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How to Make Money Marketing on Deal Websites

Chapter 44 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Posting on deal websites seems counterintuitive. Why would a brand want to add a special discount on a deal website and lower their profit margins? The reason is simple: to get the customer into your funnel. Once someone becomes a buyer, it’s much easier to convince them to become a repeat customer.

Some customers look on deal websites such as Groupon or eBates to find great deals from new and popular companies. Those type of deal websites act as discovery marketplaces allowing customers to buy products from brands they haven’t heard of before.

Other customers choose to look up special discount codes online. In fact, about 57% of shoppers won’t buy without a coupon code first.  If they don’t find one, they might pay full price. Or they might not buy at all. You can reduce the risk of them not buying at all by taking the initiative to post on deals’ websites. You can offer the standard discount of 10-15%. It doesn’t need to be the world’s greatest deal. But it can help boost your sales over the long-term.

Example: Versace has added their perfume on deal websites like Groupon to help drive more sales. Their perfume is discounted at 41% off. The original price of $118 is crossed out and a new price of $69.99 is shown. Notice how the original price is an even number but the discounted price ends in 9. This is done intentionally to make the original number look much higher than the new discounted price. As it’s on a deal websites, copy like ‘limited time remaining’ and ‘# viewed today’ and # bought’ can help create a sense of urgency to propel customers into purchase.

Online Deals Websites Tips:

Create different discount codes for different websites. This allows you to better track which sources have been generating the most revenue for you so that you can invest more resources into it. Without creating unique discount codes, you may see that you’re getting more traffic but may not know the true value of those leads. You’ll also be able to optimize your listings better by knowing which sources don’t convert as well.

Create a sense of urgency. With deal websites, you need to give people enough time to find your listing but also have a deadline to create urgency. You should aim to update your listings at least once a week with new promotions, deals or discount codes. By updating weekly, you increase your chances of being found while creating urgency.

Compile your own list of deal websites. Are there blogs within your niche that you can promote your discount code to? Reach out to them to have your products featured while including a discount code to encourage customers to buy. You can also look for popular deals marketplaces and add that to your list as well.

Coupon codes work well in dropshipping. Even though you can’t compete on price, you can position your products to appear affordable to your customers. Offering a 50% discount on a product can capture a customer’s attention.

Make sure that you’re still profitable. Offering a discount code to popular deal websites is a great way to sell higher quantities, however, it can also eat into your margins. Is your store still profitable after offering a discount? Did you take into account your Shopify fees, marketing costs, product costs, shipping costs and more? Make sure your products are priced appropriately to offer great discounts.

Best Deal Websites and Tools:

Fiverr can be a great place to find someone who specializes in submitting discount codes. The fee typically starts at about $6.10 USD. If you’re on a budget, you can manually fill out forms to some of the other websites on this list. I’ve personally landed sales through deal websites added by a Fiverr freelancer.

RetailMeNot is a website where consumers can find discount codes, gift card deals, and more. Retailers can submit their store’s discount code to the website. You can also add your online sale to the website and the expiration date. allows store owners to add their coupon codes to the website. You need to mention your store’s website, the promo code, a description and the expiration date.

Mighty Deals is a website where you can submit your deal. You’ll need to fill out a form indicating your sales, users/customers, how long you’ve been selling and other key information.

Kinja is another website you can submit your deals to. Their email address is listed on the webpage so you can email your deal, discount code and promotion details to them directly.

Money Saving Mom is a website for moms looking to save money on products. You’ll need to provide your product details, discount code and other details. Not all submissions are accepted though.

Like a Coupon features businesses on their website. You can share company details to encourage them to feature your brand. You’ll also need to provide your deal or discount code for the posting.

Voucher Ninja requires new businesses to contact them before including them. Afterwards, you’ll be able to submit your deal or discount code, add an image and an expiration date.

Groupon Merchant allows you to sell your products on Groupon. If you dropship products, you’ll want to ensure you have your own professional product images to increase your chances of being included. Some products from AliExpress are included on their website.


Deal Websites Resources:

Clark’s 10 sites to find the best discounts this holiday season showcases a list of websites you can add your products to that are popular among consumers.

Hongkiat’s 32 Coupon Sites for Shopping Deals and Bargains includes a list of some of the biggest and most popular deal websites.

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