Chapter 11

How to Make Money Answering Quora Questions in 2018

As of April 2017, Quora has 190 million monthly users making it a great audience to tap into with your marketing. Quora is a platform where users can pose questions and others can answer. As a marketer, you can pose questions you’d like to know more about people within your market. You can also ask questions if you can’t find good content on a topic you want to write a blog post about. However, it’s also a great source of driving traffic. This isn’t necessarily the place to share your product links. But it’s a great place to share your blog content. And if you’ve read up on our section on retargeting, you’ll know how to monetize your free Quora traffic.

Quora Marketing Example: Oberlo has a Quora business page. On it, we answer any Oberlo related questions people may have. Several people at Oberlo engage on the platform as we all have different specialities where we can better help our users. If you have a co-founder or a small team of employees who specialize in different areas within your niche, have them all take part in your brand’s Quora marketing for an hour a day. If you’re ever stuck, while building your store, you can ask a question and someone on our team will repond to it on Quora. When looking at our Quora page, pay attention to how members of our team answer your questions. And pay attention to who’s answering your question. Marketing should never lie in one person’s hands, your whole company should be working together to help customers and promote your brand.

Tips for Answering Quora Questions:

When I market on Quora my strategy is always to comment early and take up as much space answering the question. That means, I check the Answer tab within a niche category first rather than my feed. Now when I say take up space I mean two things. First, I mean write out a comprehensive answer that spans a few paragraphs. Second, I add a visual component such as pictures to take up the space. The last thing I always do is add a link to a relevant article I’ve written where a person can learn more information about the topic. That way, I’ve added value first, I stand out second, and I drive traffic third.

You can always partner with someone to help each other out. There’s two ways you can do this. First, you can ask someone with a different IP address to post the question you want answered. This allows you to add a link to a piece of content you’ve just written in case no one is asking about the topic. Second, you can take turns upvoting each other’s content. While you could get a couple people within the same IP to upvote your content, if too many people do it it’ll likely get flagged.

Use Quora as a blog resource. Coming up with blog ideas after you’ve been running it for a few months or years is hard. You can check out Quora to see what people are asking about within your niche. This way your brand always has fresh content. However, you also see the common questions people within your niche ask. This will help you become more educated within your niche while better understanding the needs of your customers.

Include your brand name and link in your bio. You should disclose who you’re affiliated with to ensure transparency. If you’re always sharing links to the same brands but don’t list it in your bio, people will catch on. It’s better to be upfront about what you do than to hide it. Quora users will notice.

Answer questions people send you. Once you start answering Quora questions people within the category will start requesting your answer to their questions. If you don’t know the answer, you don’t have to respond. However, it’s always a great way to build relationships with Quora users by answering the questions they send you.

Answer questions that have high upvotes. The higher the level of engagement a question gets, the more likely you’re to get eyes on your answer. Keep in mind that it’s much more competitive too. So you’ll need to bring your A-game to deliver the best response possible on the platform.

Have a positive answer. One of the best things about Quora is that questions often rank high in search results. So your answer could show up in Google searches for years to come. If you publicly bash a competitor and forget about it, eventually they could see it. Stick to answering the question in a positive light. Don’t say anything you’d regret saying. Also, avoid using Anonymous to put down your competitors, it makes it obvious that that’s what you are.

Create a Quora page for your business. As you build authority within your niche, you may notice more people comparing your brand to others within Quora’s platform. By having a page on the account, you could be proactive about how you position your brand on Quora, respond to brand related questions and avoid  the spread of misinformation about your brand.

Analyze your data. Which answers received upvotes? How many views did your answer get? Did you get shares? Pay attention to the patterns of your best content. Are they all from a popular category or are the answers more comprehensive? The more you dive into the data, the better understand how to grow your reach on the platform.

The more you put into the platform the more you’ll get out of it. If you’re constantly answering Quora questions multiple times a day, eventually you’ll move up in the ranks. While it can take a bit of time to build authority, you can become a ‘Most viewed writer’ within a category by consistently and regularly posting content on the platform. This will help your brand over the long-term as that means you’re more likely to get clicks on the content you share.

Resource on Quora Marketing:

Quora for Business is where Quora answers all of their common business questions. If you plan on running Quora ads, it’s a good resource to check out beforehand. Questions about brand safety to ad related questions have been answered by the brand.

How do I get more views on my answers on Quora? Is a thread on Quora where over 60 people have shared their personal experiences with getting views on the platform. You’ll find the strategies that actually work from people who’ve achieved results.

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