog post you just released. However, by sending a push notification at least once a week, you can keep your brand at top of mind which can help build customer loyalty over the long term.

Keep it short and simple. Having a push notification like ‘Hurry! 50% off dresses TODAY only!’ is more effective than ‘Looking to buy a new dress? Look no further! Get 50% off dresses at (Store Name) today only!’ The shorter your text the easier to read. Get straight to the point.

Create a sense of urgency. Using words like ‘hurry,’ ‘now,’ ‘today only’ help drive customers into clicking on your push notification. Without urgency, customers may not feel the need to click on it.

Mix up your push notifications. One day you might offer ‘50% off a certain collection’ but on another day you might offer a ‘Buy One Get One free’ promotion. Feel free to add in a few great articles in the mix too. By having a variety of notifications, you become more likely to reach a wider range of customers with different needs.

Shopify Push Notification Tools:

Fire Push is the most popular push notifications app on Shopify. It allows you to recover abandoned carts, increase sales by up to 30%, and send targeted messages to your customers. You can send promotions and discounts or recommend products to customers while you sleep. Your first 1000 pushes are free each month.

Push Owl helps remind customers of their abandoned carts by sending push notifications. You can also send notifications that offer customers discounts or alert them of items back in stock. The notifications work on both mobile and desktop.

Aimtell helps drive more customers back to your website with push notifications. Each push notification sent can be tailored based on pages viewed, items purchased, location and more.

Web Push by AAAeCommerce Inc is a push notification tool that can segment your audience to send them personalized notifications. Each notification can be personalized to better re-engage your visitors.

Web Push App

Push Alert can help boost your store’s sales by 30% by recovering abandoned carts, alerting customers of price drops and back in stock products, and re-engaging customers after they leave your website. The app is free for the first 3,000 subscribers.

PushAssist is a push notification tool where you can easily recover abandoned carts without needing a customer’s email. It allows you to retarget customers to turn them into loyal ones. The free app also helps increase your store’s revenue.

Better Coupon Box is a tool you can use to reach out to your customers whenever they are browsing your website. You can connect with customers even without having their email address allowing you to reach a greater pool of store visitors. It’s great at converting abandoned carts, and capturing lead information.

Better Coupon Box

Push Monkey automatically sends push notifications to those who abandon their cart. The app can also send promotions and discounts to new customers to encourage more sales. And you can keep customers informed with the latest brand news with push notifications. This app is free.

PushFlew is a push notification app that allows you to reach your customers no matter what website they’re browsing. It also lets you re-engage them after they’ve abandoned their cart so that you have a chance to recover it. Store owners can earn more revenue through occasional push notifications set by this app. It can also grow your pageviews and store traffic. They have a free plan up to 500 subscribers.

Push Notification Resources:

11 Reasons to Start Using Web Push Notifications covers why you should have push notifications on your website. Article examples include: push notifications allow you to reach customer even when they’re not on your site and more.

The 7 Most Creative Push Notifications We’ve Ever Seen shows you how you can stand out with your push notification marketing strategy. You’ll see examples of push notifications with emojis, a personal heart-warming touch, an engaging question and more.

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